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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 4-4-23

Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight.  It’s Tuesday, April the 4TH and you’re tuned in and listening to the Big Call.  Many, many, many of you hopefully are catching this in your own language simultaneously translated in 1.2 seconds – from the time I speak it into your own language. Hopefully that’s going out into 80 to 90 plus languages like it has been, and you’re getting it in your native mother tongue – So, thanks for joining us tonight.

Let’s get into the Intel segment and thank you so much for everything that you brought tonight, appreciate that.  Okay guys, here we go.  April 4th

What’s, interesting is we’re not getting much new today at all. We had a little bit last night – a little bit overnight, but not things are tight things are clammed up – people are under NDAs and they’re under almost gag orders – pretty much – it’s that tight  which is usually a good thing for us.

What did we learn about redemption center?  We knew that staff was on call yesterday, like 40 minute response time, we believe but we don’t know if they went in today, which listen – We didn’t get a notification today. So it didn’t really matter for us. However, redemption centers all across our country have received boxes and boxes of the new Q-phones.

And typically, a redemption center might have four or 500 phones ready for us – zim holders holders first. And I think other people come after all zim holders have been satisfied with that phone.

Now remember, I told you – you would not be getting a laptop as redemption center. but I said there might be certificates. Well, that is the case. They have certificates that have a certain number for Android laptops. and a smaller number for Apple laptops that could be used at  oh gosh, let’s see staples and maybe another other more or less audio store.  




Audio video store. So those are there. They have the certificates. They also have a lot of USN Treasury dollars, our new currency – all denominations except maybe the one single – got hundreds 50s 20s and 10s and fives in good quantities.

 And my understanding is when we can ask for a certain amount of the new money, but it should be probably around 5000 or 5000 or less  – I’ve heard  6500. I’m going to stick with 5000 in cash and if you’re not cash user at all, maybe you don’t want to walk out with any any of it.

You’re gonna have a credit debit card, on your Wells account that you’ll be able to access immediately. And of course, your Q-card is what I’m calling your quantum access card now, the Q-card is what ties you to the quantum financial system where your quantum account is lodged and where you’ll be able to move monies from your quantum account into your primary or secondary bank accounts. And you can use your new Q phone to do that, or your laptop to do that – and move that obviously you could have it at the bank as well -but theory is you’re the only person that can see your quantum account – If you want it to be that way.

You’ll get access to it – and if you want somebody else to look at it with you, they can do that, but you don’t have to let a banker see your account – that’s the point. Now the banker will see your primary secondary bank accounts, but they won’t see your quantum account, which is where all the proceeds from our exchanges, and our zim redemption go into.

But remember, the quantum accounts are not interest bearing.  They’re simply a holding account that has asset backed currency in the US Treasury to back our deposit into the quantum account.

Of course we move whatever funds you want to use for our projects, or homes. whatever it is, we’re doing it into our primary Wells account, or our secondary Wells account or other bank accounts.

Once you get your quantum account set up if you want to move funds into another bank certainly you can do it. Initially  I am going to put  my eggs in one basket with Wells, and then move funds as I need it into other banks as needed.




I’m gonna go with Wells initially with the primary and then set up my four LLC accounts for my projects into  Wells secondary accounts, and then being able to move funds from the primary account to a secondary  should I choose to do that as simply a ledger to ledger transfer within the bank.

But the main thing is us being able to get access to quite a bit of our funds. Now, I have heard about our non disclosure agreements that most of us will be under a 60 day – 60 days and depending on how well we behave with not talking about the exchanges not talking about rates or any of that stuff – we’ll get let out. It will not have to be under NDA after that.

But remember that first tranche of funds that we move from our quantum account into our primary or secondary bank account with wells that is a move that we can move approximately 1.5 to 1.8 billion into each so called business account. I’m using the structure of an LLC, a limited liability corporation, an LLC for all four of my projects.

That’s what my attorney has recommended that he’s been teaching this for 35 years. So I trust what he knows about it, and we set it up that way. And all of that’s under a master trust. So once you set it up the way that you and your attorneys or your people have determined would be the best for you. Then you can go from there.

And 1.5 / 1.8 should be a good way a good start for rebuild America for the veterans retreat network of pastoral retreat network. as well as for the rebuild International. but I’m doing 4 LLC’s for each one of those projects has one LLC and will have its own account and its own debit card for that project – with debit / credit cards. I don’t really get to use the debit side probably use the credit side. Okay, that’s just how I’m setting it up.

Now, what we’re hearing about where we are, is they’re not quite determined, and I’m talking about the Chinese elders, ones that are letting this whole thing go. We’ve been hearing about a green light for the Treasury, a green light from DOD. We had them lit up two weeks ago. I don’t know what the status is right now. It’s difficult to say.

Are we so close as to where we could get notified Wednesday and go Thursday? I’ve heard that as a possibility from one of our bond paymasters it may be correct, we don’t know so it’s not confirmed.

And we’re just gonna have to literally wait to see now. I’ll bet you $1 to a glazed donut  that tonight after the call in a little bit now. I’ll get more information, but it’ll have to wait till Thursday, unless we get our numbers of course, before then – which is always a possibility.

This is typically what happens on a slow Intel day is it starts pouring in either later that night or the next day. And I’m hoping that’s the case. I’m hoping we get something very positive

Today was a travesty of justice. We don’t have a fair and just judicial system – obvious to all of us now. They’ve been watching anything at all on this but President Trump made a nice speech at 815 Eastern tonight. He mentioned a few things I did not hear NESARA mentioned as I hoped it would be mentioned, but I do believe that things are going to get better and get better soon.




We are going to make America great again. And we’re going to make earth great again. Mega – so I want to say that I saw something this morning on the 700 club and I want you guys to check it out and look it up.

So, bondholders are still expecting their emails and some are expecting their Q-cards to be delivered by FedEx, they have not all gone out.

But that is the process where they are and along with that we of course, are looking for our toll free number so that we can set appointments and get started with our exchanges, and take project ideas. take them into full manifestation.

And that really, guys is what I want to say that night. I wish I had more current information to give you but as it is right now.

They’re still trying to determine to determine our start when our story is going to be I hope it’s this week, which is a Holy Week. as JR said it’s Easter Week this weekend Easter receive No, but we’ll see what happened and Lord willing we’ll have a call on Thursday. And maybe we’ll have a call with a better information that may be worth it. We’ll see what we get. Alright, so thanks for hanging in there everybody, and let’s just stay patient and watch this thing come to us.

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