Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 6, 2023



Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. 6 April 2023

Compiled Thurs. 6 April 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty-two multiple personalities”

Who Will Win?

The Great Reset:
Cabal Central Banks have announced they are going digital with fiat monies by July 2023.

The Global Currency Reset:
On Sat. 25 March the Alliance officially began the Gold/asset-backed Global Currency Reset of 209 nations, including a move toward full Martial Law across the Globe.

A Quiet Groundswell of Love and Friendship”

February 21, 2021 – #4771 Music & the Spoken Word (

All over the World people are combining compassion with creativity to build bonds. If we’re ever tempted to think that society is pulling apart, that more people are sowing discord, perhaps we could look away from the noise and what we’re likely to see is a quiet groundswell of love and friendship happening all around us. We may even feel inspired to join such efforts, adding our own offering of peace and compassion wherever we are, however we can.




Judy Note:

  • Global Financial Collapse, Banks and Businesses everywhere are failing, while new US Notes were appearing.
  • NESARA/GESARA and the Quantum Financial System – a Tsunami of wealth

Global Currency Reset:

  • None but a select few knew the exact timing, nor when Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) would receive their exchange/ redemption appointments.
  • By Wed. 29 March the Iraqi Dinar had revalued in-country and was trading internationally on the Forex as a gold/asset-backed currency.
  • On Sat. 1 April the new Global Financial System including the gold/asset-backed US Note, became official.
  • As of Sun. 2 April the financing of Bonds was completed.
  • On Mon. 3 April Bond payments and release of Fines and Penalties Funds started.
  • MarkZ on Tues. 4 April, bankers were expecting liquidity within the next three days. I am hearing beyond great news from the bond side today. I have had at least 3 reports of folks with money from their German historic bonds.  They say these closed today.
  • Thurs. 6 April: Activation-liquidation of Dubai 1 working capital funds.
  • Mon. 10 April: Dubai 2 groups of Sovereign Buyers will start contracts with various trusts and large file sellers.
  • World Dumps US Dollar as Bank Losses Soar: 80% of World no longer accepts the US Dollar.
  • Gold Standard Act: KTFA Three Congressmen Introduce Gold Standard Bill to Stabalize the Dollar’s Value – Dinar Detectives – Iraqi Dinar Recaps from Dinar Guru and Intel

Restored Republic:

  • After the 10 days of Communication Darkness, we would then connect to a new Quantum Internet.
  • Old systems of Government, Education, Finance, Health, Trade and Commerce etc., would be dismantled and replaced.
  • GESARA/NESARA would be activated.
  • In the US, the IRS (which was actually a Puerto Rican Trust owned by the Cabal) would be dismantled and replaced with a 14% tax on the sale of new items only, with no tax on food or medicine.
  • You were urged to stock up on at least three weeks of food, water, cash and essential supplies for the transition period. The Militaries would hand out food, water and essential supplies for those in need.

The Real News for Wed. 5 April 2023:

  • The Great Reset: Cabal Central Banks have announced they are going digital with their fiat monies by July 2023. The new FED NOW system is rolling out everywhere and it seems they finally have showed their hand in how they are going to put the final nail in our coffin.

On Humanitarian Work: “From My Heart” by Bonni B

Over the years since buying currency, I have wondered, “Who have we as a people become? Who will we become?

I used to be someone else. I owned lots of businesses – flying high on life. Then in the blink of an eye, someone bigger than me kicked my butt. I lost everything and lived in a seedy motel, feeling small and insignificant.




God had a plan for me. Every day, I would go to the river and sit with the homeless, listening to their stories because I was homeless too. One of them used to be a rep for a swimsuit company that I bought from at market for my stores. One used to be a professor at a big university. Small world.

Over the years my life went on and I forgot that world I had stepped into for a time that made me a better caring person.

About a year ago in the same Oregon town, I was walking down the street and heard a woman’s cries and screaming. It was haunting. When I finally got to her I saw a beautiful woman ravaged with the passage of time. God help me, I walked passed without stopping to help. I have looked for her since every time I am in that town.

With money, who will we be? Will we buy a big house and fancy cars? Probably. Will we really see the people on the street? Will we stop? Will we listen? Will we help them?

Or, will we go down a different street when we see them – There by the Grace of God, Go I.

Must Watch Videos:

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Source: Operation Disclosure Official





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