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Beloved IDC Family Readers, 

Our beloved María Cecilia gifts us a beautiful message of hope and freedom from our Divine Creator:

The Source of All That Is
by Ngari
04/08/2023 – Hallelujah Saturday! 

Live in the Eternal Present

My beloved children. Today I want to talk to you about the eternal present. Because life is a continuous line, where past, present and future are mixed. Everything is the same and only in the third dimension is it possible to discriminate a Time, which doesn’t really exist. You don’t need a time machine to go to the past or the future. They travel in your mind. The unconscious mind stores the memories of everything lived. And the porvir (to live) is built in the eternal present, the only thing that exists and is real.

Whenever one returns to the past, he is not only reliving all the experience and emotions obtained, but he is recreating more of the same for his future, or what is perceived as such. In addition, you are allowing your unconscious mind create for you. And instead of creating new and wonderful experiences, you are recreating situations from the past, sometimes happy, others not so much. You are creating what you don’t want anymore in your life.

That is why you have to learn to create consciously. And take full responsibility for all your creations, whether positive or not. The good news is that when you create what you don’t want, you can erase it with a new creation, more according to your will. Since you know what you want to create, you have to ask the universe, decreeing – always clearly, simply and in the present tense – what you want.




The next step is to consciously access the quantum field, formed by atoms, which only contain 4% matter in their nucleus. The remaining 96% will be “filled in” with what you are observing in the field of the infinite possibilities. A clear vision of what you want, with a touch of the positive emotion of already having what you want, and you are consciously creating.

I’m teaching you that so you don’t live from a past that already was. There are endless possibilities for a future filled with new ideas and ideals, new adventures, new knowledge, and the chance to be yourself and not have to hide behind a mask to hide your real feelings and beliefs. From now on, you are free to be what you want, occupy your time as you please, and not work 24 hours a day for a small salary, which does not allow you to make ends meet. That has ended.

You can already begin to glimpse the life you want, next to your loved ones. It’s time to create a better world that everyone carries inside. And you are my children, as creator gods as your Father is! Claim your divine heritage. You are creators of worlds! Stay in that unique vision of the world that you want. Let’s build together a 5D planet as I created it one day. So that future generations be proud of this new earthly paradise.

The planet is being cleansed of so much evil, negativity and toxicity. Our Galactic brothers and sisters are helping. Soon the air, the land and the seas will be clean again. There will be no more chemtrails, no poisons, no toxins, no banks or pharmaceutical companies. Bad actors are being removed from the stage. There is already an air of freedom on Earth! Soon we will be able to celebrate the definitive victory of the light in a big way. Leave behind the past that is over. Behold the horizon of a promising future for all my children.

I am your Divine part. The loving Father who loves his children so much. The Source of All That Is, celebrating with you a different Holy Week. More aware of all that you are and, above all, of the filial love that I have for each of you.

This Light Worker asks for your lovely Help to make ends meet,  life is still challenging while we wait for our RV blessings. Please Lord bless everyone who reads this beautiful message.  

Your contribution is highly appreciated! And Know that Everything you give will come back to you multiplied! Believe it! 




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