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Beloved IDC Readers, 

María Cecilia brings us the complete message by our beloved Saint Germain:


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I am here and now:


I AM Saint Germain and today I will explain a little about GESARA, financing and money in general!




“The prosperity funds are taking place.”

Banking as it is known today, allows the easy circulation of money. Precious metals are difficult for the world to use as a medium of exchange. The banks have the metals and it is easier to use currency instead. You now have electronic money which is the easiest of all to use for a world society still using money in its learning phases. I know that most of you appreciate being able to use your cards to pay off debts or purchase goods. Many of you enjoy shopping and paying bills online using electronic money.

Some in your churches are very much against this idea, seeing in it the mark of the beast. As with any technology there is the potential for good and the potential for bad. Members of the dark cabal, by creating the Federal Reserve System in the USA and similar systems in other countries through the World Bank system, show the wrong way in money management.

These last 200 years I have worked behind the scenes to organize electronic money and how it works. Well, then it wasn’t electronic in the form that it is now, but I started the banking system that there is today. I didn’t start the Federal Reserve System, this mess is the work of dark evil characters, but electronic money transfer is efficient and easy to use.

In the immediate future, the money of all the societies on earth will be the same and will have the same value so that the game of exchange rates cannot be played. (global reset of the GCR currency)

It will become more and more difficult to make money with manipulative investments, such as the stock market currently works, and on-the-go bets, such as the futures market.

“The money will be made strictly through legitimate business practices.” (QFS)




when GESARA has been implemented and its changes take effect all over the world, everyone will have enough money.

When everyone has enough money, they will not play the game of inflation, which the evil dark beings intentionally create to rob people in many different ways.

What will happen shortly is that when you are swimming in abundant money you will discover that this thing is useless and you will build a society that does not use it. Inner Earth people do not use money. There everyone works and the full time is 20 hours a week or less!

These people barter for luxury items and you will be taught how to do this on the surface. In reality, most large countries can produce what they need and won’t have to negotiate much. You are going to produce items that don’t wear out within days of the warranty expiration.

You are not going to need a new car every few years. Your vehicles will practically last forever. You will need to develop better means of travel than the automobile. There are a variety of options available to choose from and may vary from country to country. It will be quite a while before they have teleportation available for use. For these technologies to become useful, you have to do spiritual work.

In the United States and many other countries around the world that have fraudulent banking systems and fraudulent tax systems the citizens of these countries will get a kind of refund that comes over a period of time. The amount will depend on the inflation rates of the countries involved and the length of time the fraudulent system has lasted. (Reimbursements are already approved by Congress)

For many countries it has not been all settled yet, as NESARA was created in the United States for the United States. this will soon be extended to the whole world (GESARA)

if NESARA had been announced more than a year ago, there was going to be political and economic pressure applied to resistant countries to encourage them to make similar changes. It would have been much more difficult to work and bring NESARA to many countries in places like Africa, the countries separated from the Soviet Union and almost all of Central and South America.


with the partial disintegration of the EU and each sovereign and independent nation will be able to enjoy the benefits of GESARA




Europe, Canada, Russia, India and China will all have similar changes. We are still working on data for many small countries in the world divided by wars. We cannot make currency changes in these countries until there is a stable government. This article is more about monetary changes than political ones. They know that bad governments are being replaced and many bad rulers will be arrested shortly

They are already aware that credit card debt will be eliminated. This is for everyone, US citizen or not. Your mortgage debt will also be forgiven but this is only for citizens. They will have to fill out paperwork, proving they are citizens. They will not have to make payments to the ad. In general, there will be credit card debt forgiveness in any country that charges excessive interest and credit fees. In many Islamic countries interest is not charged. In these countries, debts are therefore legal and ethical and will not be discharged. GESARA will be quite different from country to country.

Each citizen of the United States, over the age of 21, will receive a sum of ten million dollars, as a refund of money taken through bank fraud and taxes since 1913 when the Federal Reserve System was created.

It’s not really possible to come up with a real figure. The NESARA designers basically pulled a figure out of the hat, so to speak. Deposits should start in a SHORT TIME, an exact date has not yet been set due to the plans that are still being carried out. 

One reason for the wait is that those who have been illegally stealing money for a long time, and are very wealthy as a result, will have these ill-gotten funds (including money earned from drug trafficking) taken from them as part of their punishment or what we prefer to call rehabilitation. This action will provide some of the funds that will come to you.

This money will be deposited monthly into their bank accounts. It will be $75,000 a month, until ten million has been reached, in slightly less than 12 years. On top of this, to offset to some degree the massive inflation for many years since 1913, everything in the US will be priced new, simply by moving one decimal point one space to the left. This will not fully offset inflation but mathematically it is simple to do. Once the aforementioned money begins to be distributed some of you with visions and a plan can apply to receive a larger portion at the outset, if you can prove the need.

This means, by moving the decimal point, that everything will cost 1/10 of what it did. The wages will also change, also being 1/10 of the original. What is the reason for this in the United States? It will help correct the trade deficit and the problems of moving jobs to cheaper places abroad. They will be competitive with the rest of the world.

You are going to see a lot under construction in many different ways. So understand that if no prosperity funds come to you, and this is possible, you are going to receive your prosperity through the repayment program. As I said, this will also happen in many other countries. I cannot give you the amounts to return in this message, since it will be different from one place to another. And don’t forget all of you who have credit and loans through commercial institutions that get the benefit of debt forgiveness.

So I’m trying to say that the changes will vary from country to country, depending on local situations. But within a short time there will be a much greater flow of money from a variety of sources to the entire world.

Thanks my friends. I AM !





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