“We Need Answers” by Gary T – 4.16.23


Entry Submitted by Gary T at 10:59 AM ET on April 16, 2023

All we hear is, dates that never come true and goal post that move constantly!

They said last week a couple of times that they (Deep State) are putting out miss information? If this is true…. What makes these people keep putting out dates and windows then? This is 100% miss information because it never ever comes true?

For the record, I am not pointing the finger at them the gurus ok, however, they need to stand up and be accountable don’t you think?

I am confused on a couple points that is said. They all report that the US is bankrupt correct? That the Federal Reserve is out of service correct? Then why do they continue to use statements that puts the Feds in action? If they are gone, they’re gone, done!

Also, they report that the White Hats and military and or Republicans are in control of all 3 letter agencies right? Please post this and if you want leave my name out but I am ok if you post my name. If they (White Hats) are in control of 3 letter agencies, then ask them to explain why all this miss information then and why it NEVER comes to light?

What I see so far is nothing but 100% deception being played out under one umbrella with two different faces!

Let me explain!


We are being told over the last year Nesara and Gesara will save the world from the hold of this global straggling hold on the human race!
Please ask them to answer the following questions:  Speaking to the guru’s now.

1. If you tell us not to listen to dates, then why are you all reporting dates everyday ?

2. Is the Federal Reserve finished or not? If so, why are you reporting (especially Mark) that they are still calling the shots?

3. Are the white Hats really real? If so, why are the W. H. allowing these people (deep state) allowed to keep on stopping the process then?

4. Here in Canada, they have announced the digital currency which sounds like GCR but no. If you don’t have a digital ID card then they will not allow you any cash to pay bills or anything?

If the Alliance is real and good guys as you all reported, answer this question please? Why are these governments allowed to set up what they are introducing now 15 minute Cities? We have one in testing now a town over from where I live? We need real answers people!

Do tell us what’s really going on? Seriously, they come on daily with the same people and say the same thing over and over, for what? To point the people that are loosing hope now! Ask Member whoever he or she is that is from Canada,  she says how we all feel but we want solid answers.


Staying in a hotel waiting for a big appointment now for 2 years? Are you kidding me?

If you are being used by the Deep State to do their dirty work and keep us at bay with the Hope that this is going to happen, only to take us to the house of slaughter then please say so?

All these arrest globally and yet they are still in control ????

EBS when? This will hang in front of us now hoping it’s going to happen but when, after people are chipped? The White Hats sure care so much for this world that millions have died? Why? Why would they allow them to do such a crime? To wake us all up? BS! Wake who up the millions that lost their loved ones or the people in the grave?

As Bruce Buffer says when introducing the UFC fight…..ITS TIME!

This maybe posted I don’t know but we need real questions answered before it’s too late?


Gary T


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