Dinarland Highlights for April 21, 2023


Dinarland Highlights – 4.21.23

Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

…Iraq has been exchanging their dinar in the country of Iraq for about over 10 days now, up to about 12 days.  And we know people that have done the exchanges there that are Iraqi that have taken the high three zero notes and exchanged them at a new rate and gotten the equivalent in Iraqi dinar, new Iraqi dinar, which are the lower denominations of the currency …basically fives 10s 20s 50s Hundreds…Now – it’s good to know that exchanges are happening there and everything’s hunky dory and I think it’s business as usual in Iraq…but they still don’t want us to…know the rate on the Iraqi dinar until we get started for exchanges…it’s hidden from us – it’s kept from us…

…guess who was in Reno to help get this thing started for us?  S Mnuchin – Judy Shelton -She was the appointee by Trump to get this RV underway and stay with it till it’s done…You had the Chinese elders there…You had a delegation of five delegates plus or security staff from Iraq…So there was a great compilation of individuals there to set this thing in motion for us…we are waiting – but not much longer… we’ll see what happens in the next couple days.


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]

FIREFLY: After EID we expect some changes to the current rate to more like maybe 1000 to 1 maybe less.  Then they can drop the 3-zeros.  Here comes our fils.  Here comes our lower notes.

FRANK: Yes you are headed in the right direction.  That is a good sequence of events for the monetary reform to reveal itself.  Pay attention to your prime minister.  He’s trying to tell you that your currency is at 1.1 to the American dollar.  It is possible they will start to float at 1 to 1.5 instead of 1 to 1…

There’s a lot of information pouring out right now.  I mean a lot of information.  Did we not tell you that in the 3rd week of this month you would have a plethora, a piñata full of information?  The CBI would be extremely loud.  But it’s not just the CBI but it’s also the Prime Minister.  This fire hydrant of information that is pouring out at a fast volume. 

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]

FIREFLY: The CBI governor is back again on TV and he’s saying all of the private sector will be in dinars.  That’s what he told us yesterday and he talked about paying everyone in dinars – cars, electrify, furniture, everything in dinars as we are already seeing this in the streets.  We need our national currency that they are telling us about.

FRANK: You have been painted into a corner of monetary reform.   Congratulations…there are no other steps except to present the new National currency, the coins and the new exchange rate to you Iraqi citizens…it’s no longer years or months away.


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Alaq on the 13th ‘alerted’ us that something was coming.  Then three business days later they come out and say there’s a value…’it’s now 1.5 times more strong’ so they had to make an adjustment…there comes a time…that you can’t back out.  If they’ve gotten to that stage we’re in a really really good spot.  I don’t know if it’s going to be tomorrow, the next day…but they’re telling us, this is their words…

It’s a fascinating time…Over the last two months we’ve had some interesting comments…by the Central Bank of Iraq, the government of Iraq…The Finance Ministry, The Planning, all these other Ministries, they’ve all been talking…Back in March the Central Bank reassures the Iraqis, ‘Your dinars are stronger.’  That’s a key point…that’s what they’ve been telling them.



[via PDK]

Iraq is now in the middle of Eid Al Fitr. A big holiday in Iraq and their government is clearly telling us “before May” so to me they will have everything done in the next 9 days. We should be able to watch that movement.

We continue to get reports from Iraq that the budget and HCL law will be done before May 1st. We also believe that the rate will follow very quickly once the HCL law done, stamped and completed…Let’s hope this is the weekend…things are really looking awesome.



Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Frank26]

1.5 dinars would equal about .50 cents to the dollar…it’s all about the accounting.  It’s all about the numbers.  Once the numbers are set exactly the way the RV had established it then you’ll see everything come out.  That’s what it’s about at this stage in the monetary reform.


Clare (KTFA)

Article quote:
Iraq and the Central Bank are in compliance with international concerns, including combating money laundering and terrorist financing, and that we have left the gray area and turned into a respected compliant country, and the Central Bank has now become an internationally recognized institution, as compliance is a feature of the ethical and legal features of work


Nader From The Mid East

The guy I follow him a lot.  He’s the only guy who says like normal things.  You should follow him too.  He’s the the Prime Minister advisor.  He always have something good.  Everything read about his it’s good.  His name is Saleh.  He’s amazing.  You should follow him.  You should look for his articles.  Very interesting.  Very true.  Very relatable.  


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