RV/GCR Excerpts from Earth Alliance and Patriot News for April 20, 2023


Earth Alliance & Patriot News for April 20th, 2023

By Mark Baughman


On the QFS & Central Banking System:

 “Guest: I am still in confusion regarding the money system. And we talk about it a lot about taking our currency out of the banks right now because of the banks collapsing. So, my confusion, and I want to get a little clearer on it, is that will the new currency be there so that we will not lose our money if these big banks collapse? So, I think that might help myself and some of the others on the call in our confusion to get a little clearer on what decisions we can make about going forward with our money in the bank. Thank you.

OWS: What we can tell you is there is a war going on, a battle between those of the dark and those of the light, the dark forces and the light forces. The dark forces are the cabal, what you call the elite, all of this, and those of the central banking system. And there are those of the light with the new Quantum Financial System that you have been hearing about. And it is a battle, a war, that has been going on constantly between the two. One is trying to win over the other.

But we can tell you that the forces of Light have much, much more behind them than the forces of darkness. The forces of Light have all the civilizations from all of the civilizations from all of the star planets that are here to assist in this process, as well as the universal plan from the God Source itself, you see.

So, it is all going to work out to your benefit. But it is a belief process as you continue to believe, you will create. You will see what you believe, not the other way around. So, continue to believe in the forces of Light working here to bring about this plan, and including the financial part of this. Which, by the way, the financial part is just part of the changeover here. There will not eventually be a financial system, for one will no longer be needed. But that is somewhat down the road here, you might say.


So be of good cheer here. Be in good spirits, because it is all working out for the benefit of man as a consciousness here, and not working out so much for those of the forces of darkness, okay? Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: Yes. We will share here. May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, as we listen to these ideas of removing money from a bank, we would ask, where will you put it? Will you put it in an envelope? Will you put it in a safe? Will you put it in your proverbial mattress? Because if the system is collapsing, your money will be worthless. So, you can take your money from the bank, or the central banking cabal system, and place it in an envelope, but this current fiat currency that is running the financial system of your Western civilization will no longer be, you see. It will not exist. So, it will not matter.

What we will tell you is that what you are experiencing, and do not fear, Dear One, but what you are experiencing is a collapse of a cabal system that must happen for the great changeover to take place. It must collapse, you see. But collapsing is what you call a White Hat operation. These cabal banks do not want to collapse, but the White Hat system is forcing its hand to collapse, as you call it. We will tell you that the new financial system will replace it, will spring forward into the Great Changeover and you will not lose, you see. You will not lose your position, whatever that be, you will not lose it, as you are a spiritual Light being, and you will not lose it, it does not matter.

So do not fear, Dear Sister. If you wish to remove your currency from the banking system, then do that. If you do not, then don’t do that, you see. Because it all washes down in the end. It will all work out if you do not fear, if you do not panic. Namaste.”

Source: Operation Disclosure Official



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