The Office of POOFness Weekly Report: Update from POOF 5-1-23


” The Office of Poofness “


Greetings and Salutations,

It looks like the banks could fail before the end of June. Many variables are at play here…

The dollar could become worthless for many but people will still take these dollars because it’ll be all they have to give people. Buying staples now is a keen idea; yes, with what you have, buy up whatever you can that can make things easier for you. Sprouts are a good idea, just remember that. Green veggies and nutritional dense food will not be readily available.

Gold and silver will work: many are adapting to some of the changes in this regard. Walmart will have an exchange kiosk to handle that, adjacent to their bank area. Bartering will work for those who have resources to barter.

As far as the redemption of all of these things will be up in arms. If the military moves in to take back the country then all of these things will get recognized for what they are with percentages of worth. The powers that be do not want to totally upset the populace because any revolutionary ideas aren’t what they want. There are few clean and clear answers right now ..

The PP’s funding is not happening right now.


There will be an extended period of time when take downs and take overs and unrest will occur. And yes, violence many occur, stay off the streets, do not mix it up any more than you have to. All of the ID thief is going to grow and expand largely. So protect your cards and your phones.. Just think before you do anything.

There are efforts being tried to make Nesara / Gesara happen but again, none of these folk control the game nor do they call the shots, There will be a surprise move but not yet. Just stop building false hope. There is No Way that false hope helps any one. Each person has to do what they can and use their own ingenuity…

All isn’t going like it was expected. There are many aspects to all of this that are part of the interplay and the variables that we have spoken of for so long. The avenues for recovery are not that clear and the need of the money folk to regain some traction and to get the digital dollar in place is taking over the airwaves. That’s the key aspect of it all. Many are eager to get that done before any funds are ever released any where.

The digital dollar will not totally replace the greenback. The people won’t over all accept it; and the take over of bank accounts is being discussed even today. Just be aware of what you have and where it is. You will be better served if you have control of your assets.

Choose to hold the vision you want and defer from being negative about any of it. This is the time you chose to come in for the benefit of higher energies and holding the light where others will not. Just be one peaceful entity.

Love and Kisses,




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