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Prime Minister: We congratulate Iraq TV on the 67th anniversary of its founding

Baghdad – Waa

Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani on Tuesday congratulated the 67th anniversary of the founding of Iraq TV.

Al-Sudani said in a tweet followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “We congratulate Iraq TV and all its creative staff on the 67th anniversary of its founding, to be the first Arab television to start broadcasting to viewers.”

He added, “While remembering and celebrating this occasion, we praise the hands of all its workers to be contributors to building our beloved Iraq, and to the custodians of its national and humanitarian media message

For the purpose of resolving the budget paragraphs. Parliament receives 15 governors today

Information / Baghdad.The Parliamentary Committee of the Region announced the hosting of 15 governors during its meeting today to discuss the details of projects within the budget, likely to pass the budget within the next 10 days.


Member of the committee, Representative Muhammad Al-Shammari, said in a statement to Al-Maalouma, that “his committee will host today, Tuesday, 15 governors for the purpose of discussing the needs of each governorate separately from the general budget and the funds allocated for the reconstruction of the governorates and determining the priority of projects in each governorate.” 

He added, “After the hosting is completed, a special report will be prepared for the purpose of presenting it to the Parliamentary Finance Committee through a joint meeting between the two parliamentary committees.” 

Al-Shammari indicated that “approving the budget and voting on it will be during the next 10 days, after the meeting of the State Administration Coalition.” 
According to government data, the total budget for the current year amounts to 197.828 trillion dinars (about 140 billion dollars), while the operational budget is 150.273 trillion dinars, while the investment amount is 47.555 trillion dinars.

The deficit ratio reached 63.275 trillion dinars at a price of $70 per barrel of oil, given that more than 95 percent of budget revenues depend on oil sales.

A report reveals undisclosed reasons for the delay in approving the budget and confirms: Al-Sudani has become worrisome

Together, the political and parliamentary blocs were unable to resolve the differences regarding the financial budget for the current year (2023), while the government of Muhammad Shia al-Sudani presented a budget described as ambitious for the next three years.    

And at a time when the Iraqi parliament’s schedule for today’s session (Tuesday) is devoid of discussing the most important issue awaiting millions of Iraqis, which is the country’s financial budget, which has been stalled for nearly two years, however, it included issues such as Iraq’s accession to the basic system of the Islamic Organization for Food Security or a draft law ratifying an agreement between the government of the Republic. Iraq and the Republic of Tunisia regarding air services between their territories. 


The main reasons for not approving the budget, even though it was read twice; This should have paved the way for a vote on it, some of which are due to undisclosed reasons, which is the unwillingness of some political forces to free the hand of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani, who launched a large group of service projects that need financial cover for their implementation, which means from the point of view of some Those forces are a success for the prime minister, who seems to be about to implement everything he pledged, away from the vision of the political forces, who are accustomed to not deviating from any prime minister.    

And according to identical political sources through what is going on in the secret rooms, after it seemed that the budget was finally completed and ready for voting, what al-Sudani announced his desire to conduct a cabinet reshuffle made many political forces reconsider their accounts regarding it, including reviewing the issue of approving Balance, by returning to the origin of the differences that should have been settled in the first and second readings.    

The objections expressed by some political forces were represented in three points, namely that the budget is for three years, not one year, and the second is that the budget contains a large deficit, and the third is represented in the price of one barrel of oil against the dollar, which is $70 per barrel, with the fear of the possibility of a drop in oil prices. .    

Al-Sudani, who did not make concessions, has become worrisome to many, in addition to his insistence on the cabinet reshuffle and his initiation earlier this week of implementing the first two major projects to relieve traffic jams in the capital, Baghdad, which indicates his progress in implementing his plans with a clear quest to make the political blocs confront the angry street. However, some political blocs have something to put pressure on the government even if it is part of his responsibility, such as the issue of the “salary scale”.    

Yesterday morning, in several Iraqi provinces, at the same time, several demonstrations were launched by state employees, demanding an amendment to the salary scale before approving the budget. According to observers and financial experts, the issue of the salary scale, which is one of the important problems at the level of public employment in Iraq and the differences between state employees, cannot be resolved at a time when the budget is ready for a vote.    

According to what was announced by a number of deputies in the Iraqi parliament, as well as financial experts, that discussing and approving the new salary scale that has not yet been initiated takes a long time, which means that if it is linked to the budget, its approval will be suspended for another year, just as it was suspended from mid-2021 to mid-2023. Through the year 2022.    

While the treasury of the Central Bank of Iraq is filled with more than 115 billion US dollars, most of it from oil sales, which until the end of March amounted to about 7 billion US dollars.  

The demonstrators, who erupted simult aneously in the governorates of Baghdad, Basra, Dhi Qar and other cities, demanded an adjustment to the salary scale in order to reduce the differences between employees.     Note that the number of employees and retirees in Iraq exceeds 6 million employees, on whom the state spends about $5 billion in salaries; This drains more than 70 percent of the state budget, which goes to what is operational, while the unemployment rate rises dramatically in the country, as well as the rate of inflation.    

And the dollar prices against the Iraqi dinar recorded a sharp rise during the past months, reaching 170 thousand dinars for every hundred US dollars, before the government took strict measures, including negotiations with the US “federal” that then led to a clear decrease in the exchange rates of the dollar, to approach its main rate set by the government. , which is 132 dinars per dollar, while its current price in the market stands at about 140 dinars per US dollar. link

Obelisk Hour: The money of the theft of the century was distributed to influential politicians and media


Independent MP Alaa al-Haidari during a televised interview:

– Baghdad/Obelisk Event: Nour Zuhair’s file is in the judiciary and he is the one concerned with it
– The money of the theft of the century was distributed to influential politicians and media
– The law on the recovery of the proceeds of corruption will allow the return of funds stolen since 2004 – Kurdistan region is “rebellious” against all government
– Al-Sudani was following the file of telecommunications companies and he must continue
– Granting money to Kurdistan that exceeds other provinces is a door of corruption
– Al-Kazemi accused of “conspiring” with the Americans in the airport
incident – Authorities are required to seek trial of Al-Kadhimi
– Al-Kazemi must be brought to Iraq for trial – The Minister of Agriculture in the government of Al-Kazemi was a “mockery”
– The movements of the US ambassador may reach even popular
– The US ambassador exceeded her diplomatic powers

Member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Ali Turki during a televised interview:

– Those involved in the theft of the century are still outside Iraq – There are judicial procedures being taken to recover money from Nour Zuhair – The government has an integrated program to punish the corrupt and recover the funds – Lifting the seizure of Nour Zuhair’s funds
was done with an old book and has nothing to do with deals
– Al-Kazemi’s period is similar to the era of Paul Bremer
– Al-Kazemi is a “burned paper” for America – Iraq will not be a backyard for America
and others

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