“Future Advisors, Past Doesn’t Apply to the Future?” by Chow – 5.9.23


Entry Submitted by Chow at 4:11 PM ET on May 9, 2023

Future Advisors — Past Doesn’t Apply to the Future ??

All comments are my opinion only

Remember the past ,  Current Advisors my/will  not apply to the future in the same way when  when blessed

Don’t forget NESARA / GESARA is a game changer,  we must adjust early for our future .

  • CPA’s  — CPA advise will not be even close as we know it today
  • No Federal Tax
  • No FICA (Payroll employee)  Tax
  • No or little State tax
  • No Capital gains tax
  • Federal Gov is shrinking by 90 %
  • State anticipated to shrink by 70%

If the White hats are eliminating tax because it is illegal ,  per NESARA , all or most will be gone

 Should we set aside just in case , maybe . But the odds are high we will know right away at the exchange or during the 3-10 day shut down.

CPA’s will be short of obsolete;  they will not want to let go now.  They make money with current Laws.


*** CPA’s can make millions fast —  $$$$ all dollar signs in their eyes  ”wih your exchange”.

Do CPA’s really want to change their income stream?  

No,  only if they are forced to . So “you” either believe in NESARA or you don’t ??

I have a dear CPA friend , probably the best Fortue 100 CPA on the planet . He said business will only need payroll . Very large business some planning advise. Individual will need zip . By the way he has currency – incredibly honest

Be very careful —– Most CPA’s have no clue what is coming down “now” let alone when blessed

  • Attorneys – – Attorneys are short of identical to CPS’s .

They will be obsolete except for trust planning to manage assets if you or a family member pass.

  • No Gift/ transfer tax  
  • No Estate tax

In the past , advanced planning was a huge money maker , $1000,000 to Millions spent on fees  . Regardless if you can afford it,  there will be no need for complicated e expensive trusts to transfer wealth , go off shore , use other states , multiple family wealth building trusts and more . If you want to give family money , give it to them during life or at passing . Again , all this will be revealed at the exchange , but mostly during the 3-10 days of shutdown.  


I could see a new twist for asset protection . But , if the white hats are truly going through all this GCR , NESARA/GESARA,  spending years and millions of hours all for Humanity , I feel they will not allow gold digger legal suites like today – all will be revealed

  • Financial Advisors – Financial advisors will be very different .  

I see a place for them , but not like today . If they have no clue of US/NESARA ,  you could get in trouble.

“You will be given a sheet with all the companies you/ your Financial Advisor can not do business with at the exchange”.

The ball game changes.

The market will not allow many of the high-level ways of doing business let alone many big boxes-. Many fortunes 100/500 companies will be gone.  

All US Citizens , actually the globe,  will have an age-based income. The income will come from the respective governments. .  The income will range from approx $20,000 per month going up to $100,000 per month for 10 – 13 years .

You will be shocked how many big boxes will go out of business , there probably on the list given .

The Globe will be going through a massive financial adjustment . They are talking about a 20-hour work week . Can you imagine a 20-hour work week and a huge government base income . The balance of labor and production will be challenged big time globally .

Should the market explode with all the base income not to mention or exchange money ? Big time , but how and where ?

It has been said “MONEY”  will not be as important because all will have the base income and millions in our Quantum .


Conclusion – I have read tax / legal advice from Guru’s and sorry to say , many are not dialed in on GCR / NESARA / GESARA.

Be careful and remember the basics why all this global change is for .— Humanity.  Yes, there will be job / Industry fall out – MANY – , but it is all for the US / Globe humanity.  

Things will move fast when the 3-10 days accrues either before or after our exchange – all will be confirmed / revealed .

Be patient

Remember to bless our Family , Friends and Humanity



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