The Office of POOFness Weekly Report: Update from POOF, Susan, and DJ 5-14-23


” The Office of Poofness “


Greetings and Salutations,

The intended deliveries are still intended but the players are all in a muddle with a very high level of confusion.

There is far more confusion within the banking operations: not all of the confusion is being allowed out and must all of their loans and participation in the credit markets has taken a swift kick in the pants.

The bankers are focused on fighting for survival and the Indians are no longer marching nor playing their drums.

It’s a downhill situation for now. That doesn’ t mean they won’t survive but they have to figure out a better way to deal with change.

As mentioned before, the money brokers are searching for ways to freeze accounts, now this is not new news but just know that they are. They know that if they freeze accounts this countries citizens will shoot on sight and hunt them down if they are found messing with their resources. There are plenty of cowboys in this arena.


These money brokers know they are taking some serious steps if they think they can get away with freezing and robbing accounts. They are already nervous about the low ratio of cash to loans .

We think that a quiet Mother’s Day celebration is best, a time to bond and for some to get reacquainted.

There are any number of flash bulletins that could come out; do not be surprised or in fear by any of them.

Get the affairs of the heart in order and money aligned like you want it.

There are many pieces at play and no one can tell you with certainty which will blow first. We work to support those who are about peace and those that are creating transaction exchanges that are a win win for all.

MOTHERS…..They need to learn to speak up and seek better answers than what they have been finding….. The alternative news is best with clear strong minded scientists along with practical journalists who shoot straight ….

Hang In.. there is more to come….


Happy Mother’s Day to All..

Love and Kisses,




There was a fog that hung heavy over the city, casting a gloomy shadow on the streets. It was Mother’s Day, but the air was thick with sadness as young Oliver passed through the rain-soaked alleys. He clutched a wilted flower in his hand, a meager gift for his dear mother who had passed away years ago.

Oliver’s heart ached as he thought of all the Mother’s Days they had shared together. His mother, with her warm smile and gentle touch, had always made this day so special. She had been his guiding light, shielding him from the hardships of the world. But now, without her, Oliver felt lost, adrift in a sea of sorrow.

He wandered aimlessly until he found himself outside a small church. The sound of hymns came through the open doors, and Oliver, seeking solace, entered the church. He took a seat at the back, hoping the familiar melodies would bring some comfort to his troubled heart.

As the choir sang, Oliver closed his eyes, his mind transported back to his mother’s loving embrace. He could almost feel her arms around him, comforting and reassuring. In that moment, a gust of wind rattled the stained-glass windows, causing a flickering candle on the altar to catch his eye.

Curiosity stirred within him, and Oliver walked toward the flame. To his astonishment, the candle seemed to emit a soft glow, casting a warm light that comforted his soul. He noticed an inscription on the candle holder that read, “A Mother’s Love Never Fades.”


Touched by this simple message, Oliver made a vow. He would honor his mother’s memory by spreading love and kindness to others, just as she had done for him. Inspired by the candle’s radiance, he left the church, determined to make this Mother’s Day a day of joy for those who had lost their own mothers.

Oliver wandered through the city, seeking out those who wore sorrow upon their faces. He offered a kind word to a grieving widow, a comforting embrace to a motherless child, and a helping hand to those burdened by life’s hardships. His presence, filled with compassion and empathy, brought a glimmer of hope to those he encountered.

Word of Oliver’s acts of kindness spread throughout the city, and soon people came from near and far to witness the extraordinary young boy who had transformed Mother’s Day into a day of healing. They brought with them stories of loss and longing, and Oliver listened, providing solace and understanding.

The fog began to lift as the day wore on, and the sun’s rays broke through the clouds, casting a golden light upon the city. Oliver stood at the center of it all, surrounded by grateful souls whose burdens had been lifted, if only for a moment.

In the warmth of the sun, Oliver felt his mother’s presence, as if her spirit had been watching over him, guiding him on this noble path. And he knew that, even in death, her love for him continued to shine brightly.

As the sun went down over the city, Oliver returned to the church where his journey had begun. He lit a candle in his mother’s memory, its flame glowing with renewed vigor. And in that moment, Oliver understood that Mother’s Day wasn’t just about one person but about the collective power of love and compassion.

With a smile on his face, Oliver stepped out into the night, ready to continue his mission of spreading his mother’s love. And as he walked through the alleys and streets of the city he could hear the echoes of joy and gratitude, forever transformed by the presence of one small boy who had turned a sad Mother’s Day into a celebration of love and healing.


I’ve been assured that we would begin to receive from May 17th thru the middle of June. I’m not buying it… but I sure wouldn’t turn it away.

Relax it must come with our safety in mind.


Stay Peaceful ……




Governments throughout history have utilized various means to maintain control over their populations. One potent tool in their arsenal is the manipulation of fear. By capitalizing on people’s insecurities and anxieties, governments can instill a sense of apprehension that not only consolidates their power but also sways the public opinion in their favor.

By exploiting security concerns, governments often exploit genuine concerns to justify measures that would otherwise be met with resistance. By emphasizing the threat of external enemies, terrorism, or social unrest, authorities create an atmosphere if fear, paving the way for increased surveillance, restrictive policies and erosion of civil liberties. The fear of potential harm acts as a powerful instrument to control public opinion and garner support for oppressive measures.

In some instances, governments deliberately create or amplify crises to maintain control. By fabricating a sense of imminent danger, they can divert attention from internal issues, consolidate power and elicit public support for drastic measures. Manipulation of fear through the magnification of existing problems, real or imagined, allows governments to portray themselves as the sole protectors of the masses, thus reinforcing their authority.

The government’s control over the media enables the dissemination of fear-inducing narratives. Through selective reporting, misinformation and the suppression of dissenting voices, authorities can shape public opinion to align with their interests. By promoting a climate of fear, governments can manipulate the masses, stifle opposition and maintain a firm grip on power.

Divide and conquer. By accentuating differences among various social, ethnic or religious groups, they can foster an atmosphere of mistrust and hostility. This divisive approach ensures that the masses remain preoccupied with internal conflicts, diverting attention from government accountability and manipulation. They establish a narrative that citizens cannot safeguard their well-being without government intervention. This strengthens the government’s hold on power, as individuals become reliant on the state for their security and consequently, more inclined to comply with its directives.

By exploiting security concerns, manufacturing crises, controlling media narratives, exacerbating divisions and fostering dependency, governments can effectively manipulate public opinion and consolidate power . Awareness of these tactics is crucial for citizens to safeguard our rights and maintain a healthy balance between security and personal freedoms. We must remain vigilant and critically evaluate information (ask questions) . All of us must challenge fear-based manipulation and strive for a society rooted in transparency, accountability and freedom. We must quit buying into these narratives and stop accepting being a pawn in a governmental chess game.




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