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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 5-16-23  

Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the big call tonight. It is Tuesday, May 16th and you’re listening to the Big Call whether you’re live or listening on the replay links, or whether you’re getting this call translated simultaneously into your own country’s language or languages as the case might be. I know that last Thursday we were in a 100 countries with the Big Call, and I don’t know probably till next couple of days, whether we’re in that same amount or more, but we’re reaching at least 20 or 30 million people with the Big Call every night now every Tuesday or Thursday night – so glad to hear that  – and I’m excited to be here tonight. I think we have some good things to report. Some good stuff to share with you. And I’m looking forward to that.

Okay, good. Well, let’s see, we can only go till 11. So just kidding, we’re not going to have that much Intel. But what I have, I think you’ll appreciate. So thank you very much for that. All right, a little bit of a later start tonight, but that’s okay.

Let’s bring up just two or three things.

Number one, and this was blowing my mind when I was hearing about it was, is there something more from Iraq really, really?

This is this is what we’re hearing I just got a little bit more so it’s good timing I guess.

For what we’re waiting on, it appears that you know how we have held the rocks and billing for time I’m gonna say months if not years, they’ve kind of been ready and then they were not ready and then they’re ready and then we want something else. And then we ask him for something else.


Well, let me put it this way. This is a convenient, An Inconvenient Truth. This is something that’s happening tomorrow morning in Iraq. They’re going to expose their budget like we care – they’re going to open the budget, which will have their newest – newest new rate in the budget for 2023 – and their HCL law.

Really?  hydrocarbon law?  Really?  Don’t get me started on this you guys. But that’s supposed to be brought out in the morning in Iraq. This is just a game that we’ve been playing with Iraq – it’s a powetr play –  Okay, you can go no, you can go you can go yes, you can. No, you can’t. That’s what it’s been like.

And okay, so you got that little shell game going on in one corner of the room. And then you hear later this afternoon. I mean, later this evening, we got this – that the UN confirmed from three separate sources so far, that the Treasury had released the codes to Wells Fargo at around five o’clock this afternoon Eastern time.  And that would allow everything to move forward from the Wells Fargo redemption center point of view.

So Treasury sent the release codes to Wells Fargo around five o’clock. And now the RV for the United States is theoretically in motion. We can say in motion here.

The last piece of information I got was that they the release algorithms were let go about two hours ago. And I’m not quite sure how that plays into it. But I know that that we do use algorithms to discern when is the best time of the release of numbers of emails of emails to the bondholders, emails to us with a toll free number that we can call and set appointments.

Alright, let’s go bottom line. It appears. The bottom line is that things have started from Treasury, the Wells Fargo and it should be coming out to us in some timeline. Probably I would say by sometime after 10 maybe mid morning to noon time tomorrow.

We could see these 800 numbers coming by email to us. Now, the other reason I’ve got that timeframe in mind is after Iraq does their thing – tomorrow I was told that that we would be receiving our notifications by email after 10am in the morning.


I believe — this is a theory I had a long time ago — you guys remember it? I believe that whatever time they come out east Eastern time zone, so let’s just say they happen at 10:30 in the morning – For example – This is for example purposes only.

If they came out at 10:30 on the East Coast, they come out at 10:30 on in central time zone and at 1030 in mountain time zone and 10:30am Pacific Time Zone, go to Alaska same thing – Hawaii – same thing –

Okay, that’s a theory and I believe that’s what I’m being told that that will be the case.

So, not a whole lot else to talk about.

Really, because if the release code set this in motion, which is what we believe happened, that of  3 resources to confirm so far prior to the call.  Tomorrow is going to be a really interesting day you guys.

The so called reduced or redacted version of the Durham report came out at 2PM just yesterday, Eastern Time and was leaked, fortunately broadcasts on CNN and they did a May a Koopa sort of we call it a true apology story. But they went ahead and announced that they’re I think it was also on a news  max and maybe maybe all that the networks covered it.

But it’s a good report. It is this information that we all knew was true – about President Trump none of those things that they accused him all of were true and were all a pack of lies what we already knew that. But tomorrow – from what I I understand – the full, the Durham report comes out, everything would be dumped out and there’ll be a lot. There’ll be a lot going on. There’ll be well over 3000 arrests taking place in a number of different areas as a result of the report.

So I think we’re looking, it could be very interesting to see how this unfolds tomorrow. And I believe we’re going to get some good news might not be this week – But some pretty good news I understand about the Brunson case. I believe this is what I’m hearing  whatever I’m saying whatever I do anyway. That is supposed to be the Brunson case especially acknowledged on the 23rd of May – adjudicated or decided on the 24th of May, with the return of President Trump on the 25th Now let’s see if that comes true.

With any success maybe it happened sooner than that. But that’s those are the days that was given last night.  We’ll see

Obviously we want to get this RV done and get that started. And then we’ll get the med beds up later, probably in June. And starting. We’ll just keep on going. Keep on going.


Guys, I think that I can go on and on but you know reasonably. I mean we got what we have and it’s a good. This is a good piece of information. A good piece of Intel. So let’s let’s wrap the call up.

Thank you for listening.

So I’m ready for it to the over like you guys are and with any information that we got this evening, and tonight is putting us in the right place. So let’s go and pray the call out and we’ll take it. Take it from there.

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