RV/GCR Excerpts from Earth Alliance and Patriot News for May 18, 2023


Earth Alliance & Patriot News for May 18th, 2023

By Mark Baughman


Jared’s Conference Call 5/17/2023” The Truth and only the Truth”.

-) On the intel people around the world: Understand the Deep State have cleverly put fake Deep State players. PLEASE GET IT, USE COMMON SENSE: “The Top priority for the Deep State is to NOT let the people be wealthy, keep them poor.” This is the reason you have to DESERN your intel and who you get it from!! SOME, IT JUST NOT TRUE!! The basic RULE is, “if the statement has some type of FEAR projected or TOTAL control, IT IS DEEP STATE at this point in time. Like the Biggy”: Nuclear Weapons are going to go off, the White Hats have this totally in control. Or, the Digital Currency the illuminati banking system is going to be installed, for total control: IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!! The good guys or Alliance is going to implement the QFS and RESET all currencies on an even playing field. We are going to take down all the corrupt banking systems, like the illuminati controlled central banks and the federal reserve.

-) There are a lot of scams, there are planted people out there to mis-inform. (My Example, Not Jared’s) Like, the guy in Spain who says he is in Charge of the R/V GCR, ok, let us you just common sense. He has NO security, and lives in a house with his wife and son. Goes on videos everyday and even goes to some of the patriot forums or meetings. Remember, the number one priority for the illuminati is NOT let the Real R/V GCR happen and not to allow the money transfer to “The People”! They would have killed him years ago. I know many intel people that are real, and over the years, the deep state did try to kill them. Some have been killed, and you have an idiot saying he is head of i– wide-open?  Screw your head on straight!!! Nick Fleming years ago, stated he was CIA, operative. Hell, I seen him on video taking pictures of other people’s ZIM, so he can cash in on it. Hell, too, he has admitted to deliver cash (his job, he took) by airplane for the illuminati for years. Please, get a grip on some of these people!! Understand, the military Alliance uses compartmentalization to keep information secure, and would never have someone out talking every day, with such a BIG EGO be a part of any major part of “The Greatest Shift of Planet Earth Ever!”

Source: Operation Disclosure Official



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