Dinarland Highlights for May 23, 2023


Dinarland Highlights – 5.23.23


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Remember in Kuwait…that morning of their RV they posted an article saying the RV was going to be months away… then that same day they went… this is normal.   Expect misinformation …do not ride the roller coaster.

Things are quiet but remain very solid. I hear they have squarely targeted the month of May. I hope that is right.

Pretty quiet on the RV front today. On the banker side they are trying to figure out what to expect this week. I very much think this is still our month.


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]

FIREFLY: They just told us on television that the parallel market rate has been matched.  They are telling us this over and over again.  The parallel market rate has been matched.

FRANK: It could possibly be a 1 to 1 rate or a 1 to 1.5 rate.  Let’s see what they come up with.  They may also be talking about matching the street rate.  Either way it is an extremely positive move in the right direction…

Remember when they had the 50s before?  They got rid of them because they were worthless at the program rate.  So they’re going to bring them back again?  They’re useless.  I think a 50 note would be about $0.03 cents with the program rate they have right now.  Don’t get over excited, ‘Oh, the lower denoms are coming out now!’  I don’t know when.  But they are in the process of the monetary reform education showing the citizens this is what we’re about to do…it’s a slow gradual process.  It’s exciting is what it is!

Nothing is late.  It’s actually on schedule.  Many people think this should have happened last month or at the beginning of the year…but they don’t understand the logistics of what the CBI is doing with your [Iraq’s] monetary reform.  You as a [Iraqi] citizen now understand.  You see the evidence…


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Let’s go back to Thursday.  The Central Bank disabled electronic payment cards.  We find that to be very interesting because we haven’t seen them do that before…we haven’t seen them come fully live yet…They said “maybe” in 2 days so in other words it could be a little longer…


Clare (KTFA)

Planning: Items in the budget to address the impact of the dollar exchange rate”

“…serious discussions were held by the ministry, with the participation of the Investment Authority, government agencies, the Federation of Industries and other concerned authorities, regarding exchange rates and their impact on the market and therefore on citizens,”



Dallasdude (KTFA)

I personally have said for months that I did not expect a rate that favored us with the passing of the budget because they have said repeatedly for months that the official exchange rate will be in the 1300 range when budget is passed..their economy needs time to grow and over a period of time we hope gets in the 1 to 1 range or 1.50 to 1 whatever the case may be…this is not meant at all to be negative because quite honestly I really love the progress this current Iraqi administration is making



I would like to see Iraq un-peg their dinar from the US dollar and peg to the same basket that the Arab Monetary Fund uses…22 or 23 nations are involved in this organization and they all trade using their own special dinar.   That value is really high.  It’s the SDR rate, which I think is 1.76 x 4.  That’s how they figure out what the value of their [basket] dinar is worth. 


Nader From The Mid East

No one can change the rate besides the CBI…telling you the truth we’re not ready yet.  They’re working on it.  They have good news.  They have good things going on but they’re not ready.  When they’re ready you will know…we all will know…


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