Awake-in-3D: Texas Takes the Lead in a Golden Future for Sovereign Digital Currency


Texas Takes the Lead: A Golden Future for Sovereign Digital Currency

On May 25, 2023
By Awake-In-3D

Could Texas (not Reno) be the actual location of the New Republic Sovereign US Treasury?

For several years now, multiple rumors in GCR Land implied that Texas, not Reno Nevada, will be the location of the New United States Republic’s Sovereign Treasury. I’ve always considered this as a fringe viewpoint. Yet, given the constant distraction and confusion coming out of Reno, what I see happening in Texas is truly exciting. Perhaps Texas is Ground Zero for US RV/GCR activities.

Let’s take a deep dive into what Texas is doing regarding a gold-backed digital currency and explore how it could spearhead this transformative change and the positive implications it may bring.

Texas, the Lone Star State, is poised to revolutionize the world of finance with its groundbreaking proposal for a state-run digital currency. In a move that challenges the collapsing debt-based fiat currency system, Texas Senate Bill 2334 seeks to introduce a digital currency backed by gold and silver, offering an alternative that prioritizes transparency, privacy, and individual agency. This bold step has the potential to pave the way for a brighter monetary future, free from the grips of centralized control.

A Trailblazing Vision for a State-Backed Digital Currency

Texas Senate Bill 2334 is a visionary proposition that envisions a state-run digital currency backed by tangible assets like gold and silver. By adopting such a currency, Texas could become the first state in the nation to embark on this groundbreaking path, setting an inspiring precedent for others to follow. This bold move aligns with Texas’ previous establishment of a state gold depository, akin to the revered Fort Knox, which serves as a physical foundation for a gold-backed currency.


Unlocking Global Potential: Digital Currency for All

One of the most remarkable aspects of this proposal is its global reach. If the Texas digital currency becomes a reality, people from all corners of the world, not just within Texas, would have access to this innovative monetary system. Through a simple debit card, individuals could transact using this digital currency, transcending geographical boundaries. The proposed law empowers the Texas comptroller to create the digital currency, mint pure gold or silver coins based on weight, and declare them as legal tender for settling debts.

Democratizing Financial Freedom

Under the Texas digital currency plan, the debit card could be utilized worldwide wherever debit cards are accepted. This opens up a realm of possibilities for individuals outside of Texas, granting them the ability to create accounts and leverage this system, provided it complies with their local regulations. The state comptroller, supported by a trustee overseeing the program, would ensure that sufficient gold or silver reserves are held to back the digital currency units allocated to each account holder. This prudent approach strengthens the stability and credibility of the currency.

A Return to the Gold Standard: A Time-Tested System

To grasp the significance of a gold-backed digital currency, let’s delve into the gold standard. This monetary system anchors the circulating currency to gold reserves stored in government vaults. The convertibility of gold and currency prevents excessive currency creation by the government, safeguarding against market manipulation. With a return to the gold standard, money assumes a stable and unobtrusive role, no longer subject to the whims of economic policymakers. This shift diminishes economic inequality and curtails the undue influence of the wealthy over financial systems, fostering a fairer and more balanced society.

Bottom Line


Texas’ bold proposal for a state-run digital currency backed by gold and silver holds immense promise for a future founded on transparency, privacy, and individual empowerment. By spearheading this transformative change, Texas has the potential to reshape the financial landscape, inspiring others to explore alternative monetary systems that prioritize the common good. As the world looks on, the Lone Star State illuminates a path towards a golden future for digital currencies.

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