Awake-in-3D: The Inescapable Financial System Collapse and the Elitist Reset Solution


The Inescapable Financial System Collapse and The Elitist Reset Solution

On May 24, 2023
By Awake-In-3D

There is Our GCR, and there is the Elitist Monetary Reset. This article will focus on the “bad guy” Reset so that it can be identified when ultimately revealed to the public.

The global financial system, built on debt-based currency creation, is teetering on the brink of collapse. As mounting evidence suggests an inevitable implosion, a planned Reset looms, but is it a move toward salvation or a descent into greater darkness? The impending transition to a Central Bank digital currency could trap individuals in a system of complete control, with negative interest rates and increased taxes stifling any hope of escape. Meanwhile, the surging demand for gold and alarming bank failures hint at the magnitude of the impending crisis. Are we hurtling towards a breakdown of the monetary system, or is there still room for redemption?

The Fragile State of the Fiat Currency System

For the first time in human history, the world exclusively relies on a Fiat Currency system, shackled by mounting debt. This debt-based financial economy now displays harbingers of an irreversible collapse, heralding the necessity, and inevitability of a global financial Reset.

The Planned Elitist Reset and Its Master Intentions

The envisioned Reset, courtesy of the global elites and banksters, aims to avert a cataclysmic implosion of the financial system. However, what lies beneath the surface is a transition from bad to worse. As the precipice nears, losing confidence in the currency would trigger profound changes, posing a threat to our intricate society intertwined with the banking system. This monumental crisis would provide the perfect cover and opportunity to execute the master Reset plan.


The Prelude to Crisis: Bank Failures and Revealing Statements

The initial tremors of crisis are evident in the wake of significant bank failures. Institutions such as Silvergate, Signature Silicon Valley Bank, and First Republic have fallen under regulatory control and been absorbed by influential entities like JP Morgan. The size and scale of these failures, dwarfing those commonly cited, expose the fundamental flaws within the banking system.

The orchestration of mergers and acquisitions by governments and central banks to salvage failing institutions does not negate the fact that a failure has occurred. Bank runs loom as a genuine threat, shining a spotlight on the fraudulent and enslaving characteristics of the current monetary paradigm.

Under the prevailing system, a privileged few benefit without contributing more than they consume. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and those who drive the economy forward find themselves carrying the weight of the system. The exposure of this system’s exploitative nature, enabling fraud, theft, and currency manipulation, is gaining traction and revealing its true face.

The Perils of Central Bank Digital Currencies and Possible Trojan Horse Bait-and-Switch

The desired reset entails the implementation of Central Bank digital currencies, enabling absolute control over the populace. Once ensnared in this system, individuals will find themselves trapped, burdened with the requirement of ever-increasing currency to fulfill debt interest payments. The stark imbalance between the existing 20 trillion dollars in currency circulation and the staggering 93 trillion dollars of U.S. public and private debt, underscores the fallacy of our current monetary structure. Yet it would not be surprising if all the talk of a U.S. Federal Reserve Bank CBDC is a bait and switch scenario. The real threat that must be understood about the Global Elitist’s plans is the consolidation of bank deposits under a single, digital ledger system.

This single monetary ledger is the key mechanism for the Great Reset plan. It is perfectly foreseeable that the CBDC is a Trojan Horse gaining all the public attention and protests while behind the scenes, amidst a bank solvency crisis, the FED rides in to save the day by publicly announcing the abandonment of their CBDC plans while quietly consolidating a public and private deposits onto a unified monetary ledger via the few largest commercial banks that survive the crisis.


Who Owns the FED?

What most are not aware of is, who actually owns the Federal Reserve Bank? The FED’s shareholders own them. Who are the FED’s shareholders? The largest commercial banks such as JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and others, which are Member Banks under the FED’s umbrella, own substantial shares of the FED. Once these banking behemoths merge with the smaller, failing banks (with FED financial assistance of course), the stage is set for a consolidated monetary ledger giving them total access to all financial transaction data. They don’t need a CBDC for that – they only need a unified account ledger.

A Central Bank Gold Rush Amidst Uncertainty

While no country currently operates with real money, the actions of central banks speak volumes. Gold, recognized as a tier one asset, holds immense appeal as the safest and most reliable store of value. Record-breaking purchases of gold by Asian central banks, coupled with China’s ban on gold exports, signal their preparation for an impending global monetary system breakdown. This indicates that gold is considered the safest, most secure, and trustworthy asset.

Adding more gold signals that they are getting ready for something. However, they are trying to prolong this process as much as possible. China, being the world’s largest gold producer, has made it illegal to export gold from the country. Additionally, China is also the world’s largest buyer of gold. The reason behind this is that they are preparing for a worst case scenario. Don’t listen to what they say, learn by what they do.

In the past, when countries were connected through trade, recessions would spread from one country to another within a few years. Today, with the global interconnection of financial systems and derivatives, any crisis can quickly impact the entire world. It doesn’t matter where the crisis originates.


As the world hurtles towards a financial precipice, the escalating signs paint a vivid picture of an impending collapse. The debt-laden Fiat Currency system teeters on the edge, while elitist and bankster plans for a Reboot and Reset raise questions about the true intentions behind such measures.

The proposed transition to Central Bank digital currencies threatens to entrap individuals in a web of control, perpetuating a cycle of increasing debt and diminished freedoms, yet an actual CBDC is not necessarily a prerequisite for this deleterious Reset. Their true goal may to simply forge a unified, monetary ledger consolidating the majority of bank deposits and data mining.

The surge in gold purchases and alarming bank failures further underline the fragility of the current system. With mainstream attention turning toward the fraudulent nature of the monetary system, the stage is set for a reckoning that could reshape the global financial landscape.


Source: GCR RealTimeNews


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