“Manifesto” by Rinus Verhagen – 5.25.23


I want to bring a few things to your attention. Many conscious people are tired of waiting for something to happen and they really see the change. Then there are people who do not believe in GESARA or the GCR.

So half woke people then sow discord by propagating their own EGO and lack of empathy as their truth. This from a wait and see attitude, what others (the Army) will do for them. That is precisely where I think the problem lies.

People do not seem willing to think for themselves in solutions and opportunities, because together we have a lot of potential to get great things done if we are united.

I have told and written it before the change starts with yourself when you start to adopt a different mind-set and then act. The story that the Zimbabwe dollars of 2008 with the AA and AB series is going to be used to enable GESARA with other funds, this is precisely the idea that ordinary people who become active and start implementing the change that is needed. They are motivated to create a better world.

The AGRO Check of 100B, 50B, 25, are separate from Humanitarian projects as I heard Mark Z tell it. I am now about 7 years into GESARA which started for me with Swiss-Indo through Liesbeth who taught me a lot. In the US Steve Weber was the man who asked me to write for Operation Disclosure, unfortunately he didn’t make it to the finish line, which I regret very much.

Liesbeth is not doing well, if she cannot get into a MED BED soon, there is nothing left to recover. Now back to the possibilities we do have. Just looking at yourself what can you do to really shape the new future for yourself or those around you. The magic word is manifest. Your own Manifesto is only possible through your own will, conviction and commitment. What you have you can multiply by sharing talent and start doing, take the bull by the horns and start, instead of falling into self-pity and helplessness.

Liesbeth had asked me to write a plan for employment for Europe. This results in 8.3 million jobs for a time of 100 years for 30 countries. Organizing and manifesting, motivating to make this possible. Now this doesn’t just fall from the sky, we have to do it together.

This will require awareness to be able and willing to work together to secure our own future and interests. Never but never again should a man despising Politics be accepted in the future. So awareness and confidence to gain enough self-confidence to shape your own future is desirable though. Doing (manifesting) is the recipe for success.


To make Prototype of the Ultrasonic Hydrobooster I am now in contact with a manufacturer who wants to make it in collaboration. Since waiting is not an option for me I have started to shape my Hobbit home, I started to make my own windows, then build them into homemade frames of oak. So my dream for a peaceful living environment of my own started when I converted it to active and physical making. I hope this is an encouragement to people who really want the change, but also really start themselves now, don’t wait what will be done for you.

You will only be disappointed, as your dream cannot be fulfilled by others if you remain passive yourself. Dismissing others or criticizing them without making any effort yourself is a sad display of weakness and lack of taking advantage of your own possibilities.

For the survival of Liesbeth, it is now CODE Red. I wish me that she would be the first to get into a Med Bed today cq tomorrow. Should I spend all my Currency on that, I will give it away with love. Love and a very bright future, with much wisdom and empathy for each other.



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