Tech Revolution: This Shocking New Plan is Set to Destroy the Entire US Economy


Tech Revolution
May 25, 2023

Did you know China recently received its first yuan-settled LNG cargo from the United Arab Emirates? This groundbreaking development marks a significant step in the internationalization of the Chinese yuan and has caught the attention of global financial analysts.

But what does this mean for the US economy? The implications of China’s growing influence in the Middle East and the increasing use of the yuan in international trade have raised concerns about potential effects on the US economy.

China’s involvement in the Middle East has grown a lot in the past 20 years. It now trades more with the region than the United States and has become a major source of investment and technical cooperation.

This has changed the Middle East’s political and economic situation. China has made smart partnerships and created forums to strengthen its relations with Middle Eastern countries.

The Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, or FOCAC, was started in 2000 to help China work with countries in North Africa and the rest of Africa on politics, economics, and security. Similarly, the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum, or CASCF, was started in 2004 to create a way for China to interact with all the countries in the League of Arab States.

The strategic partnerships and forums China formed have helped them become more involved in the Middle East. They work closely with countries in the region to boost trade, investment, and technical collaborations.

In addition, China’s influence in the Middle East goes beyond economics. They actively address regional issues and contribute to peace and security. In 2004, China appointed a Special Envoy for the Middle East to focus on the peace process. And in 2016, they set a Special Envoy for Syria to help resolve the civil war.


But expanding China’s economic and political involvement in the Middle East doesn’t mean they want to exclude the United States. Although China is becoming more present, the United States still has a strong economic presence in the Middle East through investments and relationships with local companies.

China hasn’t shown interest in replacing the US as a regional security provider. So far, China has stayed neutral in conflicts and focused on activities like UN peacekeeping and fighting piracy.

China has made big progress in making its currency, the yuan, more global. The yuan is now the fifth most-used currency for payments worldwide, showing that more people use it in international transactions.

It’s also the third most used currency for trade settlement, meaning it’s becoming popular for exchanging goods and services. Plus, the yuan is now the fifth biggest reserve currency, which is an important part of global financial reserves.

Countries like Argentina and Brazil are interested in using the yuan for trade, as they want to be less dependent on the US dollar. This helps China in its goal of making the yuan more international and making the global financial system more diverse.

These countries hope that using the yuan can strengthen their economic connections with China and reduce the risks of relying too much on one currency.

The CME Group recently launched options on the US dollar to yuan futures. This shows that the yuan is becoming more important in global financial markets. Now, investors have more ways to manage currency risk, and there is a growing demand for yuan-based financial products.


As the yuan’s influence keeps growing, international financial transactions are more exciting and give global investors new ways to protect themselves from risks.

China’s efforts to make the yuan international benefit its own economy and make the global monetary system more diverse and balanced. It offers an option for the dominance of the US dollar, which reduces the problems of having one currency in control.

Experts think that as China’s economy strengthens and its financial sector opens up more, the yuan will become even more important internationally. The yuan being used more in international trade worries some people about the US economy.

Experts say relying too much on the US dollar can be risky for countries facing American sanctions or policies. So, countries want to find other options to lower their risk.

The yuan becoming more popular globally allows countries to have different currencies and reduce the impact of US-focused economic choices.


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