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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 5-25-23

Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody has a Big Call tonight. It’s Thursday, May 25. And you’re listening to the Big Call. Thanks for tuning in, all over the globe wherever you are – And whether you’re listening live or you’re listening on a replay number, or a replay link, or whether you’re being received all in your own language and it’s being simultaneously translated into that language tonight, we welcome you for tuning in. We’re glad to have you.

Let’s start with our friendly people from Iraq.  We heard from one of our sources in Iraq that did they put out the new rate yet? No. Did they open up the budget? Expose the budget? No. Who do you think’s keeping them from doing that? We are.  The new time frame is that the budget will be out in the printed version of the Gazette Saturday.   The new rate for the Iraqi dinar will be put out Sunday.

If you’re good at math, you can figure out the rate based on the budget if you were to look at it, but remember, this is the in country rate for the dinar we’re talking about – the so called International rate. The rate that has been set for us is way different and much, much higher. Don’t even don’t even think about it – don’t  even worry about it. Forget about it.   All right.  Dong rate very strong very high, also.

So it looks like they’re finally going to be allowed to bring out the brand rate and do that on Sunday – remember Sunday is Iraq’s first business day. So that follows – that makes sense .

What else is happening internationally – now we had four new countries that came in to join the BRICS nations and to be gold back to be part of that including Libya, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Syria.

Those four countries just joined yesterday – Nations, those four – so there’s more and more countries that are aligning themselves with the BRICs now. – And I know Pakistan has an already for the good rate on whatever their currency is and I can’t remember, or I’ve never known how about that. I may have known it –


So it is an excellent rate – They’re making changes everywhere around the globe. We’re supposed to be completely totally connected to the quantum financial system, by all countries, by the first, if not before the first of June – I’m sure a lot of those are going to be connecting now over the weekend – and so on let’s see – what else is happening.

We’re getting word we have had seven impeachments in the Biden administration that took place and were voted through with a pretty strong majority by Congress by the House of Representatives. That’s where it takes place. And that’s a very positive thing and I’m sure we’re going to see that political change we’ve talked about over the weekend – At least we believe that is going to occur. President Trump is going to put a tweet out tomorrow on Twitter – something to the effect of my fellow Americans – the storm is upon us and we are awaiting the new republic   is before us – something to that effect. God bless you.

Something to that effect is going to be coming out so watch for it wherever that Twitter feed might go – and watch for it to pick up and what is said about it. That’s a positive sign we’re looking for that to occur – And that is a blue checked tweet that’s coming out meaning it is authentic and approved. That’s good.

So what else is happening?  Bond holders were to receive their credit / debit cards by today and for several more days in a row. So probably that was Thursday – Friday, Saturday, Sunday, maybe Monday, however long it takes to get those credit debit cards with instructions out to the bond sellers –  that’s happening and that’s a good thing.

We are in a position to receive our toll free number or so called 800 Number anytime after the markets closed today, but we are on for something to occur for us for tier 4B obviously tier 4A is included in this because remember Wells Fargo sees tier 4A and 4B just as tier 4 – so that we’re looking for something to occur for us any time after markets closed today. And the word that we’re getting is that it should be over the weekend.

Very very high up Wells Fargo sources also saying that this is coming together for us. Let’s put it that way this weekend.

That’s a good that’s another good sort of confirmation. Remember Monday is May 29. That’s Memorial Day. The banks are closed on Monday.   Obviously, that could come into play for us.


But remember, redemption centers do not necessarily they don’t have to be closed – it’s hard to say what the time is going to be on this except that we’re looking at least to get something positive in the way of those notifications  over the weekend.

And with Monday being a holiday you got two more days in the month, Tuesday the 30th and Wednesday 31st of May. It’s very possible that we can do something that was triggered this for us before or at that time.

It’s gonna be interesting. We could get something triggered by the Emergency Alert System after the result of whatever political change is going to take place. So beware of that.

Say it’s hard to say what form of disclosure would come out. Because there’s so much to bring out it’s hard to say when they would start that – when that would actually occur –  but we know that they have wanted a diversion for us and they have created a diversion for us for our exchanges – we’re not quite sure what that is. We don’t know – we have some ideas, but I don’t want to really hypothecate on that I’d rather wait and see what happens.

But I believe everything that is finally coming through for us is about to manifest and that’s a very good thing. We should be there before the end of the month, and very possibly we see something in the way of our notifications over this Memorial Day weekend.  We’ll see how that flies – we’ll see what happens with that – and I think with that we’ll pray the call out –

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