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” The Office of Poofness “


Greetings and Salutations,

Behind the scenes has been a busy week and the next few weeks are going to be very industrious and akin to none before. Let me be the first to assure you that all will be ending well but it won’t look like it. The best is yet to be totally in your favor but the best is not quite yet…

We are watching progress; it jumps, then it hops, then it backs up and then it lumbers forward a tiny bit, stops and goes and stops and goes some more. That has been the name of this game for many years now. But nonetheless we can tell you that it is always moving forward even if it’s small.

Go forth and smell the roses and enjoy the holiday you are having and pay little attention to the negative news sites and all the propaganda going on. It isn’t going to change anything; the outcome is assured by those who are in the Know. You do know what I mean? We are admiring the stick to it natures of many of you and that needs to be acknowledged from time to time.

Beyond that; hang in there, keep the coffee on or the iced tea, make yourself a sandwich or a brownie maybe— let the good times roll for now; you planted the seeds and we didn’t know for sure how long it would take to grow. Obviously longer than we thought but then again here we are….

Love and Kisses,







For a moment, it all became unbalanced. The sad and the angry became heavier than the happy and good and I gave in. The tears came, the anger raged, and my heart pounded.

At almost the very same time someone asked for my help. I heard them and moved dutifully toward them. They sounded anxious, and I reached out to assure them.

With that gesture, I felt a shift in my heart. The sadness and anger lightened. The happiness and good became stronger. The balance hesitated for a moment, and then it became steady..By the time I finished helping my friend who needed some encouragement, the happy and the good thoughts reemerged.

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me in my lifetime. It is a lesson that I have learned and taught, and yet, it still amazes me when it happens.




When we are so frustrated and angry, reaching out to others promotes a rush of endorphins in the brain. It brings about a positive physiological change and helps us distract from our own problems.

It is an excellent way to lift the burden and worry from our hearts and minds. The simple joy of helping others reduces stress and boosts the immune system. It also flushes negative feelings like anger and aggression.

It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Opening the door for someone, letting them go first in line, or sincerely asking someone if they are ok can shift a moment.

With everything going in our world, it is easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed. I have friends who have told me they can’t sleep at night and are worried all the time.

Social distancing and wearing masks has isolated many people. It has made it harder to find balance, but we can find ways to shift our focus from the negative to the positive deliberately.

Recovering our hope, joy, and power in our lives takes action.

My friend did this by closing her Facebook account for a while. “The anger and bitterness I see among friends and family is causing me so much stress,’ she said. There are so many opinions posted each day about our current world situations; I can’t even hear my own thoughts.”

She isn’t the only one who has said those words to me.

Recently, I took a few days off to join my friend at the beach. When I left my house, I felt heavy-hearted and stressed with all the bad news of a deadly virus, protestors, and hateful political divide constantly being transmitted into our home through the TV.

While I was away, I didn’t look at the news. I walked on a beach and watched the sunrise and listened to the sound of waves, and felt the wind blowing against my skin. I took photos of jellyfish, birds, crabs, shells, and flowers. I rode a bike and felt the sun on my back. The sound of the ocean and children laughing filled my heart and brought me peace.




My friend and I even discovered an alligator in the pond behind the condo where we were staying, took photos, and marveled at the wonder and goodness of God’s creation. It revived my tired soul and lifted my faith in God.

Of course, I couldn’t stay at the beach forever, but when I got home, I proposed in my heart to turn off the news, take more walks outside and enjoy the people I meet along the way.

This morning in church, the pastor reminded us that the peace of God is found in His creation in Philippians 4:8. “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”

We have to remember that whatever happens in this world does not define who we are or our souls’ joy or strength. What defines us is what we believe in, what we stand up for, and how we treat ourselves and others.


I’m being told AGAIN: STAY ALERT… we are almost there..will we see it this week? A lot of people believe so…




As we all know there are a multitude of different forms or types of governments that run the world. Authoritarian such as communism, socialism and fascism. Democracy which breaks down to parliamentary democracy, presidential democracy and direct democracy. Monarchy. Constitutional monarchy or absolute monarchy. Oligarchy which has autocracy, plutocracy, stratocracy and theocracy.Totalitarian, aristocracy, dictatorship, federalism, republicanism and so on. Then combine these forms of government with all the different forms of economic systems.




The point of mentioning this is to put into perspective what it would take to integrate the entire world into the narrative of implementing a GESARA ideology. If you have any knowledge of what GESARA reputedly entails or suggests , the logical mind says “NO WAY” .

GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act) is an alleged global reset of the financial system that aims to abolish debt, eliminate income taxes, establish a new gold-backed currency and bring prosperity to all nations. While the intent and concept are glorious to consider, in reality, there is no credible evidence or official documentation to support its existence or implementation. It’s a concept.

Knowing the multitude of different governments and economic systems, is it feasible to think that they would all come together, put their differences aside and all agree to forgive all debt and end their revenue streams that support their economies? As well as change their entire governmental structures relinquishing whatever control or power they may have. This whole GESARA narrative is nothing more than a fable fabricated by speculation, commentary that can’t be verified or substantiated, and an ideology of hope heaped upon desperate populations.

The concept of “NESARA” which would ultimately morph into “GESARA” originated from a concept by Shaini Goodwin (also known as “Dove of Oneness”) which was a set of U.S. economic reforms proposed in the 1990s. It would later be in a book titled “Draining The Swamp: The NESARA Story-Monetary and Fiscal Policy Reform” by Harvey Francis Barnard, published in 2005. Barnard created the idea of NESARA as a proposed economic reform package. His work was self published and not widely recognized by scholars or economists. It never made its way to the floor of Congress, was never introduced as a bill and never voted on. ( I checked all of the Congressional Archives 5 years before and after publication )

Keep this in mind, Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, in his book “Politics” discussed the concept of an ideal society. Whereby the purpose of the state or society is to promote the well-being and happiness of its citizens. He believed that the “idea society” should be based on the principle of distributive justice, where resources and benefits are allocated according to merit and contribution to the community. Aristotle’s conceptual “ideal society” would later become Hitler’s blueprint for the “Third Reich” or Naziism.

Now on the other hand the feasibility of a GCR/RV has merit. Not because of some ideology but more because of a necessity. It stands to reason that, with the growth of the global environment, the legacy systems that have been operating the global financial structures and trade, need to be upgraded to accommodate the increase of global transactions and how they are transacted. How funds move internationally or nationally and how money is valued must adjust with the times. Growth is a natural occurrence, and with growth comes changes to facilitate that growth. When we are talking about changing mechanisms that facilitate monetary transactions, that’s one thing, but when we are talking about changing the way people believe and behave, that’s something else.

The GCR is not what the public narrative depicts, it’s been happening all around us for over a decade if you just pay attention. But this GESARA concept? There is no GESARA headquarters where a group of people are sitting around checking the boxes if a country is compliant or not. Just like there is no toy factory at the North Pole run by a bunch of elves .


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Love and Kisses,
Team “Poofness”




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