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Part 1 Project Hammer: Insider Trading Platforms Using Off-Ledger WW2 Gold

On June 3, 2023
By Awake-In-3D

Our GCR Land “intel” today is littered with current speculations, built on previous speculations, built on historical legends, propagated by internet rumors. First of all, I BELIEVE in Our GCR as do all of you. However, as the years wane on, it’s difficult to hear the same GCR Intel information repeatedly. I want more.

This is why I’ve spent over a decade tracking down terabytes of information and rabbit holes searching for the truth as best I can. This type of credible information provides a satisfying and deep sense of reality around Our GCR.

Project Hammer, a highly secretive banking practice that operated from 1988 to 1992. Unveiling a web of illicitly repatriated gold stolen during World War II, this article delves into how banks and individuals profited from using this ill-gotten gold to establish shadow trading programs. These programs generated immense profits, which were then funneled into private trading accounts and covert projects.

In the images shown below, you will see phrases like “Tranches with Rolls” related to accounts with staggering amounts of cash balances. Secret numbered Trading accounts/platforms with cryptic code names linked to Trusts and Foundations. These are phrases commonly used in GCR asset agreements today. The bank names are familiar (although some have been merged and names changed since the late 1980’s). The banking locations are the same as with today’s hubs of GCR activity such as Zurich, Singapore, London and Miami. Interesting parallel and likely not a coincidence.

The WW2 gold, estimated to be well over 100,000 metric tons, was later discovered primarily in the Philippians, but also Cambodia, Indonesia and Laos. The gold was then hoarded primarily by President Ferdinand Marcos who was eventually forced to sell portions of the gold to international Banksters and corrupt financiers in the early 1980’s. But this is a story for another time.

Source Material




The information that follows is based on my extensive research into the lost gold of WW2 which led me to the incredibly detailed and exhaustively mind-numbing body of work from Mr. David Guyatt in the UK.

So I am giving credit where credit is due.

David Guyatt is a former investment banker with a career spanning twenty-eight years in the City of London. He held the position of Associate Director & Treasurer of the Forfaiting division in a major international bank. He later transitioned into a career as a writer and researcher, focusing on a wide range of subjects.

In the early 2000’s, with his insider knowledge of international financing, David engaged extensively in researching the story of gold and other treasures looted by the Axis powers [the Germany, Japan and Italy alliance] during World War II and what happened to these vast riches.

Project Hammer

Project Hammer was a highly secretive banking practice that utilized illicitly repatriated gold from World War II to generate unimaginable and unaccountable fund profits. This article explores how banks and individuals profited from these shadow trading programs, ultimately funding secretive off-book projects. Unveiling the names associated with this illicit activity, we delve into the diversion of funds by major banks at the time.

The Veil of Secrecy Unveiled




Project Hammer, a series of collateral trading programs, emerged in 1988 as a covert banking practice shrouded in secrecy. Hammer replaced a previous Project named Jacobe which operated for years earlier. These programs were designed to generate vast amounts of unaccountable funds for specific projects.

Project Hammer was a secretive program involving vast sums of money, potentially reaching trillions of dollars, held in dormant and orphaned bank accounts. The trading programs primarily use US dollars and involve various offshore entities. London and Zurich are key centers for these activities, and gold plays a significant role. The US government collects a percentage of the proceeds through private tax treaties with offshore entities, while rumors suggest some of the tax revenues may be diverted for private purposes.

These types of trading programs are primarily conducted by governments, treasury departments, and top international banks, with G7 nations dominating the scene. Supervision is challenging due to the multi-jurisdictional nature of these programs. Suspicious funds enter the system but are made clean through complex transactions. “Black” gold, cash, and convertible assets serve as collateral to initiate trading programs, along with privately lodged government-issued Treasury Notes and Bonds in major western banks.

Banks leverage these assets to issue their own debentures, which are then traded electronically at steep discounts. The difference between buy and sell prices generates profit known as “fallout,” which can amount to trillions of dollars.

Examples of such programs include Hammer, which resulted in a fallout (skimmed profits) of over US$220 billion in 1992 US Dollars, and Jacobe, which was only partially completed but had the potential for a fallout of US$2.75 trillion before 1988.

Date References

  • World War II: 1939-1945
  • Trading program EFG Jacobi: Predecessor of Project Hammer, prior to 1988
  • Project Hammer operation: 1988-1992
  • Bank of England lifts veil of secrecy surrounding gold: 1997
  • Brigadier General Erle Cocke’s affidavit from a confidential investigation on Project Hammer: April 2000

The Gold Connection and Repatriation

At the heart of Project Hammer lies a dark secret: the illicit repatriation of gold stolen throughout Asia, Europe and North Africa during World War II by the Nazi and Japanese military. These vast quantities of gold, along with lesser amounts of platinum, were the asset base upon which these trading programs operated. Gold, being a stable commodity used to back currency issuance, had long been shrouded in government and central bank secrecy. Only in 1997 did the Bank of England lift the veil of secrecy surrounding gold, although the true extent of its existence remains hidden from official figures.

Trading Programs That Don’t Exist

To maintain the secrecy surrounding genuine activity, trading programs like Project Hammer were consistently denied to exist. Inquiries about them were deflected, and attention was redirected to warnings about “fraudulent programs” as a smokescreen. By focusing on the numerous prosecutions of fraudulent High Yield Investment Program transactions, the impression was created that authorized programs did not occur. This deliberate deflection served the purpose of concealing the true operations and financing techniques of these covert trading programs.




Banking Profits and Illicit Diversions

Project Hammer stands out not only for its covert activities but also for the illegal diversion of trading proceeds by major banks. Brigadier General Erle Cocke’s affidavit in April 2000 confirmed this illegal diversion, exposing the involvement of former US Treasury Secretary, Lloyd Bentsen, in investigating and recovering the missing funds. Surprisingly, no agency or group, including the Federal Reserve, Treasury, CIA, or FBI, was willing to take action against the banks, indicating their overwhelming power and influence.

Banks on the Brink of Collapse

By the late 1980s, major banks such as Citibank, Chase Manhattan, and Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation were teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Their downfall was the result of reckless lending to Third World nations coupled with the greed of senior bank executives. The article sheds light on the damage caused to the global banking system and how the spiral of gluttony led to dire consequences.

Project Hammer’s Unexpected Role

As the fear of a domino effect loomed over the world’s top banks, a decision was made to divert Project Hammer funds to bail out these financial institutions. Despite causing the banking crisis in the first place, banking executives escaped accountability while collecting exorbitant salaries and bonuses. Names such as John Reed of Citibank and Sir William Purvis of Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank come to the forefront, as their relief mirrored the collapse of others’ investments.

Investors’ Losses and Bankers’ Gains

While investors and middle-men involved in Project Hammer anticipated profits and commissions, they ultimately suffered substantial losses. Unbeknownst to them, their money became the gain of bankers involved in the illicit diversion of funds. This perverse scenario epitomized the darker side of the banking world.

Project Hammer’s Hidden Legacy

Project Hammer remains a tightly guarded state secret in numerous countries, including the United States. The secrecy and covert operations associated with these trading programs have obscured the comprehensive details of their activities and financing techniques. However, through the revelations presented in this article, a glimpse into the hidden world of Project Hammer emerges, shedding light on the intersection of illicitly obtained gold, banking profits, and clandestine black operation projects.




Reference List:

The Gold Connection and Repatriation

  • War II: The Nazis and Japanese plunder large volumes of gold and platinum during the war.
  • Bank of England: In 1997, the Bank of England lifts the veil of secrecy surrounding gold.
  • Official figures: The true amount of gold in existence exceeds official figures by over 100,000 tons.

Trading Programs That Don’t Exist

  • High Yield Investment Program transactions: Numerous prosecutions of fraudulent transactions created the impression that authorized programs do not exist. This shielded the actual ongoing gold trading platforms from public discovery.

Investigations into Banking Profits and Illicit Diversions

  • Brigadier General Erle Cocke: Provides an affidavit in April 2000, confirming the illegal diversion of Project Hammer funds by major banks.
  • Lloyd Bentsen: Former US Treasury Secretary involved in investigating and recovering the missing funds.

A Few Images of Many Trading Account Documents Discovered

Part 2 of Project Hammer will cover the specific sources of gold and the classified military operations behind an estimated 100,000+ metric tons of the stolen Yellow Metal.

Source: GCR RealTimeNews


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