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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 6-6-23 

Transcribed by WiserNow

I got a piece of the Intel. Oh, okay. We have the Big Call has started. And we know that it’s Tuesday. We know that it is June 6. And we’re moving forward in this week and welcome everybody to the call. Thank you Sue for covering and Bob while I was delayed for a minute on another call, even though the recording had started first time that’s happened. I take forever, but that’s okay. That’s alright, we’re cool, we can swing with that.

Well let’s go to Intel guys and let’s see where we’ve been now, we usually get a lot of information between Thursday and Tuesday and today is no exception. We’ve got some information over the weekend and even realized that Sunday for the first time redemption center staff – full staff went in within for a two hour zoom call.

And that was interesting because they were able to see the new rates on all the currencies, hit the screens, and come up and they can watch them actually come in and change values and go up and so on as they do. That was on Sunday, two days ago.

The same thing was able to happen yesterday – when they went in, and they were able to do some other things and see the currencies go up.

Now. What’s really curious now is that we are getting down to let’s just get down to the wire. Because you guys know I’m not a big fan of some of the band phrases from the big call, such as, this is the week.

I can think of so many different things that would be on T shirts and we would all look at him and laugh because we’ve heard the expressions, right? I try not to use those except occasionally on the big call. But we’ve all seen things or read things and we kind of roll our eyes.




All right, well, what we were getting, you guys remember I’m not a fan of the concept of the back wall, right? Because why the back wall for us has been moved back. It didn’t occur. And then it says, Oh, here’s the back wall again. Okay, now and then “boom” – we went through that back wall. and that’s happened several times. I can’t count how many probably I’m thinking two or three times.

And it’s kind of like the analogy of the goalpost needs getting pushed back. Well, last week, I heard the concept from one of my Intel sources that said that the so called true back wall, the real back wall is the seventh of June. That’s tomorrow. I thought – Well, if that’s true, we ought to be there. We ought to be something should be happening by or on tomorrow’s seventh Wednesday.

All right, let’s let it play out. Let’s see what happens. Now. You guys know we’ve had some dates come and go. You know, I’ve been pretty hot on certain dates or windows of time that we’ve had throughout the years, really, And what we’ve got now is pointing to the back wall being activated.

Now – the back wall in my opinion –  meaning the 7th – tomorrow might not be us – tier 4B.  But I believe based on my most recent intel  that it could refer to tier three.

Tier three getting their emails – getting access to funds – continuing to get their fed ex package for the bondholders. I believe that’s what’s going to happen tomorrow.

Now, what else do we have? We know redemption centers are set and they have schedules that we’re going to start either tomorrow and go for two weeks, or start Thursday and go for two weeks. And that’s as far as exchanges are concerned. right.

So it appears that the most likely scenario involves us starting our exchanges on – guess what?  Thursday is the 8th  Don’t tell China —  Of course they know it’s the 8th




Is that a possible appeasement to Chinese elders to start exchanges on the eighth which happens to be Thursday. Quite possibly, but what happens about notification?  Do we get notified tomorrow?  Or is it more possible that we wake up to emails on Thursday morning?

I think those are possible, but I’ll tell you why. I’m leaning toward waking up to emails on the morning of the 8th  because we have heard that the new latest new rates coming out of Iraq will be posted in the morning, Thursday, Iraq time.

Well, let’s say that our  7 hour difference in Iraq and the East Coast of the US say between  Baghdad and the US that would be let’s say it came out at seven in the morning in Iraq. Well, that would be midnight tomorrow night.

So I’m thinking as a result, we might get notified after that occurs, which could be overnight tomorrow night or into Thursday morning.

This Is supposition on my part based on all of the information that I’m getting – some sources are saying we get notified tomorrow afternoon, set appointments and exchange on Thursday. I would be cool with that.

The other two sources and now three are saying that we would get notified early – early Thursday morning. And start exchanges on Thursday. Now, remember what can I not do? I can’t call it –

I can’t call it because we know that’s just a good thing to do. I’m just giving what I get you guys. I’m just putting out the Intel to you that I’m getting. It’s a pass through situation.

I’m not trying to create it. I’m not modifying and I am analyzing it. And I’m trying to make it available to the listeners of the big call.

So this is extremely good news, I think. And I think we’re gonna see some action happen in the next two days for us. I’m excited about that. You guys know I was interrupted twice on the big call tonight with information. So I would say I’m very excited about possibilities of this going

Now. Realize this — I’ve told you guys that increase the amount of time For us from 35 to 40 minutes to get everything done.




And that includes at the very end, getting yourown Q- phone which by the way is only on Android format, an Android Q-phone and you’ll be able to get that and a certificate for a laptop.

Several any kind of laptop up to $1,000 that you can use at eight different retail locations. They give certificate that you can turn it in and get and that’s cool. But the Q- phones they have in the redemption centers to give to you when you go through the process  – a nice parting gift –

And those Q- phones are satellite phones. They use the Starlink satellite system that’s what they run on. was like having a fax that work all over the globe from anywhere. That’s pretty cool to be in the jungles of the Amazon and the thing will work fine. You know, some you don’t have to use cell towers – that’s pretty good. So they’ll give us a phone I don’t know much. If it’s free to use or not free to use. they’ll probably be tied to some kind of carrier. So you have no idea how much it costs other than the phone itself is free. Okay, so check that out when you go to the redemption center.

We’ll be setting our appointments using regional call centers – And then we’ll get connected, routed to the redemption center that your zip code indicates there’s close to where you work or where you live, or whatever. And you’ll be able to set that up to live person. If you’re a Zim holder that are holding Zim currencies that might set you up an appointment  using the computer and I’m talking to a person we’ll see how that works. but they’ll have an opportunity for you to indicate you don’t tell them how much you have

 So this is very exciting. And I’m looking forward to this kicking off you know this week and we’ll see what happens.  So we’ll see how all that comes together. There’s a lot for us to do. You know we’re gonna do the same thing. You are gonna do, make sure we pay off any debt we’ve got.

Make sure that we you know, kind of our real estate like we like it or pick up a new car if we need one, you know those types of things. Maybe take a little vacation if I go on vacation it will probably be a working vacation – but at least initially, but I think we are at the point where we should get serious about what is about to and can happen.  And I don’t say that lightly.

I would think that we are finally to the end of the road. I’m excited about the information that I was getting even even tonight.  So let’s do this guys.. Let’s see if this is if this is really it and see what God does to make this come through.  Thanks for listening everybody let’s pray to call out

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