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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 6-8-23   

Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Thursday  June 8th – and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thank you everybody for tuning in around the globe – On Tuesdays call we were brought into 102 different countries.  Pretty good reach. And we love the fact that we’re reaching out throughout this world and beyond – beyond – beyond that – thank you all a big call universe for tuning in, whether you’re live or whether you’re tuning in through one of the replay opportunities, the numbers or the replay link, which is posted on our website and I guess they’ll be sent out to you guys by email –

So let’s, yeah, let’s, let’s talk a little bit about what we have in the way of Intel.

I said at the outset of the big call tonight, that I was shocked that we did not receive notifications. We had several strong sources from the very high up places, indicating that we would get our notifications either yesterday, and then it’s more or less morphed into today the 8th –  Chinese elders favorite number the eighth of June, and I thought it was surely and then we actually had it specific, down to between eight and noon. today. I thought, great. Let’s get it  let’s get these numbers and get them out.

Well, guess what? It didn’t happen. I’m not 100% Sure why we didn’t get them yet. But we know that there are certain things let’s just call it politically, that may be taking place that may have to take place prior to this being released. But even that is being said that we would have this “imminently” even which to me means within a day or two.

And one of our sources did say they expected this to come – this was a military source – that said that they did expect this to come over the next two days.

Now, further to that, let’s talk about what’s in the in the process from Iraq’s point of view. We’ve heard directly from our contacts in Iraq, that Iraq did everything finally everything they were allowed to do, by our Government – letting Iraq number one, put out a new Iraqi dinar currency and rate to open the budget so that it could be seen to make the oil and gas law passed and read and everything with that gives them the way to distribute funds throughout the Iraqi citizenry, based on  percentages  going to Kurdistan and other parts of Iraq. And that was done.




And all the ATMs in Iraq are loaded with new lower denomination, Iraqi dinar similar to our denominations. And those have been up and running for a few days now.They have a new rate that came out earlier today. That is very strong.

And one of our top banking sources indicated that he thought it could be I’m gonna say maybe 25% higher this time tomorrow, and that was at five or six o’clock tonight. So the rate is there. Iraqi dinar is out there – they’re  using it. it’s been exposed internationally. t’s being traded up from when it first came out. And that’s a good sign.

And we should have no problem Those that have only Iraqi dinar should be a no other currencies should be offered a contract rate, which is way above what we thought would be – way higher. If we have other currencies, we’d still get a contract rate offered, and it will be significantly higher than we ever thought it could be. So that’s very good. Really good.

One of our military sources contacted us today saying that we – this was at about four o’clock in the afternoon, Eastern time – that we were looking at notifications for tier 4B in about 12 hours. That would be 4 AM in the morning – Well, that doesn’t mean we’re gonna wake up to it. we could though. we could wake up to notifications. That was very positive –

Another contact that’s involved in Zimbabwe trading platforms – that our people are involved in – and I understand about a little bit – through his paymaster in Vancouver  was hearing that tier one platform people have been paid. There. It’s hard to say exactly whether he’s talking about what we know is Whales in terms of bond holders, which are players really big bond holders with boxes and boxes and boxes of bonds.  It could be that’s what he’s referring to.

 But we know for example, that bond holders were brought in two days ago into Reno, also into Geneva, and also Miami and their liquidity on these bonds and their accounts was to be available to them today. That’s one reason we thought well surely the eighth is our day, it’s our day to go. and some of the bondholders have received packets from deliveries from FedEx.

And you know, they may be having indications when their liquidity but I don’t think they have the 1% liquidity quite yet. And they may still need an email to tell them when to have them. They’re supposed to have the liquidity from the bond transactions when we go in for our exchanges – It’s supposed to be like these talks before – kind of a shot gun start, sort of almost simultaneous start – they get liquidity -they get access to the 1% – we get access to our funds  from our exchanges, we get access to our 1% – that kind of a thing.




So we’re getting information. It’s not absolutely, totally clear cut. But I love the concept of 12 hours from four o’clock this afternoon.

We’ve learned that this thing changes and it is a day by day event. for us. it’s not set in stone. Now one thing about Iraq – They were given a mandate to put out their rate internationally, a brand new rate by the night which is tomorrow and of course already the night in Iraq, but realize this –

They did it on the 8th – they put it out before the mandated date of the ninth of June. That’s a positive step. I think we have to look at that and feel good about that.

Now, if there might be some certain political wranglings, Okay. so be it. It may be that that has to take place before this comes to us. but we have heard from pretty strong sources “ imminent” –  I don’t like using that word too often. That’s the word I’ve heard for two, three people today that this is still imminent. Alright, that’s great.

Let’s see if there’s anything else I wanted to say about it. Well, let’s cut to two is doing right now first I think they also bring it up.

Because obviously, you guys have seen that denomination on the Zim. And those denominations mean that because what’s written on the on the actual bond itself is payable to the bearer. They’re considered as bearer bonds. So that means that you’re going to be able to get the full value, face value of that piece of paper in USN dollars.

Okay.  As a fighter jets are flying overhead.  So that’s a good thing.  It means that the Zim is extremely valuable.  And you’ll be able to do quite a bit for humanity with it.

It seems like we should be getting it imminently it could be over the next day or two.

So we’re just have to wait and see what happens on that. We want to let it play out.

Let’s see if there’s anything else that comes to mind.




I think that’s everything I’ve got for tonight. We didn’t expect to be here tonight but we are – We’re gonna hang with you until we can take you over the threshold of the RV and I think we’re super close. And obviously you know what usually happens after a Tuesday or Thursday night call  – we’ll get some additional intel. I have to hold it until the following Tuesday. Unless we don’t do a call at all which is quite possible. We just get the numbers out to you..

Okay, so that’s all good to go. You can kind of get it that way. I’m sure people will find out about it. It’ll go out pretty quickly. So let’s do this guys. Let’s pray the call out. And then we’ll stay patient continuing to stay patient for what will be the resolution of the blessing or God we just thank you

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