RV/GCR Excerpts from Earth Alliance and Patriot News for July 1, 2023



Earth Alliance & Patriot News for July 1st, 2023

By Mark Baughman


The Collective: Regarding NESARA and Other Changes Excerpt

These are “updates” you might say, that are not only relevant to your own energetic transmissions and evolvement, but relevant to what is occurring on the Earth now, and all around Her. And in various places in the Universe where much is being decided by galactic councils. Some of you sit on those councils, and are meeting nightly with those who are highly instrumental now in furthering the unfolding of NESARA.

So, in reality, on a deep level, you already know what is happening!

You know that more of the perpetrators of the old power structure are being taken off planet, with substitutes (clones, solid holograms, or “look-alikes”) put in their place. These will also be removed in future.

That future is not far away.




It is already occurring, and this is another subject, as Time on the planet is speeding up to where it will soon no longer exist as you have known it.

When you speak of NESARA unfolding, you are (as many are) still thinking of it as something that happens to humanity and to the Earth. In fact, all of your vibrations, and Earth’s own vibrations, which have been rising and evolving to where they are unrecognizable from where they were even six months ago, are what is birthing NESARA. You are wondering if the impediments, the roadblocks that seem to be holding NESARA back, are being removed or dissolved, and we would say, Yes, on many levels.

Yet Light Bearers’ own progress, and their own requirement for a just, equal, and Abundant world, is one of the three greatest parts of NESARA’s enactment.

The other two have to do with the vibrational shifts that are increasing now, to bring Earth’s vibration to where Her environment will no longer resonate with (tolerate) the low vibrational behavior of the old power structure.

The other has to do with the astrological configurations of the new age, which are a mighty portal to Transformation and Liberation, opening wider now.

Jared’s Conference Call 6/28/2023” The Origins of These Bodies” Notes.

-) In July sometime: What Jared in On-Board With:




-) Initiate the New QFS (Quantum Financial System)

-) The Gold Standard will be announced.

-) We will see the New Rainbow currency.

-) NESARA will be activated and announced.

-) The private R/V GCR will start.

-) There may be power outages at times across the country in the transition.

-) Jared says the announcements can all happen withing a week’s time, but will they?

What Jared is NOT totally on-board with:

-) Story, he received a telephone call from a military source, Jared will not reveal the name or rank. The story goes that the American Stock Market will in July sometime crash 20% one day, and the market will be halted of trading. Until the next day. It will be open again, and will go down another 20% and halted again. This will continue until the Stock Market is down 96% and we are in a full depression. Technically, America is already in a depression with real unemployment at 20% or more.

Source: Operation Disclosure Official





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