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NESARA and WorldCoin Promise Universal Basic Income – What You Need to Know

On August 6, 2023
By Awake-In-3D

One of the widely stated core tenants of NESARA (or GESARA) has been Universal Basic Income (UBI). Regardless of your thoughts or opinions on NESARA/GESARA, which quickly morphed into an economic “toolbox” fixing every problem known to humanity, we are now presented with the Worldcoin Project promising to deliver UBI to everyone on the planet.

I suppose if one believes that XRP/XLM/Stellar is the QFS network, it would not be a far stretch to believe that billionaire Sam Altman’s WorldCoin Project is a part of NESARA. Altman is a celebrity Silicon Valley entrepreneur and notably known today as the Co-Founder and CEO of the OpenAi Project (ChatGPT, etc.).

I will leave ultimate discernment up to you, but here’s my take on what doesn’t smell right about Sam’s most recent project called WorldCoin.

The Dangers of Worldcoin – A likely Bad Guy Global Tracking System

Worldcoin, a project claiming to provide a solution for proof of personhood for every human on the planet, presents several concerning dangers.

The “All-Seeing Orb” and Biometric Data Collection




Worldcoin utilizes a device called the Orb, which employs infrared cameras, sensors, and AI-powered neural networks to scan people’s irises and verify their humanity. These Orbs are being installed in cities worldwide, with individuals offered $30 to participate and provide their irises to the All-Seeing Orb. So far, over two million people in 30 countries across five continents have participated.

Inside the WorldCoin ORB

The Promise of Cataloging for Future Opportunities

The proponents of Worldcoin argue that cataloging every real human on the planet is crucial to ensure that no one is left behind in the forthcoming era of advanced general intelligence (AGI) when AI surpasses human intelligence. They claim that by registering everyone, prosperity and opportunities can be equally distributed.

Problems with AGI and Habsburg AI

However, there are significant issues with AGI. When AI is trained on synthetic data rather than “pure human data,” it can become what researchers refer to as “Habsburg AI.” This term describes a system heavily trained on the outputs of other generative AIs, resulting in an inbred mutant with exaggerated and grotesque features. This raises concerns about the reliability and trustworthiness of AGI systems developed through such methods.

Woldcoin Goes Beyond Global Identification – It Promises Universal Basic Income as Bait

Worldcoin’s promoters make grand promises of massive wealth and universal basic income (UBI) for all. They claim that distributing wealth equally among every human on the planet is a noble goal. However, it is essential to question the true intentions behind these promises.




The Temptation of UBI and Material Abundance

The offer of UBI and the vision of a materially abundant world through Worldcoin may appear enticing at first glance. But it is crucial to consider the motivations behind such proposals. History has shown that once individuals acquire power, they often seek to consolidate and expand it rather than genuinely sharing it.

How Would Worldcoin Provide Global UBI?

Worldcoin proposes to provide universal basic income (UBI) through its cryptocurrency called Worldcoin (WLD). While the exact mechanism and funding details are not explicitly outlined in the provided information, the general idea is that the wealth generated through the Worldcoin network will be distributed equitably among all humans as UBI.

It is likely that the funds for UBI distribution would come from various sources within the Worldcoin ecosystem. One possibility is that Worldcoin’s creators intend to allocate a portion of the newly created cryptocurrency tokens to fund the UBI program. This would involve generating a fixed supply of Worldcoin tokens and distributing them regularly to eligible individuals as a form of UBI.

Another potential source of funding could be transaction fees or revenue generated through the Worldcoin network. If the network facilitates various financial activities, such as transactions, investments, or decentralized applications, a portion of the fees or revenue generated from these activities could be allocated to support the UBI program.

However, without further specific details about the financial model and implementation plan of Worldcoin, it is challenging to provide precise information on how the funds for UBI distribution will be obtained. It would require a more comprehensive understanding of the project’s underlying mechanisms and economic structure.


Worldcoin raises concerns regarding the collection and usage of biometric data, the pitfalls of AGI, the true motivations behind promises of wealth and UBI, and the potential erosion of privacy. It is crucial to approach initiatives like Worldcoin with caution, considering the risks and implications they pose to individuals and society as a whole.

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