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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 8-8-23  

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It is Tuesday, August the eighth and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in wherever you’re located around this globe. I know on last Thursday’s call, we reached 24 and a half million live listeners.

And that’s a record. That’s the biggest number we’ve ever received, that we have confirmation that from that they did in fact listen to the call – its  incredible technology that our team has put together so that they can receive the big call. One and a half 1.2 seconds after I speak it they immediately simultaneously translate it into a number of different languages.  We were in 199 countries with 24 and a half million live listeners. That doesn’t include any replay people that might have clicked the replay link on the replay email that they were sent on the email link.

We’ve got some good things to bring to you tonight.  Well, let’s cut to where we are on the Intel tonight.

First of all, a couple of days ago, I’m gonna say two or three days ago, we were looking forward from about three or four different sources to this going meaning notifications either Tuesday or Wednesday, meaning today or tomorrow.  And then that would be setting appointments and exchanging the currencies and redeeming the Zim on Wednesday or Thursday.

Now, the way it stands now, we have not received notifications today. So it sort of takes today out of the mix, but it definitely makes Thursday and Wednesday. Or Wednesday and Thursday, definitely in play.    Wednesday from what we’re hearing from several sources today.

It’s looking like we should get notified tomorrow on Wednesday. I don’t know what time. I don’t know if it’ll be morning or afternoon. I also don’t know if we’re going to start exchanges tomorrow, meaning in the afternoon, or evening or whether we would only set appointments for that would begin on Thursday. I know that the redemption center staff have been informed to be there today. And to be there a plan to be there. In some cases for 12 or 16 days straight.




Some redemption centers will not need to be open for more than about 11 or 12 days. Some of the busier higher demographic redemption center areas will go as long as 16 days that they pretty much know who the currency holders are. When we go in for that first portion of Know Your Customer, meaning who are you?

What do they have? About us? Do they have our name or phone number or social security numbers? Do they know for example, what currencies we purchased in some cases? Yes.

Do they have your email? Yes.

So they know your customer is going to be a matter of you putting up a nice photo of yourself and an ID for example, a passport or driver’s license or both if you have them and then showing them a utility bill or a cell phone bill showing the address where you’re currently staying. And when you show them to that and they go ahead and match that up and say okay, yep, that’s what we thought. And then boom, that’s that thing. Only might take you 15 to 30 seconds to get that portion done.

Of course, they’re going to want to say what currencies you have pony those up. And you let them count and authenticate and verify those with the delarue machine.  And you’ll be actually sitting in front for the most part of three people – three different people, and they’ll be working feverishly to count and verify your currency on the delarue machine.

And then make sure that you have a good idea how much of each currency you believe you have over these things. You have a lot of counted all up. Maybe you’ve done all that.

And you know, for example, how much are you have how much do you have how much Rupiah – how much Afghani how much zim – how much Bolivar you have Venezuelan Bolivar, whatever, whatever the currency is that you’re bringing in and there are about 23 currencies that are going up in value. And we know obviously several that are going up substantially in value




All right. So when you go in and they’re counting that I want to make sure that I have a typed sheet that shows how much currency I have in each one. Like how much dinar how many  – How much Dong – how much zim –  all of that.

So that when I this is what I say I have let’s see how like you guys count compares to it that way okay. All right. I see you see that that much okay, and they start doing it. And then when they go through and say Well, you’re right about this, you got that many dinar boom check it off. And you got that many dong, check it off, to get that much zim. Okay, check it off.

But bottom line is it’s good for you to know kind of what’s going on. They’re going to be counting going through it very fast very quickly. And they have laptops that are connected to the delarue machines that are going to be able to upload their newest laptops, by the way to the Starlink satellites.

That’s pretty cool. So everything is set up for us to go through that. And then we’ll be talking about rates. We’ll be talking about your projects if you’re a Zim holder. And even if you’re not, let’s say all you have is Dong but you still have projects, boom, you want to let them know that now that would allow you for example, let’s say you have Dong and no other currencies and you have a rate that’s been offered you that you might be able to negotiate that higher because you’re doing projects and because that’s your only currency.

If you’re a Zim holder, there’s you’re not going to be able to negotiate your dinar or your dong up in value. You just see what they offer you. The zim is going to be so much bigger. It’s going to cover basically more than cover everything that you want to do.

Once you get the currencies done the next thing is for you to do your project presentation, five to eight minutes for all your projects, everything. So that means you need a good outline form of presentation that you can present and then leave a copy of it with them.

They’ll pick your project ideas, run it scan it in  computer, make sure that you’re not duplicated with, you know 10s of 1000s of other people around the country that are doing the same projects. It also might come in handy. If they say well we’ve got you know, 800 currency holders that have this very similar project. It might work that there’ll be some collaboration possible.

And I think when we get our website and everything ready to go, when we find out that we’ve got so many listeners that want to work on rebuild America, so many people that were looking into this particular aspect of their presentation, their projects, it might be that we will help to collaborate people, regionally. Work with people. We’re gonna have to look in every every aspect of this before we do it. But I think it’s very possible that we’ll collaborate across the country and possibly internationally as well.

You know, that rebuild international intends to start in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Bahamas. Those three countries wanted to start it. And so obviously it helps, for example, as Bob has two very strong connections, or the Dominican Republic. So we’ll see how that takes us and where we go with it

Beyond your presentation obviously, you’re gonna get a quantum account set up for you. The Quantum account is where the bulk of all of your exchange goes into.




It’s not interest bearing, but it is the account that is like a United States Treasury backed account. Okay, the quantum financial system is tied to it. And your quantum card will give you access to that quantum account where you can move funds from it to up to three different banks that will be connected to it.

I’m using obviously Wells Fargo initially, and we’ll see if I add a couple other banks to that. But to move initially from your day of exchange to get access to funds, you’ll have a certain amount that you can put into your Wells Fargo primary account is what I’m calling the main bank account. And in my case, I’ll probably use the trust name or my umbrella trust to use for that particular account.

Now we’re not going to be able to set up multiple accounts in the redemption center that day, there’ll be far too much to do in 40 minutes to do that. You might be able to get a primary and secondary account with Wells, and that would be it. I think that would be it.

Alright, once we get our accounts, we also have our quantum account. You got a biometric fingerprint or thumbprint on that a password and email and things tied to it. So there’s there’s a lot to getting that card out. And then in your primary wells account, you’re going to need a credit debit card on Wells that you’ll have. And then you’ll have that information to set up so that you can start using that right away.

Beyond that, you’re going to obviously have your account set up your bank accounts, and most of the banking type questions and banking things you’ll need to go to the bank the next day or a couple of days later, to take care of those questions.

Also, they’re going to give you a book I the last time we heard it was 55 pages of who’s not to give money to who not to donate to. Okay, you want to stay with that. You don’t want your account frozen because you didn’t listen to that or didn’t read a book.

You’re gonna get a one or two page list of perks that the bank is going to offer you. It could be interesting to take that home and consider that – they’ll also give you at  the end – you’re gonna get an opportunity to take some new USN currency or new money and I think they want to keep it under $8,500 per person.  I might take five grand that would be it. No more than that in cash.

Take that. And that’s only if you’re used to using cash. You don’t have to take any of it if you don’t want and then you’ll also get a cue phone if you’re a Zim holder. I can’t speak to all the other currencies because they don’t have that. I know they’ve provided us the new cue phones which are basically like a satellite phone that works on the Starlink satellite system. And it works all over the world where you’re not bouncing off cell towers you’re bouncing off of the satellites themselves.

And so that is supposed to be free for you. And my understanding is at this time that it’s a free service for you. Now, we’ll find out that that’s what I’ve heard. So we’ll see what happens with the Q phone.

Also you’re supposed to get a certificate, good for $1,000 for a new laptop, and you want to take that to one of eight different retailers that they have listed out that you can use that certificate to buy a laptop for up to $1,000 Okay, or I guess anything at that store designed for the laptop.




Then beyond that, that’s about all that they were going to do In your in your 40 minute time.

Even I’ve been told if you have a duffel bag of currency, and some of you guys do, they’ll still knock that out on the delarue machine and get that counted in them for you and get you out of there in 40 minutes. That’s not going to be touchy feely. It’s not a warm fuzzy. You’re not there to make new friends.

This really is a quick business meeting where you’re laying it all out there in the done and getting out of there. And then you can go out with a smile on your face and take a drive back to your home your office or whatever and celebrate privately

There will be security there. There’ll be a US Marshal there in case there’s any shenanigans or funny business that will take somebody right up out of their chair with the bracelets on taking them out of there. Okay, so realize this is serious business.

You are allowed to have your phone, but you cannot have your phone on where you’re taking the picture, no video or audio recording of it. It’s just there you might as well say put it on airplane mode. Put it in your briefcase, or your purse. You can have it but you can’t have it as a recording anything video or audio.

So, we are so many another thing the BRICS nations, which you know, the BRICS originally started with Brazil Russia, India, China, and South Africa. They’ve all been gold backed for a while now quite a while probably, I’m gonna say years, two years. And there are about 40 – 60 other countries that want to align and be part of the BRICS consortium Right? Well, there is a meeting –  a large get together that will be taking place in Let’s see the 22nd 23rd 24th of August.

In Africa, I don’t know where but that is going to be where the BRICS nations are coming out and supporting the idea of a gold backed currency. Now realize we’re not calling our USN gold backed even though it’s primarily backed by gold. They’re using the term “asset backed”.

Because there are other assets that are backing our currency besides gold, and they may never use the announcement that we’re back on the gold standard. I don’t think they will ever say that or that we’re gold back. Point is we have a USN asset backed currency that has been traded now for a couple of weeks – and we believe the actual physical money that we put in our wallets, that currency should be out in the banks. It’s already in the redemption centers should be out in the banks for us – for us and other people to get, I would think, possibly middle or later this week.

It’s hard to say exactly. Don’t set your watch by that but it looks it looks like once we get started, which hopefully is by Thursday – If it’s not tomorrow afternoon, it could be vice versa. And then we’re off to the races and we’ve got a new currency and everything else.

Now the latest I had on our connection to the med beds is proximately eight days after we start our exchanges we’d be able to set our appointments for the med beds, so that’s always a little subject to change, but just beware that.




I think that’s everything I wanted to bring out that is current that I can remember – I know that there’s there are things happening politically now as we speak that happened yesterday – and I think there’ll be more things that will be taking place as a result. there’s clean up on all aisles  all over the country. I think they are.

A Few Spots Went Silent While Bruce Was Speaking So Some Transcription  Was Unavailable

And it looks like yeah, it looks like you know there are some areas they’re using the term martial law in seven or eight states and they’re using the term partial martial law, which is the like martial law. 

Martial law is In a lot of other parts of the country is going to be like martial law light, but I think it’s it’s good to know they’re prepared for so called hotspots around the country. And you know, when political change takes place, and the truth comes out, and some of these things might upset some people, majority  _________ bruce faded out   areas.

Yeah, they’re all good. I’m excited about everything.  Bruce fading again —- getting a phone call he says  – call I had to take now.  Hold on one second

So that’s what I wanted to share tonight. I wanted to bring that out.

 But I want everybody to sort of enjoy this time of exchange. I want you to take a little time off. You got to take care of any personal debt you got. You got to take a little vacation, maybe pick up a new car, you’re looking at a house or an upgrade in your house.

All of those things are going to keep you busy for a little while – while we put our project ideas down. Activate or tune in or else and we figure out exactly how we’re going to put all this together.

Then, in the meantime, guys, it is Tuesday night let’s see what tomorrow brings. If we have everything and we’re underway by Thursday, we might have a celebration call Thursday night but there’s no guarantee of that at this point. We’re just looking for toll free numbers and to get everybody setting their appointments with the redemption centers and then going from there, to their exchanges, and so on. Alright, so that’s what I wanted to say.

Thank you all the listeners that were beaming out to we had 24 and a half million last Thursday’s call globally in 109 countries. And hopefully we have good reach tonight as well. Thank you those that have been listening for 12 years. Appreciate you very much. And those that are new, we still appreciate you to probably have new listeners on every call. Let’s pray the call out.




Everybody have a good night tonight. God bless you, and let’s see what happens over the next few days.

Let’s see what happens over the next few days.

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