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Real-World Warning Signs Today of the Fiat Currency Debt System Collapse – Leading to Our RV/GCR

On August 9, 2023
By Awake-In-3D

Amid the alarming trends signaling the impending collapse of the global fiat currency debt system, we look forward to a transformative solution that will revolutionize the financial landscape.

My discussions and articles here have defined my viewpoints around “Our GCR” as a beacon of hope in these uncertain times.

This Asset-Backed Global Currency Reset isn’t just a theoretical concept; it’s beginning to unfold before our eyes. As we witness the cracks in the current system deepening, it becomes evident that the collapse of the fiat debt currency system is a necessary step for the RV/GCR to emerge as a fully-fledged alternative monetary and currency system on a global scale.

The pulse of change beats stronger as we look deeper into the possibilities presented by Our GCR.

It’s a vision that not only acknowledges the shortcomings of the status quo but also stands ready to usher in an era of financial resilience and fairness. In my perspective, the RV/GCR isn’t a distant hypothetical – it’s an imminent reality that beckons us to embrace it as the solution that can guide us beyond the impending collapse and into a new era of global economic stability.

There are many signs (too many to list here today) that reveal the imminent collapse of the global fiat currency debt system as undeniable trends signal an economic disaster on the horizon.




From plummeting tax revenues and vanishing trucking demand to escalating job cuts and soaring housing costs, the cracks in the financial framework are impossible to ignore.

Amid this crisis, emerges “Our GCR” – an Asset-Backed Global Currency Reset poised to eradicate former fiat debts and revamp global currencies under a fair and balanced ethos, recognizing all as sovereign individuals.

Real-World Warning Signs Happening Now

The world’s financial landscape is showing alarming signs of distress, indicating that the global fiat currency debt system is teetering on the edge of collapse. This impending disaster is not a mere conspiracy theory; rather, it’s a culmination of real-world trends that are undeniably painting a grim picture.

Below are just a few of these trends shedding light on the impending collapse of the fiat system, leading to an alternative solution in the form of an Asset-Backed Global Currency Reset (Our GCR).

1. Dwindling Tax Revenues and Economic Slowdown:

One of the initial harbingers of the impending collapse is the sharp decline in tax revenues for both federal and state governments. Economic activity slowdown leads to reduced tax collections, weakening the financial foundation. As evidenced by the precipitous decline in state and local income tax revenues, the severity of this trend is rivaled only by the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). These plummeting revenues signify an ailing economy, a clear indicator that the fiat system’s stability is compromised.




2. Plunging Trucking Demand and Freight Volume:

A telltale sign of economic turmoil lies in the trucking industry. When economic activity dwindles, demand for trucking services plummets. The second quarter of 2023 has seen a stark decline in truck freight volume and spending, rivaling the levels observed during the early days of the pandemic. This drop indicates reduced trade and commerce, suggesting that the foundations of the current financial paradigm are faltering.

3. Employment Woes and Shrinking Job Opportunities:

Traditionally considered a beacon of economic health, employment figures have taken a hit. Contrary to expectations, the latest employment report reveals a loss of 585,000 full-time jobs in a single month. This alarming trend underscores the fragility of the current economic environment and the inability to sustain consistent growth.

4. Escalating Job Cuts and Corporate Restructuring:

Amid the economic turmoil, companies across sectors are announcing an alarming number of job cuts. Even companies such as CVS Health are not immune to the economic storm. These developments highlight the ripple effect of economic decline, leading to financial instability at the individual level.

5. Soaring Housing Costs and the Burden on Homebuyers:

Rising interest rates are contributing to a nearly 20 percent surge in monthly costs for new homebuyers compared to the previous year. This surge is straining the housing market, rendering it increasingly unaffordable for average citizens. The ballooning costs are pushing the economy towards a critical inflection point.

6. Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Delinquency Surge:

The surge in delinquency rates for commercial real estate mortgages is indicative of a looming catastrophe in the commercial real estate sector. This unprecedented spike points to an impending crisis, casting a shadow over one of the pillars of the modern economy.




7. Growing Financial Vulnerability and Lack of Emergency Funds:

The increasing percentage of the population unable to cover a $400 emergency expense underlines the financial fragility faced by ordinary citizens. This lack of financial security is a symptom of deeper systemic issues within the fiat currency debt system.

These interconnected trends undeniably point to the fragility of the current global financial framework. The unsustainable nature of the fiat currency debt system is becoming increasingly apparent. To address this imminent crisis, an alternative system must be devised and implemented before the point of no return is reached.

The Alternative: Our GCR – A Sound Monetary Solution:

The looming collapse of the fiat currency debt system calls for a radical alternative that ensures stability, fairness, and prosperity for all. Enter Our GCR – an Asset-Backed Global Currency Reset that wipes out former fiat currency debts and revalues global currencies based on a set of just and balanced financial principles.

Our GCR addresses the core issues plaguing the current system by backing currencies with tangible assets, ensuring their stability and intrinsic value. This eliminates the dependence on debt and restores trust in the monetary system. Moreover, by revaluing global currencies under a fair and balanced framework, Our GCR recognizes all individuals as sovereign entities, ensuring that financial prosperity is not concentrated in the hands of a few.

The writing on the wall is clear: the global fiat currency debt system is careening towards collapse. The signs are present, and the need for an alternative is urgent. Our GCR presents a viable solution that promises stability, fairness, and a fresh start for the world’s financial landscape. It’s time for a paradigm shift that places the well-being of humanity at the forefront and paves the way for a new era of economic prosperity.

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