“Saint Germain Update: The RV is Imminent” by Reda – 8.11.23



Entry Submitted by Reda at 2:53 PM ET on August 11, 2023

My beloved IDC Readers, 

Once again our beloved Saint Germain comes with a beautiful uplifting message you all of us:Ngari:

Saint Germain Update
by Ngari

Beloved brothers.

It’s been a long time since I left my messages through this channel. That is because unfortunately there are many envious besieging our Ngari.

We decided to leave her to dedicate herself more to the development of her humanitarian projects. But she asked me for a brief update, and you will have it.

I know you’ve waited a long time for the RV that hasn’t come to fruition so far. I know and see the despair of many. 




At that moment there are 1244 Ascended Masters on Earth, including the one speaking. We have come to end the war, with victory at hand by the light. Obviously none of that will be seen on your television. The “official” media continues to hide the truth all over the planet.

Truly I tell you that all of these are merely appearances. There is little point in continuing to talk about an overthrown Deep State and who doesn’t want to give up. 

The banks are bankrupt. The Central Banks can no longer issue money at will. They are just desperate. The Fiat money is dead and cannot even be used by banks, under pain of closing their doors.

Ngari: And when are we going to collect our blessings? Will it still take long?

SG: No, darling. That is imminent! 

N: And how should we collect our little money, if the Fiat is already dead and buried?

SG: They’re going to pay you through the QFS, which is fully operational.




N: Is it true that we are all going to receive a QPhone and a Quantum computer in the Redemption Centers? to be able to move or open accounts? 

SG: That’s right, Ngari. Those for whom the blessings were intended will have the complete package. Each Redemption Center is going to have an Ascended Master, an Angel or a Galactic that is going to scrutinize your hearts. If you have the loving vibration and a mind devoted to service others, you will obtain all the money necessary to carry out their projects. As our Ngari rightly says, the blessings are not to make anyone rich. They are to help build the new Terra Christa of 5D.

There are many who do not understand what is happening. And they even believe that they are going to live a life full of wealth, delegating to others the reconstruction of Gaia. They are wrong a lot. People who think like this will not succeed. I can already see how disappointed they are going to be when leaving the Redemption Centers…

Ngari: Saint Germain, and the question of taxes? Will we have to leave half of our money in fees and taxes?

SG: No way. NESARA/GESARA will soon be officially announced and even if some countries demand a large cut in taxes, I assure you that everything will be returned to you, as soon as that law it is officially announced. 

Also, banks will soon cease to exist… The US IRS has already been incorporated by the newly created US Treasury. The United States Corporation no longer exists.

N: Then What are we waiting for to receive our notifications?

SG: The dark think they can still stop the RV. But the Alliance anticipates its actions, and those are unsuccessful. Don’t worry because sooner than you think we’ll all be together, having champagne! Let’s have a big Victory party!

N: Can you tell us which beloved Ascended Masters are among us?

SG: Sananda, Maria Magdalena, Kuthumi (soon to be with her twin flame), Orin & DaBen, yours truly, my twin flame Lady Portia and many others. We are all delighted to come to start the Great Golden Age of Aquarius. The 5D Portals are wide open. And Ascension is just around the corner. Try to clear your interior of negative emotions and maintain the unique vision of the world that you want to create.




I am Adamus Saint Germain, channeled by our beloved Ngari.

I’m still facing hard times financially, please find it in your heart to help me please. I know it in my heart that times are changing for the better but in the meantime help is still needed. 

Your contribution is highly appreciated! And Know that Everything you give will come back to you multiplied! 

Please send your contribution to


Blessings of Light to all! 


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