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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 8-17-23 

Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight – It is Thursday, August 17th and you’re listening to the big call –  thanks for listening all over the globe. I was informed that we would be trying to reach 197 countries tonight and looking for about 26 million listeners in those international areas and say what difference does it make and why do I bring that up?

It’s to let you guys know that that is our community of currency holders out there. globally. That’s what the call is directed to. And it’s literally targeted to those people who have currencies just like you do. And I love that and it was a big surprise when I found that out. But I really think our community which you’re a part of is big call universe is bigger than we thought it was. And so that’s really cool.

You’re not alone. And even though sometimes, you might feel alone in this, and you can’t talk to your spouse like they’re not a believer, you can’t talk to your other friends. you’ve lost friends over this. I get. I’ve been in it 19 years. I understand everything that everybody’s gone through. But let me just say this – I’m excited that the community is larger than we thought – and that big call is getting out to so many people around the globe

Okeydoke Well, here we go and let’s see how much I can recall to bring out to you guys tonight because there is a lot that we learned yesterday and a few tuneups and touch ups that we got today, which are interesting. Let’s sort of create our own timeline tonight. 

Starting with today or tomorrow, that’s Thursday or Friday – The bondholders are to receive brand new NDAs those are to go out either today or tomorrow. My gut feeling is probably tomorrow.

So they get those. They have to return those digitally and sign those digitally, or have their paymaster also co sign those NDA returns back to let’s call it headquarters, which would be Wells Fargo.




And those returns by the bond sellers  – let’s call them – and intermediaries have to get back  by tomorrow night – Friday night , then the process and you’ll see why this applies to us in a minute – and these are tier three bondholders – then they’re to receive their emails Saturday from the bond pay masters that will give them access to funds on Monday ot Tuesday, this coming week.  That’s the process that they’re in.

A lot is going to happen next week starting really over the weekend. So let’s comment about the weekend first, to go all the way to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 22nd  23rd  24th  of August – That as you guys know are the dates for the BRICS summit in Johannesburg, South Africa. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Very important, very big.

 At least 93 countries probably more that have ascribed to the BRICS consortium and that each country as a sovereign country has their own gold backed currency – and already has it.  Let me put it this way – for membership into the BRICS – Let’s call it a consortium.

For membership into it they need to have an asset backed actually gold for the most part – Gold back currency of their own.

Okay, so that’s been going on. And every time we turn around the number of countries gets larger. Today, I understood that that would represent approximately 85 to 88% of the countries around the world would be part of the BRICS. Remember the BRICS started with Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, B R I C S. And to those initial original five countries, we’ve added quite a few and we’re somewhere up around – Gosh, 96 and probably more by the time of this show tonight.

All right – So you’ve got that set up. And I told you guys Tuesday night, that that appears to be a timeline where we need to get everything that we’re doing – done in accordance with if not before the BRICS summit begins Tuesday.

Alright let’s back up on our timeline. We were here through the weekend and made it to Saturday. And now we have information that says that President Trump will be receiving international let’s call them guests from several countries.  Russia, China,  Turkey  Indonesia,  Iraq, at least five or six countries coming  to the conclusion a delegation if you will, small delegations with lot of security. He’ll be meeting with these leaders over the weekend.  And that’s a really big deal.




I wish I could give you more information about that. But suffice it to say that this is all happening prior to Monday, which is a very big day for the world.

I think what we’re going to see from President Trump is three to five announcements made by him possibly in conjunction with so many other leaders that don’t know that I’m only putting that out there as a possibility. But we’re gonna have I believe that announcement one of the five announcements if I’d get made that major announcements, one that we’ve been looking for for a long time is about NESARA.

Okay, NESARA to be announced sometime Monday. The next announcement would be an announcement about our new asset backed currency known as the USN. United States news, what that came from USN. We also use the term United States Treasury note USTN to designate our banknotes, our currency

So that announcement is supposed to come out with an announcement about the money that we have now, the Fiat dollars, it’s not backed by any real assets – only the full faith and credit of the US government – that is going away. It’s already gone away. Pretty much fully internationally except for Canada – US and Mexico. still usable here. And I believe we’ll be able to use it in the United States, if not North America, which is Canada, US and Mexico – its considered North America, right.

So it will be used in the United States for another three months. I don’t know when the cutoff date will be. So if you have tons of USD fiat currency stashed in your mattress, and cans out buried in the yard, you might want to consider spending it or turning it in for the new currency. So our new USN bank notes we hear from our bank sources will go out next week.

I don’t know if it’ll make it Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday when it comes out. But I think you know, there already have already been at the redemption centers for months and months. I think some have had it for well over a year because we’ve heard about when they first got there.

The banks if they have them already, which I think a lot of them do, like the tier one bank to they’ll have them in the vaults, probably already in teller drawers in the vaults and then they’ll use those when they’re told to to bring those out for us  – or for the public.

So those two announcements dealing with NESARA and the USN and President Trump on Monday. Now, three, possibly three more announcements  would be political announcements, but I don’t know exactly what they’re going to be about. I have an idea what I hope they’re about we’ll see what  that looks like. Now hold on this come out.

It would seem to me that something is vitally important as NESARA, and really, in turn, GESARA for the global economic – Okay, those should come out approximately the same time.

And NESARA something that important as well as our new money, our new currency – We already have the digital USN going and trading and have for a little while, but this will bring our new folding money if you will, our bank notes out – and we should be able to know about that on Monday  and then the political announcements would follow that, I think, but five, three to five announcements on Monday by President Trump.




Now how would they bring those out? I believe they would have to use something that would allow all of mainstream television and radio media to cover it. Well, a lot of the mainstream media has not really been up to speed as far as reporting the truth of things as you guys know.

And I believe, remember, we’ve got the emergency broadcast service, EBS, they’ve got the emergency alert service – EAS and we have the new EWS – emergency wireless service  and by the way the Emergency Broadcast System and emergency alert system. It’s used our phones for a number of things.

So that’s happening –  we have that companies are happening in terms of the EWS  happening now. In other words, Monday, Tuesday is coming up hold on one second.   Okay.

Sorry there’s sort of blank space here. But I did get a call and it was sort of pertinent to what I’m saying about political announcements that we’re looking forward to

Now I would not be surprised if they use the EWS emergency wireless system, or EBS or EAS all of them to get this news out and if mainstream media doesn’t come to the party on this and say, say it accurately. I’m sure our military is ready to take those networks over and make sure that the news is accurate.

I also thimk that we could have some form of early disclosure coming out that would come out behind these announcements. Maybe not the same day, maybe not Tuesday, or Wednesday might come in fairly, fairly. shortly.

And I’m excited about this week because what we’re hearing is that after those announcements, and the interesting thing about this is generally speaking, when President Trump announced something, it had already taken place.

That may be the case with the USN and bank notes – our currency in the banks. they could be there ready to go Monday. But it might be that they’ll go after the announcement is actually made on Monday. So we’ll see how that goes –  those announcements could trigger some things for us  – could it  trigger the emails that we are to receive to set our appointments for our exchanges, its possible on Monday, but I’m hearing it’s more likely Tuesday. We’ll get those emails with the 800 number set our  appointment and go in on Tuesday evening, or Wednesday for our exchanges and redemption of zim.

So we’re in in tier four. we’re in a tuesday Wednesday Motif right now, that appears to be where we are.

Now, on the 22nd  which is Tuesday. There was a lot that is going to start. There’s a lot of in there’s so much and some of it’s a little sensitive that I can’t quite bring it out but be prepared for the possibility, a lot of things happening, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, like I said, I think we should get notified Tuesday and we should start exchanges on Wednesday, and then take off from there.




I know that we have a really good situation with the rates for those of us who might have Zim They have a fixed rate that they plan to offer us on our dinar It’s very good very high.

There’s also have the planned rate to offer us if we assume for any dong We also have and the rest of it is just going to be whatever the front Banks screens are. Okay, let’s go back to our timeline.

What is Iraq going to do – when are they going to maybe bring out their new rate,  print it in the gazette – and all of that on Sunday? We believe the Prime Minister is here. Could he make  the announcement from here or would that new rate and the opening of the budget and the HCl law which has been passed and needs to be implemented and so on.

Would that be announced here or would that come out on Sunday or Wednesday? We don’t know the answer to that yet. It could be Sunday, or it could which is the first business day remember that? In the Middle East – It’s Sundays a first business day and then Wednesday is another major day because that’s when usually the printed version.

Okay, so I am back and I need to make one change here in my little system and one moment let me see here.

Okay. Okay, the other thing that I want to say Intel wise is this is this is a very important week for us. I think we’re going to see major changes in our stock exchange by Tuesday or Wednesday.

I think as they transition to the USN, and there’ll be some changes in place there. We have heard that we will be on an entirely new financial system, which is the global financial system of the of the

of the world and everything that is coming down that we’ve been looking for is taking place and should be starting Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday because this is these are the dates that the BRICS summit is, is underway, those three days.

And these some meetings, as I mentioned, are taking place primary to or preliminary meetings before the BRICS summit, but it’s going to be a global phenomenon. And I believe we’re gonna get really good information that come out from these announcements. And, and I really think we’re starting really starting afresh this coming week. So I wanted to say that get that out to you.

Now I wanted to just thank everybody for listening to the call tonight. Wherever you are around the globe. So thank you everybody for listening. This is looking very solid for next week. Let’s see what happens. Let’s pay close attention to what happens on Monday for announcements and then we’ll take it from there. All right, everybody, have a great weekend.




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