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Entry Submitted by Reda at 9:15 AM ET on August 23, 2023

Beloved IDC Readers,

I bring you today a powerful and beautiful messages from my friend Gabi expressing what we all feel to the Alliance and to all of those that have something to do with the release of our Blessings and Med Beds. If you resonate with it help us spread it to the whole world and if you don’t just let be.

Hello everyone, I hope you are well… today with a message from my heart as some of you already know me… I let some time pass to gather material and go out on a limb!

Since the message that I translated yesterday from TNT Tony, I was left with the discomfort of repeating what we have been hearing for a long time. I know that what I am going to express resonates with many even if they do not say it because we feel inside that EVERYTHING HAS A LIMIT!

Today I am going to be the “Voz Populi”… or the voice of the people…

When I started translating 7 years ago, I did it in a hurry to get all the messages that Zorra shared with us because this “Revaluation” was about to happen, but here we are still listening to the inconsistencies that they give us as information to keep us entertained…

Up to a certain point yes, one could believe that there were endless things to fix in this world in all areas that involve the human being, but analyzing objectively and intelligently for some time now we heard that everything is ready and the “only thing” that is missing, is the ok for liberation, but the part that is not said is that there are two groups that make decisions: a VERY KNOWN one that is the kingdom of Beings of lLght, who are our Heavenly Father: The Source with the Company of Heaven holding the light together with us and giving us the support and encouragement to continue on this path because it is a promise given to all of us and the other group is the “beings” in quotes, that we thought we knew… decision makers on the surface of the planet.




All these characters with prestigious titles and positions of power have all the technology available to carry out this plan masterfully, but their ego interferes to the point that they make serious mistakes such as continuing to keep the people under the yoke. They “were eliminating the cabal” to replace them with another group that is not so different from the one that “supposedly” left.

Their arrogance and haughtiness comes out through their pores and the only thing they show is the incompetence they have that makes them not up to the task of carrying out the liberation of this planet.

If they really want to help people, as many of them fill their mouths saying, why do they continue to allow situations like the one in Hawaii to happen where they have killed many surviving people and kidnapped their children. Thanks to the work of the soldiers they have recovered all of them and they are safe. And on the other hand, they took charge of the elimination there at the moment and without asking everyone involved in this. Gentlemen, you arrived at your destination. Out! It’s over.

When I see the memes or posters saying “everything for the children”… I say: what a contradiction, right? That is the theater that they sell us to appear as heroes before us but I ask you, if you know in advance the movements of the opponents, why do you allow them to continue doing damage?

Yes, thanks to the galactic soldiers and military, all the children have been recovered but now they are without their parents. The massacre they allowed has no name.

How many other cities will be burned with directed energy weapons in the USA and many others around the world are already being announced. Why don’t they take them off? what do you expect? Let everything go up in flames?

Rumors are going around of a “new variant” of covid for the rest of the year where confinement and a return to the use of masks are expected…




It is pathetic and irresponsible what they are allowing and as I always say, they are dark but with the Bible under their arms because there is not one of them who does not stop mentioning God.

God is watching them very carefully and is seeing the hypocrisy of each one of them since they are all doubles, which they had to replace for not being good people but it turns out that the new ones leave much to be desired.

I remember as I write my thoughts at this moment, Zorra telling us that he understood our frustration and that all of them in the light realms were also frustrated by what they saw happening here. They have watched for centuries the damage they do to one another out of greed, power, and fame.

They abuse themselves with mistreatment because they feel protected by their free will and for them, we don’t matter.

They have us scheming week after week, with promises that go nowhere, making fun of all of us as if we are stupid and ignorant. Well, they don’t have to worry because they’ve all made their redemptions and they don’t have financial problems of any kind while all the people around the world have to see how they manage to eat or pay their roof.

All the reports say everything is ready and we just have to wait for them to give us the OK. What do they want, to see the entire planet finished and the last survivors asking them please?

The beings of Light tell us: raise your vibrations, things do not happen because you are not vibrating high… this is a vicious circle for those who do not see it…. It turns out that instead of complying with what was promised, they turn the tables and it is always our fault, the collective.

Who told these people that you have to wake up the sleepers little by little so they don’t suffer or have the opposite effect when, while that happens, thousands die every day? I am sure that tomorrow the teacher Jesus shows up telling everyone that the darkness is over and that people will finally live in peace and freedom. There would be no chaos, no fear. We are all used to obeying the commands and if such great news was announced, we would all be very grateful and ready to move towards a well deserved better life.

We get inside ourselves, we praise, we meditate, we have positive thoughts, we read articles and inspirational phrases, we do our part, but what about you?

In addition to traveling everywhere in private planes, talking stupid in code that you have to be a scientist to know what the hell Mr. T is saying at his rallies where thousands of people feed his ego more, meet and make agreements after agreements that do not reach to nothing because corruption, bandits, deaths, robberies and injustice continue.




Put on your big boys pants. Arrest all your corrupt political friends, take away their weapons of destruction, eliminate everyone who stands in our way, announce the much talked about spooky NESARA law once and for all.

Put your arrogance aside, get off the pedestal you put yourself on and do what you have to do.

As Zorra said on Sunday: if you are not going to do your job, quit!

It’s true! Who needs this group of doubles managed by arrogant soldiers like them who believe they are a lot.

 Everything is ready, all the money is in their accounts but no one can touch it hahaha they will say: we have all of them with an NDA and they can’t speak… what difference do they have with the cabal if they are denying people the freedom of expression and the economic freedom. Do you really know how many people around the world need the money and a medical bed to cure the diseases that you, the government together with the military created?

They don’t care because you selfishly live in a bubble going from conference to conference while the people continue to suffer.

Show that you are truly beings of light who came on a mission.

They got into a borrowed body and the ego invaded them. They deserve a good shake so that you are the ones who wake up. Leave the theater or the movie of which you boast so much. Stop stretching out time by pretending you’re doing something for all of us. Where are the benefits? Ahhh I know, in their pockets, their luxurious mansions, their collector cars, their vacations on private islands, etc, etc.

They took a step forward because they pledged to do good for humanity. Well, here we are all watching your moves and waiting for you to release the money, the technology and to get rid of all the stones that are in the way once and for all. No more opportunities for those entities that have broken with the Free Will of an entire race. Why are criminals dressed in Armani suits held in such high regard? Shame on them for continuing to protect them.

Wake up because you have come here to help and not to interfere. We are ready to move towards a better land, without any of you. Who told you that we need rulers like you, if we, having so little, have helped much more than you have?




We put a stop to their stupidity and arrogance and here we introduce ourselves so that they know us once and for all. Yes, we have been silent for many years but enough is enough!

Here we are present with our eyes very well set on you and we ask The Source to act in favor of us, his children, those of us who have suffered for too long. Our time has come, don’t you think Father that we already deserve it? We wait for your reply.

With all my love,

I AM Gabi for Era Dorada


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