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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 8-22-23

Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the big call tonight  it is Tuesday, August 22ND and you’re listening to the big call. Welcome everybody around the globe. We’re not getting out to as many countries as normal because the Starlink system is tied up. Connect interconnectivity for emergency broadcasting and for emergency alert system and emergency wireless system – and all kinds of things – so we have Canada – US – and we have Mexico – Australia and New Zealand. So that’s our reach so far as we know, tonight, so we’ll take it from there.

Well, where are we, in the wait, right?

We were under the impression that we would get announcements from President Trump on Saturday. That was pushed – We thought  today, Tuesday – we didn’t get the announcements per sey.

And so now we have some new information that sort of repositions us for, I believe, for announcements and for notifications. First of all, let’s go back and we know that the BRICS summit meeting, starting today, in Johannesburg, South Africa, the 22nd goes to march 23rd and finishes on the 24th. We understand that BRICS announcements are going to come out Thursday the 24th .

We had understood that the bondholders would get their emails giving them access to funds and get those emails one hour after the BRICS announcements were to be made this Thursday, giving them access to funds, Friday.

Okay, what about us – well, we were told that we will be notified today  – set appointments and start tomorrow – that has not yet happened. Whereas we will go actually before the tier three bondholders we get access to their funds.




So okay, that’s kind of a flip from what we had thought would happen. We thought we’d go within 12 hours of bondholders getting liquidity, but now we’re getting ahead of them.

Okay, now cut to the information of today, which was minimal.

There is a lot going on right now with military  doing cleanup globally, with certain hotspots around the globe.  And they’re very active. They’re very busy getting things taken care of. And also the TV networks are being told, expressly to report the truth about what is coming out politically and other ways or they could be in violation of treason – that report actually came out on Fox News tonight.

So it’s some serious business. The TV networks you know, our mainstream media has been telling lies for so long. They wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them upside the head. But the truth is about to hit him upside the head and they’re going to bring it out or face serious consequences.

So you should watch to see what happens in the next three or four days from a news accuracy and truth in reporting point of view.

Now, I also believe one reason and maybe the only reason that we are not able to access multiple — the guys we’re trying to get us to 200 countries tonight on tonight’s call – 200 and get to the 30 million listeners for the big call tonight.

They accessed as much as they could. They were only able to access codes that would get us to Canada, , the US and Mexico. Then they were able to add Australia, New Zealand to the mix – which is great. But our huge reach that  we were getting the last belief was not able to be obtained using the Starlink satellite system because we believe Starlink is being tied up with EBS – EAS – EWS – financial connections that are taking place because of the BRIC nations.




We’ve got somewhere in the vicinity of 60 to 90 countries that wants to be part of the BRICs. I call it a consortium with asset backed currencies that they can basically have as a trading partner as all of these BRICS nations and either gold backed or assets fully back currency

 And we’re at the point now where obviously the US and is asset back and been trading digitally. Now we just need for that announcement about our new USN dollar, our asset back United States Treasury dollar to be made known.

And it could be that was one of the announcements that we’re looking to hear earlier today that did not surface – but with the shifts in this it could be tomorrow. It could be Thursday. It should be before the BRICS announcements come out on Thursday. But don’t be surprised if it doesn’t because a lot is going on right now to jockey for position with all the currencies that are going asset backed around the globe

And of course our USN – my understanding is we’re going to be trading with Canada and Mexico and using our USN  here as sort of a regional currency – we’ve got in the Middle East, the golden dinar happening there – and then of course you have all the individual nations and basically all of Africa.

How ever many total countries there are in Africa and they’re a bunch of them – all of Africa is moving into relationship directly with the BRICS

And many of those many countries are already at the BRICS summit today. And my understanding was Russia was going to be there with President Putin and President Xi of China was going to be there and you know, just a lot of world leaders. And so we have world leaders here from Iraq.  That is really good.

And we understood that Iraq was going to make their back pay to the Iraqi citizens on their debit cards Thursday, they go to October of 2022. All of those back pay funds that go all the way from now back to October of 2022 will be paid and available to them Thursday.

Now can we draw a conclusion that maybe we will also be able to have access to funds from our exchanges on Thursday. I don’t know if we can draw that parallel but I know that military source is giving us a timeline that takes us from tomorrow through Saturday to receive notifications and begin exchanges.

So tomorrow is Wednesday –  that’s the first day opportunity is a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, four day window. Let’s see what happens. We’re looking for announcements about President Trump about NESARA

First of all, I think the main analysis is the overturning of the 2020 elections, NESARA, the USN currency which is  was part and parcel of NESARA – and then of course looking to see for the political announcements  as they’ve come to fruition. Now maybe more than five total announcements – might be seven. Who knows how many – and I was told that the announcements we’re expecting today. It could be Tuesday, Wednesday.




Although it looks like it might be Wednesday or Wednesday, Thursday and there’s – realize there is so much going on behind the scenes that you and I don’t really see. But maybe through the glass dimly we might see 20 or 30% of what’s really happening. I want to say this too, for the last five or six days there have been information about a con job variant that is out there ready to be leached upon us – and global lockdown and masking and that kind of thing.

I think it’s fear mongering it’s definitely nothing that would happen under the restored Republic, which is what we’re looking for and with the return so, take that as fearmongering take it and set it aside. It’s not going to be part of who we are

Wish I could bring you the full story and truth Lahaina a little too soon to do that I think – you have a pretty good grasp of what actually happened and so I’m gonna withhold that story for a little while. but I’ll let you know we’re planning to help in the rebuilding effort in Lahaina and as part of rebuild America. So we’re gonna look into that and research and find out exactly what’s going on where they stand, and how we can help.

We are definitely on a day to day – hour by hour basis.

There’s so much going on behind the scenes that we can’t see -we have to just believe that everything’s coming to fruition and we are going to see this in the next several days, maybe next couple of days.

We know that political change needs to take place before that happens. But I believe from what I understand today, that political change is already in the works and underway.

So read that how you think you should read that.

So everybody  thanks for listening tonight and I do hope we get announcements from President Trump and email notification in the next couple of days. Keep an eye on your emails and lets see what happens.

It’ll be interesting. It’s gonna be wild and realistically, when we use the EBS or the Emergency Broadcast System the emergency system or the emergency wireless system, The EWS is supposed to be the merger of those other two systems.

However it comes out  this disclosure that we’re looking for – it’s not going to be 10 to 12 days of disclosure. It could end up being  4 months disclosure. There’s so much re education, and re clarification  of our history  -and what’s really been going on.




The theory is it might take till the end of the year to get all this information out to us – don’t know how – if it is a certain amount of hours day or how this thing is gonna work yet – we’ve heard theories  of least eight hour segments three  times a day. blah, blah blah.

We don’t know that. we just don’t know how it’s gonna come out. But beware that its going to be different – I thinks it’s going to be new, I think its going to be exciting – we know a lot of what the truth is we don’t know everything – but we really know a lot of what it is.

Obviously what we need to do is get our exchanges and redemption of zim done – get that out of the way – be ready to get our debts paid – to get our new homes – cars, whatever we’re doing to line that up –  the projects lined up –  started on that in a couple of months – We will get started as soon as we can. We’ve got a lot of preliminary stuff still -Don’t worry. We’re going to contact you by email.

And many things are starting rebuilding veterans retreat network, pastoral retreat, network, and international. All those help. Lahaina Maui as rebuild International. I don’t know if there’s some part of America. I know they wanted to separate away from the US but I don’t know if that’s a real thing or not. Either way I love Hawaii. We love the people of Hawaii, and we love to help make them whole.

Pay that’s what we’re gonna be doing and working directly with the Hawaiian people.

That’s our goal. So we’ll be all over that. you guys have a great night tonight and tomorrow. let’s see what happens in the next several days between tomorrow and Saturday. Let’s see if this thing come through for us.  Everybody have a wonderful night

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