Kat Update: RV/GCR and BRICS Intel from Charlie Ward 8-24-23



8-24-23 Kat update: Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes and Charlie Ward on BRICS, CiC Trump, etc. and Q The Storm Rider on Maui


27:00 Right now we’re seeing the dismantling of the old system
& we’re seeing the construct of the new system
with Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa—BRICS
[Jan nodding her head.]

28:09 The [BRICS] meeting in South Africa is going extremely well.
They are discussing their new currency.

28:22 And just so people understand
the BRICS currency,
as in the digital asset-backed currency

we’re not talking about human being to human being
transacting at this stage.
We’re talking about Governments & big corporations
doing oil deals, metals etc.
There is some fine print that is being put in place right now
so all the small countries that have small amounts of assets
are not drained dry in the future.
They have to be protected. So that’s where we’re at right now.

27:55 So they’re now working with the Big countries
Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa.
We now know that equates to
= 42% GDP
Another 40 countries have applied
that takes it up to 88% GDP

& that only leaves behind America & Europe.

29:34 Now if that happens
if the other 40 countries are accepted
& fully integrated into BRICS
then the $ has no longer any value.

I was just going to say, bye-bye to the dollar.




29:29 The Quantum Financial System,
which may be called the BRICS bank,
doesn’t matter what it’s called,

Now if you have a billion $’s in the bank
that will move across into the Quantum Financial System
or BRICS bank
or whatever they choose to call it.

57:19 NESARA / GESARA is happening in front of our very eyes.
We’re seeing debt forgiveness all over the place.
This is breaking people in.

57:25 There’s a very interesting point in law
that when the fiat currency disappears
when the banks go down
you can’t transfer that debt across onto the QFS
or the BRICS system for that matter
because that debt is part of the old system.

It’s fiat currency. From the Federal Reserve. Part of the old system.
And when they go
it’s like when a company goes bankrupt
& you owe them money.

57:55 The receiver might come & say ‘help me out.’
But we’ve already seen in Ireland
where a bank went bankrupt
the receivers didn’t do that.
The receivers didn’t go out looking for money.
They simply cleared the balance sheets.

58:15 And that’s what will happen.
I don’t like to use the term “debt forgiveness”
because it was theft in the first place.

58:25 And the tax was theft in the first place.

Source: Operation Disclosure Official





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