Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of August 28, 2023



Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 28 Aug. 2023

Compiled Mon. 28 Aug. 2023 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities”

The Time is at Hand

There will be 10 days of darkness where there will be shutdowns.
The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) will send out alerts.
Banks will be closed, ATMs will not work, nor will debit/credit cards.
Stay home with your families for those 10 days.

The White Hats Were 100% In Control of The Destination
We’ve Had a Few Bumps in the Road, But Nothing Can Stop What’s Happening
…Charlie Ward

It is only wise to have a month’s supply of food, water, cash and essential supplies for yourself and to share with others.

The Spirit of God | The Tabernacle Choir – YouTube

The Spirit of God like a fire is burning!
The latter-day glory begins to come forth;
The visions and blessings of old are returning,
And angels are coming to visit the earth.
We’ll sing and we’ll shout with the Armies of Heaven,
Hosanna, Hosanna to God and the Lamb!
Let glory to them in the highest be given,
Henceforth and forever, Amen and amen!




Hallelujah Chorus, from Messiah | The Tabernacle Choir – YouTube

An Urgent Plea For Help

The capitol of the Sovereign Nation in Lahaina Maui has been destroyed. Thousands of men, women and mainly children are missing and presumed dead. There are over 4,500 displaced without homes. Any aid to help the people of Hawaii who are suffering tremendous losses would be greatly appreciated.

Global Currency Reset:

  • Sun. 27 Aug. TNT Tony: “Banks were notified this morning that it’s back on and crackin.”
  • Fri. 1 Sept. Carden Group: “I know that banks are planning to be closed for 5 days (software upgrade) coordinated and beginning from Fri. 1 Sept.
  • Months ago everything was completed for the Global Currency Reset, it just hasn’t been announced. The BRICS nations, BRICS bank and QFS have been fully trading in gold-backed digital currency for 8-9 months.” …Charlie Ward
  • Fri. 25 Aug. TNT Call: The three letter agencies are at the highest level of alert possible for the RV. The Iraqi government has until Sat. 26 Aug. to open the budget. Many people in powerful positions were arrested in Iraq this last week.
  • Fri. 25 Aug. MarkZ said tonight that he has heard that a couple of humanitarian projects have received full funding and are slowly rolling out.
  • Thurs. 24 Aug. Bruce: Bond Holders were told by authorities in Switzerland that they would be notified Friday 25 Aug. and get access to funds on Saturday 26 Aug. Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) should be notified to set exchange/redemption appointments Saturday 26 Aug. or Monday 28 Aug. at the very latest. Within 24 hours of Trump’s arraignment the RV should be started – or by Fri. 25 Aug. 7:00 pm EST
  • Charlie Ward said that Tier4b would be able to exchange foreign currencies and redeem Zim Bonds after that Global Currency Reset was announced.
  • Shelton Levert said that Paymasters would start paying Tier3 after the BRICS Summit ended on Thurs. 24 Aug.
  • Wolverine claimed that on Fri. 18 Aug. Wells Fargo Bank received the cash release codes and the global launch of the funds took place across the Planet, marking the beginning of the registered global asset redemption program.
  • The Global Currency Reset appeared to be announced on Tues. 22 Aug. 2023 whenthe BRICS Summit launched BRICS Pay, a decentralized multicurrency digital international payments system.

Global Financial Crisis:






  • BRICS now controls 30% of the entire global economy. BRICS represents over half of the world’s population and close to 65% of the World’s GDP.
  • BRICS announces the creation of BRICS Pay payment system. BRICS PAY is a digital payments platform jointly developed by the member countries of the BRICS economic bloc (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).
  • BRICS PAY aims to enable digital payments between countries in BRICS PLUS format, allowing businesses and consumers to securely and seamlessly make and receive payments in local currencies.
  • The platform aims to reduce the cost and complexity of international payments while providing a safe and secure way to pay for goods and services.
  • BRICS PAY takes advantage of a combination of traditional payment systems and new technologies such as central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), decentralized finance and tokenized assets (secured money).
  • BRICS PAY represents an expansion of payment opportunities for businesses and citizens of the participating countries, as well as for the world at large and for all existing or emerging payment solutions
  • As we said, it is nothing but a clone of the traditional financial system + the new WEF (Agenda 2030) system.
  • What will change? Absolutely nothing, other fiat currencies will be used instead of the dollar, but the essence will not change.
  • Will the dollar suffer from this? I don’t think so, it will cease to be the center of international trade, but commodity prices will remain in dollars. It will also gain reserve currency status to a greater extent than other fiat currencies.

(Note: Only financial related content was included in this report. You can view and download the full report on Operation Disclosure Official. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

Source: Operation Disclosure Official


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