Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of September 19, 2023



Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Tues. 19 Sept. 2023

Compiled Tues. 19 Sept. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities”

We Are Far Inside the Storm Now.
There Is No Turning Back.
We Are Crossing The Rubicon.

It is only wise to have a month’s supply of food, water, cash and essential supplies for yourself and to share with others.

The Essentials of Freedom

July 2, 2023 – #4894 Music & the Spoken Word (

Freedom is best defended by individuals – each of us doing our part,
Wherever We Live, Whatever Our Circumstances.

Freedom is Not Free
Either to Obtain, or Maintain.




The Price of Freedom of Expression comes with the price of kindness and civility, even toward those who express views we don’t share.

The price of Freedom of Worship includes respect for religions and faiths besides our own.

The price of Freedom from Want includes sacrificing and serving those in need.

The price of Freedom from Fear includes facing our fears with faith and courage.

Freedom is not just a feeling, or pronouncement.

Freedom is found in what we do each day, in the thoughts, efforts and actions of a Free People: Respect. Compassion. Peacemaking. Understanding.

It’s True: Freedom is Not Free,
And, as long as we are willing to pay the price,
The Future of Freedom is Bright.




Judy Note: It’s amazing what the Mainstream Media refuses to report:

A bankruptcy by the world’s largest real estate company, the Chinese Communist Party’s Evergrande Corporation, was set to cause a Global Housing & Economic Collapse this week.

Global Currency Reset:

  • The US Treasury Assistant Secretary: Everything has been signed off and it should be approximately 96 hours from her return from Baghdad, Iraq. She returned Fri. 15 Sept. + 96 hours = Tues. 19 Sept.
  • Mon. 18 Sept. TNT Call: “The Iraqi Prime Minister said that on Wed. 29 Sept. he will speak before the UN to announce that it’s going.”
  • Mon. 18 Sept. MarkZ: “Over the last 15-20 years I have been told that when we see the HCL (hydrocarbon law) finished and executed we would be days from the rate change. So, I am super excited about the progress over the weekend and it certainly lines up with what my sources are saying. I am hearing anywhere from the 20th of September to the 8th or 10th of October for everything in the RV to be completed. This means they want to have finished all the Bond Groups and having everyone paid out by then – which means they have to start much sooner. So for me, this means anything after Wed. 20 Sept. this week is fair game. I have a number of bond contacts that are post RV bond deals. They were late to the game…late in the line….. and should be exchanging later on-possible a few weeks after the RV. They got a notice that they will have full funding of their bonds in a week or two. I find that interesting because that means the RV would have to happen soon – maybe around the time we are thinking of the 20th and 21st.”
  • Mon. 18 Sept. MarkZ on Zim: I am told on the Zim for each 100 T Zim you keep 40-50 million for your own pocket and the additional goes for your project.
  • Mon. 18 Sept. Bearded Patriot: MarkZ stated that it’s from today till the 8th or 10th of October when they wanted all tiers to be paid out and completed. This means that Tier4, us, must start pretty much immediately!
  • Shari Ray: An Inside Source said that 97 of the top 100 central banks are currently under transformation to become fully operational under the QFS + RTGS system. The remaining 82 smaller central banks are gearing up for this transition. On October 1st all banks have to be working with the QFS. That’s why we think it has to be done before Sept. 30.
  • Sat. 16 Sept. Texas Snake: “Well folks has been a time since I last posted but heard from my source just now that he anticipates the redemption schedule will be revealed to him very shortly and he will advise ASAP after he hears.  He anticipates his exchange centers to be open and operational this coming week if no other obstacles present themselves. Everything I’ve read indicates this has to be CONCLUDED by month’s end. GOD Bless.”
  • Iraqi Dinar Finally Ready to go, Frank26, MarkZ Intel Update IQD Value to USD:
  • Sun. 17 Sept.: This week despite a false alert from the buyer on Tues. 12 Sept, confirming the start – we had to wait until the download of QFS funds by Australia had ended, and the preparation for receipt of funds by the Central Bank of IRAQ to be finalized. Thereafter, the start of operations was to take place last Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. However, the president of QFS, USA informed the official Buyer they were only waiting for contracts to begin operations. This morning, all official American financial institutions were informed that the start should be between today (Sun. 17 Sept.) and tomorrow (Mon. 18 Sept). Since then, other confirmations have come in to corroborate this is now happening between Sunday night and Monday. David A. (4A) 2:22 PM EDT Sun. 17 Sept.: The Bank just called to say it is going to start tonight or tomorrow Mon. 18 Sept.
  • Fri. 15 Sept. Militia Man: “We’re in such a good space I can’t contain the excitement because what we’ve seen in the last 96 hours. There’s nothing but powerful information from Al-Sudani, we have the US Treasury Assistant showing up…big companies…Stellar Energy…Total…Barzani being tickled pink because they’ve signed agreements. We have a change of pace.”
  • Thurs. 14 Sept. Bruce: Three excellent sources said Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) should get notified by Mon. 18 Sept. We are at a any day, any hour basis. Release to Bond Sellers should also happen by Mon. 18 Sept. Tier4bto be notified after Bond Holders – or by next Tues. 19 Sept. Military personnel and Bond Holders have exchanged but do not yet have access to their funds. On Tues. 12 Sept. the US Treasury gave word to Redemption Centers that everything was signed off and ready to go.
  • As of Fri. 15 Sept. Banks were no longer independent, but working for the US Treasury: When you go into a bank to exchange like Wells Fargo you are not doing business with Wells Fargo. You are doing business with the US Treasury. They are contracting with that bank to use the space but the people don’t work for the bank they are contracted by the US Treasury.
  • An Inside Source: 97 of the top 100 central banks are currently under transformation to become fully operational under the QFS + RTGS system. The remaining 82 smaller central banks are gearing up for this transition. On October 1st all BANKS have to be working with the QFS, THAT’S WHY WE THINK IT HAS TO BE DONE BEFORE SEPTEMBER 30.
  • 21 May 2021 Fleming Redemption/ Exchange Process Cheat Sheet:

Global Economic Collapse:

  • The Imminent Collapse: Global Housing, Elections, and the Evergrande Collapse – American Media Group ( A looming global housing market collapse of a staggering 80%, backed by clandestine operatives and major conglomerates, is about to be exposed. Beneath the surface, you’ll discover how the Report, ostensibly an innocuous investigation, is intricately tied to worldwide election rigging, a maze of corporate ties, and an impending financial catastrophe.
  • The Quantum Financial System (QFS), David Wilcock: The QFS is the takeover of the Central Bank Monetary Debt System to end the financial slavery and control over the populace. The QFS is an advanced financial system launched to eradicate monopoly on monetary system and for that purpose, a system comprises of Artificial Intelligence and complex computer programs fully backed by banks is needed. Quantum Financial System would be a breakthrough in the world of banking which will lead to a new era of banking. QFS will not be influenced by Government policies, rather it will be entirely backed by tangible assets like Gold, Platinum, Silver and will not be based upon mere piece of papers which have no evidentiary value. (National Quantum Initiative Act)
  • H.R.6227, David Wilcock: This bill directs the President to implement a National Quantum Initiative Program to, among other things, establish the goals and priorities for a 10-year plan to accelerate the development of quantum information science and technology applications. Quantum information science is the use of the laws of quantum physics for the storage, transmission, manipulation, or measurement of information.


  • On Fri. 1 Sept. 2023 full integration of the Quantum Financial System took place after the US National Debt of close to $33 Trillion was paid off. This triggered the Global Currency Reset.
  • Fri. 8 Sept. monies were moving for the Global Currency Reset. In Zurich, Yellow Dragon Bonds were paid out, while in Reno the Admiral put in the Redemption Codes and gave the Green Light.
  • As of Fri. 15 Sept. 97 of the top 100 Central Banks were under transformation to become fully operational under the QFS + RTGS system. The remaining 82 smaller Central Banks were gearing up for this transition.
  • Tues. 19 Sept. RV expected to occur.
  • Sun. 1 Oct. all banks have to be working with the new Quantum Financial System.
  • On Wed. 1 Nov. Currency Exchanges and Zim Bond Redemptions were to be completed, at which time the US Federal Dollar would be considered worthless


Tier 1 Bank: Tier 1 banks are those that hold the highest assets. They include: include: HSBC, Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America.

RV Tiers:

T1 = Governments
T2 = Military, those who put this together, groups
T3 = Humanitarian Organizations/Groups and SKR groups
T4 = Internet group – those who follow what is going on with the RV
T4A = Individuals with SKRs, now part of T3
T4B – Individuals, Internet Group
T5 = Public
SKR: Stands for Safe Keeping

(Note: Only financial related content was included in this report. You can view and download the full report on Operation Disclosure Official. ~ Dinar Chronicles)




Source: Operation Disclosure Official


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