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Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 8:53 PM ET on September 19, 2023

Once NESARA is activated and you gain access to your QFS Account then you just received a 100% line of credit and not rely on your previous credit level. This is mostly a consolidation of many facts and common sense ideas to get you the comfort things will be working for you and you will not have to worry any more.

Once NESARA is activated all your credit card debts and debts like home, vehicle and student loans will be paid off and you will find out thru the EBS that you have a Quantum Financial System Account that earned interest on your Birth Certificate, with much funds in it. That is your New Credit Card with no interest to be paid by you, but you collect interest on it.

But this will not be based directly thru your own Birth Certificate for any company or corporation as that is totally different, unless you are a sole proprietor, then you should be able to use the funds if you want. You should have a separate business account than just doing your business straight out of your QFS Account, or else that will be banned from the start, as then expanding will cause you many problems.

“On Wed. 1 Nov. Currency Exchanges and Zim Bond Redemptions were to be completed, at which time the US Federal Dollar would be considered worthless” This I believe is that the USTNs will be out and the FRNs cannot be used in foreign countries, but in the USA the SIX months of FRN to USTN will continue. What about those in the military, missionaries or have jobs in foreign countries that cannot do it in time? 75% of the US Military throw in the brig because they could not exchange the FRN to the USTN in time? That will not happen. I think someone will get them the USTNs as to not be arrested for still using the FRN. By this time it appears you will all have access to your QFS Account and NESARA will be activated along with the use of the USTN. All is still up in the air as things still change.

Your QFS Account is for you yourself and not a joint Account with your spouse, children or parents, but the details should be brought forth once this is out in the open of how it works. I would think the Account would still be based on your Birth Certificate and your spouse could not gain access as you would not have to turn it over to them in a divorce. Your parents cannot have access to your Account while you are still a child at any time unless for the following. Now if you have a parent, child or spouse that is in need of personal care that is unable to gain access to their Account, and you need access for more funds, then you will need to go to a bank or governmental office to provide those details to gain the access lawfully. No more need for the governmental care like Social Security, Welfare or Medicare.

But those that have been injured by someone, primarily law enforcement, where they filed a lawsuit against that party then they can still file those lawsuits, but it may not be the exorbitant amounts that some have received in the past for their survival as most everyone will be millionaires. Maybe some of those that won the lawsuits may return some of those funds back to the city, county and tax payers as they are that nice. Or they may be called in to court to make an adjustment since they will have much funds in their Account and be requested to lower some of those funds for in the future as those funds are coming from the tax payers as one individual cannot pay out millions as in the past decisions.

Those that have already paid into Social Security will have their funds increased monthly. Once NESARA is activated that should not be a deduction on your paycheck as you have the monthly funds refunded coming into your QFS Account. Just wait for the EBS to make this all clear. It might be after a certain amount of years that the Social Security payments will just fade away as you will be receiving over $14,000 per month and the Social Security Administration will not exist. The EBS should also notify employers that the income taxes cannot be deducted any more as then it would be illegal. If the employers continue as they claim this is a scam then they can be arrested, as it is still money they collect and put into their own accounts, theft.




If you had a divorce and are paying child support I believe that will end ASAP as the parent with the child can now support the child on their own and does not need an additional $8,000 per month for the support. The courts cannot demand that the paying parent still pay the present percentage amount of their earnings for the support.

Foreigners that came here to become US citizens Lawfully will have the same rights to gain access to their own QFS Account as it should be the same amounts worldwide with their foreign Birth Certificate, and the US government should have that in hand for easy access.

“So if you lived to be 110 years old, you would be entitled to 172,727 euros for each year of your life. This 172,727 euros divided by 12 months results in 14,393.94 euros per month for living expenses.” Someone else has done this research and what I am thinking is that the euros will be 1:1 with the USTNs, thus you will receive 172,727 USTNs annually for every year you have already lived. An 18 year old will have a minimum of $3,109,086 sitting in their QFS Account, a 30 year old will have a minimum of $5,181,810 in it, a 50 year old will have a minimum of $8,636,350 in it, a 65 year old will have a minimum of $11,227,255 in it and if you make it to 100 years old you will have $17,272,700 in it. This should not be inflation at all as it will not be $65 per a gallon of gas or anything going up in price by 1,000%. My numbers in a previous posting should be corrected as that it should be ‘0.00001% or less in the USA get to be 110 years old’ not just 0.5%.

Your bank and credit union funds will be transferred over to your QFS Account once you have access to your QFS Account and not have you lose those account funds just because NESARA shut them down and transferred the funds already. You need access to some funds and not be shut out if you are lawfully to have those funds. It might be like doing an external transfer of funds to one of your other personal accounts to verify it is yours and not someone just stealing it by claiming they are you. None of these scams like where a person will die and you can receive these funds if you pay them a certain amount to transfer it. That might be available lawfully if someone is really on their deathbed.

Once all your debts are paid off and your income taxes are refunded, along with all the wrongful payments for loans and credit card companies, those will be added to your QFS Account. Hopefully those working on these corrections will not make the mistake and put them in someone else’s Account as like mixing up a SSN or QFS Account number with someone with the same name.

Once your credit card debts are paid off and you have access to your QFS Account you really don’t need your credit cards any more as you will have plenty of funds in your QFS Account to cover even possibly purchasing a new home and not need a mortgage. But I would suspect for the use of your credit cards after your debts are paid off you will have to pay those new debts from your own QFS Account as they will not continue to be cleared off by NESARA, and those credit card companies may just go out of business. Once you gain access to your QFS Account and your debts are paid off it may trigger that your credit cards are no longer valid as you must use your QFS Account card. I don’t think it will get to the point of having a finger print or DNA match to gain access, but if you lose that card you will have to verify yourself to get another one.

It will not be a mandate that you must be 21 years of age to gain access to your QFS Account as some younger people may want to move out of the house, and even get married, and have those funds available, but you should be at least 18 years of age, unless of certain circumstances that require you to gain access earlier, like those that are parent-less and are able to live on their own, and that will be upon the decision of the courts or government. Also, going to college you need these funds and not receive a loan.




The homeless will be those that should be notified early to show up at a certain location to gain access to their QFS Account with a temporary address to then gain their own place of residence to start their lives again.

With those that are charged with a crime and end up in court and a bond is required then it will be coming from their QFS Account, not automatically, yet the funds are available, but there should not be an exorbitant amount of an increase in the amounts of the bonds or fines just because they are now millionaires. They can pay any fine then and there and walk out the door if the fine is the only thing required. And the fees for lawyers and court costs should not increase. Those that are sent to prison their costs for their prison time should be coming from their QFS Account, including what has happened in the past, and not from the tax payers any more, as I think the average cost for a year in prison is $43,000 not well over $172,727. If they have a job working in prison they pay it themselves as they have the funds as it should no longer come from the tax payer. Someone that spent 20 years in prison will possibly have $860,000 deducted from their Account and that’s only 5 years worth of their payments. That is one way to not have people commit any crimes as the costs come from themselves. All these funds pulled from the prisoners’ Accounts will be paid back to the city, county or state.

It is still up in the air of a death in the family of if that the QFS Account funds will be passed on to the other family members or the QFS Account is just shut down as everyone else has enough funds on their own. I’m sure that the EBS will provide something about what may happen and where to get the detailed information.

Common Sense.



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