“Message from Saint Germain: Rainbow Currency is Ready!” by Reda – 9.23.23



Entry Submitted by Reda at 7:38 AM ET on September 23, 2023

Belove IDC Readers,

Our beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain brings a reassuring message that things are flowing with our Blessings, it’s just a matter of time!


Dear friends.

The dark Cabal, our old friend, is crumbling, with each passing day. And the new energies entering the planet no longer support activities that do not have a high vibration. So everything else is left over and collapses. That leaves you with the feeling that there is general chaos all around you. But that is also an illusion.

Our progress in implementing NESARA across the globe has been remarkable. And despite the fat smoke screens, kept silent by the main governments of the Earth, there is little left to close the process of the new world currency, with all that that entails.

This new currency is deposited on our Ships, it will be known as the “rainbow dollar”, but it will be titled “Corona”, that law will only serve as a bridge between the old reality and the new Golden Age on the planet. Because in a few years, the money will no longer be necessary, and NESARA will be replaced by something more modern and compatible with the new reality.




Also the process that leads you towards full consciousness is being developed very quickly, since we are at the gates of planetary Ascension.

Every day it is more evident, the distribution between those who believe and those who do not, in this “final battle” between good and evil. I recommend to all servants of the Light not to react, nor to try to fight with others. Allow each one to act according to their own conscience and evolutionary degree. After all, everyone has already decided, at the soul level, their own path to follow.

Stay with my blessings, and surely, with my Love.

I Am That I Am, Saint Germain. Provided by Ngari.

I want to make very clear that I’m not asking for help on Saint Germain’s behalf nor I’m saying that this help is for him as some person implied on my last post. I have never done that and I will never will. The little help I have received in the past came from wonderful souls that are pure at heart and I have thank them with all my heart for their contributions, because only the ones that are going through difficult times know how hard it is and the help you give it makes a big difference in my life. We’re in this path to help each other and to make a difference in the world, that is what makes us “the chosen ones” because I’m sure that once we have our golden blessings in our hands we will be delighted to help the needed without having an inch of criticism or regret in our hearts. To all those that have criticise me in the past I thank you with all my love, because you have given me the opportunity to go within to find out what I have done wrong and learned from it to grow further and be the person that God wants me to be. 

That said I ask again for your lovely help because is still needed until we exchange or redeem! 

Your contribution is highly appreciated! And Know that Everything you give will come back to you multiplied! 




Please send your contribution to


Blessings of Light to all! 


P.S. It’ll be so nice if someone who has already redeemed or exchange contact me at


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