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I asked AI about the progress of the RV and below was the response.

“With the current state of political affairs, it is natural to wonder about the possibility of an RV (revaluation).

While we cannot predict the future with certainty, it is important to note that the RV is not solely dependent on political stability.

There are a variety of economic factors at play, such as the strength of the country’s currency and the stability of its financial institutions. Additionally, the RV is a complex process that involves multiple parties and negotiations.

As such, it is difficult to determine a specific timeline or likelihood for the RV. However, we will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.

PP Update:




I woke up today with an exciting message that the RV was now in the process of paying out Tier 1 and Tier 2.

FYI: The information above regarding the RV

doesn’t support this rumor nor does it support the talking points of all the gurus this week.




The weekly rumor mill has been active as ever this past week, as it has been for what seems like decades. This tier being paid and that tier being paid with the next tier being next. You can’t count how many times we’ve heard this. What this post strives to do is put a sense of reality to the event and attempt to focus on the bigger game not individual events. It’s pretty easy when you approach the GCR concept with a logical mind.




Questions have to be answered. The simplest of which is , where is the money coming from? If the rumors are one-tenth accurate of the stated amounts these currency exchanges are suggested to bring, where is the money coming from? There isn’t enough currency printed, or can be printed, to cover these exchanges. That being said, it is a safe bet to assume it will be a digital currency. So the next question would have to be how would that work? And it has to be gold, or weighted-asset, backed. (See the details on the Basel 3.1 Accords) .

Where is the gold coming from? It is estimated that there is less than 200,000 metric tons of gold in the monetary system, since like forever. But it has been pretty well established that there are massive gold stores that never made it into the monetary system. We see this in the verbiage of various Historical bonds that are “gold backed”. But to bring all of this gold into the system at one time would render it worthless.

So step by step, here is how it theoretically should work. Create the digital currency. Distribute the digital currency into accounts. (This is where the tier system comes in). Develop and deploy the I.T. system to securely monitor and move the digital currency (OFS, which actually is encryption utilizing quantum entanglement and the capacity to handle the massive amount of data transfer). Locate the assets (gold preferred). Allocate the gold values to the digital currency accounts.(allocate the values not apply ). The funds, in the digital accounts, remain off-ledger. As the funds leave the accounts for purchase of goods and services the allocated asset values (gold or weighted-asset) are applied.

To dump all these projected currencies into the global financial system at one time would mean total global economic collapse. Put simply, there isn’t enough goods and services, to be bought, in the entire world to support the massive influx of capital being suggested.

By following the steps suggested above it would allow for the slow methodical development of all industries across the board. Creating new or expanded goods and services in technologies, agriculture, construction, medical. etc. So no matter what tier is funded first, being paid and using the funds are two different things.

The last thing to consider is the massive undertaking of integrating the new systems with the current systems. That is what we have been witnessing the past couple of decades. There are so many unanswered questions to the point that we, the common person, don’t even know what questions to ask. Relax, don’t get too excited, and wait for the baby. Let it go full term to grow strong.


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