“Clarity on Charlie Ward and the RV” by B Light – 9.26.23



Entry Submitted by B Light at 6:18 AM ET on September 26, 2023

Hello all, 

I just need to give some clarity on Charlie Ward and his recent comments. Charlie ward claims the RV will not happen till Biden is removed….. Now people please use your head and not your heart ok, think about this statement…. Just for a moment think about it…
Biden is making sure USA and its economy is collapsing, Trump when he was “president” He was saving the economy, making the USD stronger again, making USA energy independent. BRICS would not have done the things they have done, if Trump was officially still in office.  The world is now going gold backed, and moving away from the USD, cos they know that now… they actually can pull it off. 

So who do you want as president, if you want the RV to happen? That is right the answer would be Biden.  Now I myself would vote for Trump every single time, However I also want the RV to happen. So I am definitely not a fan of Biden, However in this case, Biden is the one we need in order to get the RV to happen. 

People in tier 1 and tier 2 and tier 3 have already been paid out, but they are not liquid…. Why? They are paid in USTN, so they cannot become liquid, till the dollar crashes and USA comes with the new USTN gold backed currency. 

So ask yourself, if Charlie Ward, wants you to believe, that Biden has to be removed… before the RV can happen..on what side is Charlie Ward really on? 

Anyone with a decent IQ can see after all, that Biden is leading us to crashing the dollar and thus leading us to the announcement of the USTN. 

Imagine if Trump was back officially in office…would this business man, turned president,  crash the economy or save it, and thus save the USD?  He would save it…which would mean, for another 4 to 8 years… there would be no USTN and no RV…..




So no sorry Charlie Ward, You are on the wrong side, however corrupt Biden is,  he is at least making sure we get the RV, and USTN going.  It is clear that you don’t want the RV to happen after all, you want us to wait another 4 to 8 years, but buddy….people need healing, the worlds needs saving…. If Biden makes that happen, then so be it. 

People in the RV, please use your heads, not your hearts, when it comes to Intel, or the gurus. 

B Light


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