“Enough Funds for Payouts!” by Danlboon – 9.28.23



Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 9:43 AM ET on September 28, 2023

To clarify is that the White Hats and good guys have plenty of funds at maybe 35 followed by 39 zeros. That is 8.1 Billion people collecting well over One Octillion each plus more. My numbers may be close on the refunds and payouts, but there still has to be much QFS funds’ available to keep it going for generations. There are statements coming out that contradict each other.

“On Sun. evening 24 Sept. the QFS was activated, with all funds gold backed.” This means the FRN is gold backed as well, temporarily, as the USN is not out for exchange, and no one knows what it is and why till the EBS. After Sun. evening 24 Sept. in foreign countries the exchange rate of the FRN to their currency was 0:1? There must be some proper FRN exchange rate for the RV, or is it only the USN when not everyone has it?”Sun. 1 Oct. the USN was set to be announced.” Fine, but that should be the NESARA announcement and the EBS immediately starts to let the people know what it is. After Sun. 1 Oct. the banks start handing out only USNs and businesses won’t accept them as the EBS has not been put out? Once the EBS is complete there may be masses of people rushing to the banks to get their USNs as they think the FRN is worthless, like in 1929 for that bank rush, unless it was clarified enough in the EBS.

“The first two weeks of Oct. NESARA should pay out (reclamation funds).”

NESARA has to be announced before the EBS starts, but NESARA cannot payout, except into the QFS Accounts which no one has access to yet, and the RV cannot be going on at the same time the EBS is going because the phones are down and the banks are closed for 10 days, and the EBS must be out to know what NESARA is and not wait till the RV is complete.

“On Wed. 11 Oct. possible EBS with Biden removal – that would kick off a four month military action.” Really, Biden must be removed right after the first 8 hours of the EBS so the people know the truth and not wait 10 days as riots may occur if Biden is left in there when the info comes out. This looks like NESARA is announced Sun. 1 Oct. with the EBS starting 10 days later on Wed. 11 Oct and Biden is removed then.

Maybe I have been giving you a mystery story and now the true end comes out, that 35 x 8,100,000,000 people is only 283.5 followed with only 8 zeros (Billion). It hit me a couple days ago after my last post that I remembered someone years ago put out that there are plenty of funds to go around, and I cannot remember the starting number but I know it had the 39 zeros in it.

You live to 110 years and receive 172,727 annually is the full amount of 18,999,970 (19 Million). Multiply that with 8.1 Billion people is only 153,899,757,000,000,000 (153.9 Quadrillion), if everyone lived that long. If everyone spent half of that on taxable things then at a 15% sales tax on 76.95 Quadrillion is only 11.54 Quadrillion that the governments get for a lifetime. And the USA had a $33 Trillion debt to be paid off.




35,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 with 39 zeros.

That is Duodecillion, 13 sets of 3 zeros.

This has been going on for about 4,300 years of the corruption since the Great Flood or even longer if you have another religion.

Why would anyone still want 1,000,000,000,000,000 (Quadrillion)?

Crimes should go down if they want their money, but them and the government trying to steal it from you is really penniless.

An 18 year old could still donate $500,000 to help the homeless and get maybe 100 families a place to stay for a month and get their QFS Accounts opened up, and they still have over $2,600,000 for themselves, but they get another $14,393.92 in a month, and recover the $500,000 in 2.9 years. Some of you purchased a home at $500,000 with interest and try to pay it off in 30 years. Which is better?

My statement in my last posting of; “After a month they do have another $172,727 in it, lawfully.” was wrong as that is the annual payout as it should be $14,393.92 in a month.




Just wait and see as they should tell you on the EBS that there are much funds available and not have you think it is just Fait all over again. This wakes people up to get the correct info and do the proper things to make sure all is working well.

Stories keep changing as it was to be for October Social Security payments would increase, now it is November! “In November Social Security will be paid out in much higher payments.”

This was to be my statement now at the end of September, but you can see someone corrected some mistakes that there cannot be Social Security increases for October.

Hopefully my SS funds should be coming in soon for October and not have to wait till the end of that month to find out as the RV, NESARA and the EBS haven’t happened yet. Or will I have to wait till after October 11 to find this out when Biden is actually gone? A joke, my SS funds come in while the EBS is going and banks are closed and I have bills to pay and food to buy, but the White Hats don’t care, as I should have planned for the shut down months ago. They stalled the SS payments for 2 more weeks till after the EBS is complete.



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