Awake-in-3D: The Great Reset vs. our GCR – Understanding the Two Resets



The Great Reset Vs. Our GCR: Understanding The Two Resets

On September 30, 2023
By Awake-In-3D

Special Report Part 1: The Bad Guy “Great Reset”

The current global Fiat currency system is teetering on the brink of collapse, and there are two global Resets in play. “The Great Reset” and “Our GCR”. Only one will claim ultimate victory and here’s what you need to know.

This Special Report is a lengthy article series. It outlines the key issues you need to know as the global battle of the Two Resets draws near.

When reading today’s financial headlines, we recognize that it’s not a matter of if, but rather when our current monetary system will crumble and fail.

This fact is widely acknowledged by governments and economic think tanks worldwide. The burning question on everyone’s minds is what will emerge as the new financial system to replace the death of fiat currencies.

In my years of researching and analyzing the logical conclusion of global fiat currency system and its potential alternatives, it became clear that two distinct reset and replacement plans are being prepared.




I often refer to them simply as the “good guy currency reset” and the “bad guy reset.” The former, which I call “Our GCR,” represents a more holistic approach with positive intentions.

However, it’s the latter, known as “The Great Reset” by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the affiliated “Agenda 2030” by the United Nations, that has garnered significant attention.

In this article, I will focus on providing a concise summary of the bad guy reset agenda. It’s important to note that the details of this reset are well-documented and laid out on both the WEF and United Nations websites.

The Great Reset: Far More than a Currency Reset

As the current fiat currency financial system shows signs of strain, there is a growing concern about the agenda that the so-called “Elitist Bad Guys” aim to impose globally.

This article takes an unvarnished look at key points that shed light on their proposed agenda, known as The Great Reset.

By examining each point, we can gain a distinct awareness of the Bad Guy plan and the sweeping changes to the financial system, and society as a whole, that they envision.




How the “Great Reset” Will Be Implemented

Before we get into the key components of the Great Reset, we must be awake and aware of its potential implementation.

The Bad Guys will use an age-old tenant of Marketing Tactics 101 – “Sell fear because fear sells!”

Spreading Fear by Exploiting Financial System Collapse and Commodity Shortages

The proponents of The Great Reset, often referred to as the “bad guys,” are expected to capitalize on the deterioration of the financial system and the challenges posed by commodity supply shortages to further their agenda.

By spreading global fear, they aim to create an environment conducive to implementing the Great Reset through the manipulation and consent of the global population.

Here’s how they will leverage these circumstances.

Amplifying Economic Hardship

As the current financial system faces certain failure, the bad guys will exploit the resulting economic uncertainty to their advantage. By emphasizing the potential consequences of the system’s failure, they seek to instill fear among the population. This fear can be harnessed to promote their proposed solutions, presenting the Great Reset as the only viable path forward.

Hyping Global Supply Shortages




The growing constraints on various commodities, including food and energy, provide an opportunity for the bad guys to manipulate public perception. They may emphasize the potential scarcity and rising prices of essential resources, stoking fears of shortages and creating a sense of urgency. This fear-based narrative can be used to justify the need for centralized control and resource allocation, key components of the Great Reset agenda.

Promoting Dependency on Centralized Solutions

By portraying the current financial system’s deterioration and supply shortages as catastrophic events, the bad guys will strongly push for centralized solutions. They will argue that only through their proposed global initiatives, such as the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset and the United Nations’ Agenda 2030, can these challenges be effectively addressed. This narrative promotes a reliance on centralized authorities and policies, leading to increased control and diminished individual freedoms.

Exploiting Social and Economic Unrest

The bad guys will take advantage of the social and economic disruptions caused by the global financial system’s deterioration and supply shortages. They will manipulate these hardships to create a sense of desperation and vulnerability among the population. This environment of uncertainty and insecurity will be used to justify the implementation of their proposed measures, presenting them as necessary for societal stability and progress.

Leveraging Media Influence

The bad guys understand the power of media in shaping public opinion. They will utilize media platforms to amplify messages of fear and crisis, painting a bleak picture of the future if their agenda is not adopted. By controlling the narrative and disseminating fear-inducing information, they aim to sway public sentiment and garner support for their proposed solutions.

Don’t Fall for Bad Guy Fear Mongering

The bad guys are poised to exploit the deterioration of the financial system and supply shortages to their advantage. By spreading global fear, they aim to create a climate of uncertainty and vulnerability, making their proposed Great Reset agenda appear as the only viable solution.

It is crucial for all of us to be critically aware of the narratives presented, seek unbiased information, and actively participate in shaping the future that aligns with OUR values and aspirations – not theirs.




The Primary Goals of the Bad Guy Great Reset

Let’s now examine the core principles of the Elitist Agenda that is taking shape across the world.

A Central Bank Digital Currency Reset (CBDC)

CBDCs will run on a blockchain-based Unified Ledger (UL) that involves the eventual “Tokenization” of all government, corporate and personal assets globally.

The Great Reset envisions the elimination of physical cash and the introduction of Unified Ledger-based CBDCs. These digital currencies, issued and regulated by central banks, aim to combine all financial transactions onto a single digital ledger system enabling an unprecedented coordination of “government oversight” on a global scale.

While the exact extent of restrictions remains unclear, the shift towards CBDCs is seen as an inevitable outcome. Financial analysts and economic watchdogs worldwide predict widespread implementation by 2025, with estimates of multiple countries adopting retail and wholesale CBDCs by 2030 – all on a global, Unified Ledger system.

The narrative around the new UL/CBDC structure will include that it’s an “asset-backed” currency system. The primary “asset” proposed will likely be centered on climate change and environment-friendly financial initiatives such as a Carbon Credit Currency being a “real asset” upon which to base digital currency value. But this is a subject for another time.

Globalizing The Digital ID

Biometric-based digital identification systems are already in place, with governments issuing IDs associated with individuals’ photographs. The deployment and enforcement methods of these digital IDs are subjects of debate yet gaining popularity among global institutions.

The Great Reset emphasizes the potential for a comprehensive digital ID system that can monitor and control individual financial activities, raising serious concerns about personal privacy and autonomy.




Censorship and Digital Control

As The Great Reset unfolds, concerns regarding censorship and digital control become more prominent. Instances of de-platforming, de-banking, shadow banning, and social media account suspensions are expected to increase.

The centralized nature of digital services raises suspicions about potential dangers and underscores the need for caution when utilizing them. The United Nations recognizes “disinformation” as a significant global threat, amplifying the urgency to address these issues.

Less Freedom of Movement

Under The Great Reset, efforts will be made to restrict and regulate our freedom of movement.

Measures such as vaccine passports, increased visa requirements, and urban planning initiatives like “15-Minute Cities” are being considered to create a controlled grid of movement.

While proponents argue that these measures are necessary for public safety, critics express concerns about potential infringements on personal liberties.

Concluding Part 1

The Great Reset represents the proposed global agenda that the Elitist Bad Guys aim to implement following the eventual failure of the current fiat currency financial system. By examining its key points, we gain a comprehensive awareness surrounding the dystopian, sweeping changes they propose.

Having explored the details of the bad guy reset, it’s time to shift our focus towards the alternative that offers a much more hopeful outlook for humanity.




Coming Up in Part 2

In Part 2, I will examine what I affectionately call “Our GCR” – the Good Guy Reset.

In stark contrast to The Great Reset, Our GCR is rooted in benevolence and aims to prioritize the financial freedom and well-being of humanity.

It stands as the antithesis to the nefarious agenda laid out by the World Economic Forum and the United Nations.

Part 2 breaks down the anticipated aspects of Our GCR that seeks to empower individuals, create true financial stability, and promote global prosperity.

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