“Re: Regarding SSI Checks” by Karen – 9.30.23



Entry Submitted by Karen at 3:57 PM ET on September 30, 2023

Dear Gustav S,

Dear one, regarding who gets what money when and why, nobody knows anything. They can’t possibly know anything. Feel in your heart the truth of that. Whatever our kind informers “blab” (no offense intended) goes straight to our hearts BUT also straight to the ears of the forces of dark whom the Light Being Forces and all Benevolent Military Forces (yes, sadly, there are two separate military forces) and the Earth Alliance and Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump and Global Space Forces are all fighting against. 

That free-fall of information, especially about gold-currency, cannot be allowed to happen. 

And the winning of the fighting is WON, but the clean-up is still underway. 

So, no, no one can possibly be be told what’s true with the money because, along with our very Souls and lives, the gold (as in gold-backed currency) is a very large part of what’s being fought for. Everything we hear -> unless it’s PAST TENSE -> ALREADY HAPPENED OVER AND DONE -> is part of “look here, not there” war tactics, I think called “game theory.”

Want proof? How many times has Bruce been wrong? (No offense, Bruce. I know you have your mission.) How many times have “timeline” expectations been fulfilled as stated? How many times has MarkZ talked about “kicking the can down the road”? (No offense, MarkZ. I know you also have your mission.) 

So just breathe, dear Gustav. Let’s all hold hands — extend your heart energy, feel the heart energy of Benevolent, Loving Light Beings with you and all around you. Through your heart energy join your hands with all of ours as we join our hands with each other and with you, and hold on. Breathe and hold on. All is well. All comes good. Nothing is wrong. Breathe into the frequency of peace (set you intention on “peace” and feel the frequency within and breathe), breathe into the frequency of joy, breathe into the frequency of comfort, and … breathe into the frequency vibration of Source. 




And feel in your heart for the knowing that although this war is a trial and a fright, you can rise above it on the wings of love and compassion and you can ride it out. We are almost there at the finish line. Almost. 

We are almost at the end of this war, and the money — now gold-backed with myriad numbered, certified gold ounces — is at our fingertips, almost in our hands WITH NO ONE LEFT OUT OR CAST ASIDE OR DISCRIMINATED AGAINST. Donald Trump, a Warrior Angel from Source, won’t let it happen. Where we go one we go all. 

Winning the war — which we have done and are now just tidying up from — means the Golden Age of Mankind Arises with Abundance of money and health and comfort for all (there may be long lines, we may have to wait our turn here and there… but that’s ok), and money (now paired with gold) is a large part of that, isn’t it? (My SSI is $730, my SSA is $350, not sittin’ pretty).

Breathe. Hold on through your energy of love and light to all of us here who are reading along through these pages with you (we’ll do a “Kum ba yah” circle…) and wait with a peaceful heart. We won. Now we wait through the clean-up — and clean-up can kick up a lot of dust and filth. Hold on. 

And if you have trouble breathing, like so many Americans (because of all the poisons in our food, air, homes, furniture, clothes, water), I have it on good authority that our Light Being Brothers and Sisters — who are all around us, extending help and answering pleas for help if we but relax enough to receive it through open hearts and crown chakras (gotta let down the lower frequency shields to let in higher frequency energies) — will help you breathe by breathing with you or even for you. On good authority. Just request that your lovely Spirit send down relaxation enough for you to receive everything given you.

So. Breathe. Hold on. Love and light. Peaceful heart. We won. Wait through the clean-up. Trump and the Earth Alliance and our Light Being Brothers and Sisters, fighting side-by-side with us and for us, will not let one of us fall through the cracks missing out on the Golden Age of Abundance in all for all. Where we go one we go all. 





PS: Have some songs!

Kum ba yah

You and I (Vinceremo (We win)


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