“Re: Minimum Wage Lowering?” by Karen – 10.2.23



Entry Submitted by Karen at 6:38 PM ET on October 2, 2023

Dear Danlboon,

It’s clear you’re so worried. Please don’t worry. Remember the song: “Don’t worry. Be happy.”? That’s the advice to you. Otherwise you risk lowering our global ascension frequencies that we all work so hard to raise.

There’s a LOT we don’t know. But what is there that we do KNOW?

  • We know that all banks are already defunct as BANKS and are functioning now as financial service centers (read up on Goldilocks’ posts?) and are fully integrated into the QFS, i.e., your federal SSA/I money has been coming through the Quantum Financial System (QFS) for a number of months now, no problem. 
  • So there won’t be a big dramatic transition because the transition has already happened and it slipped quietly into effect behind the scenes in the background. 
  • We know that all banking/financial centers have had the new Treasury Notes on premises since April 1, 2023, and that, if we had wanted to, we could have walked in and asked for an exchange of USDs for new Treasury Notes (USTN). I never did, but my branch of BofA said I sure could, as said my daughter’s branch of Wells Fargo.
  • So there’s no panic period where we have to wait in limbo for the new notes to become available.
  • We know the QFS is now actively scanning private banking/financial center transactions for fraud and trafficking because of new measures put in place at our existing banking centers.
  • So there will be no “my banking account” and “my QFS account” dichotomy, division, or duality. They are one and functioning as one, one QFS, now, thus achieving a significant goal: the removal of duality in banking transactions, duality that allowed the DarkSide to raise overnight funds in the billions and trillions off of our deposits and transactions. All gone, no more now. Bye-bye.

Now, that’s what I know we know and I know there are a lot of folks who know a lot more than I know, so I know we know a lot more than this, I just don’t know it all. Which brings up the point: It’s ok that we don’t know the ins and outs and details of the all-important aspect of individual wealth. We don’t need to know. If we knew more, then the DarkSide Enemy would know more and this war would be longer and more severe. Those who have often read our Bibles, have just as often raised our voices with that of Jesus that this final war be shorter and less severe. Some of us still raise those words on our lips as often as we can get to doing it daily. 

So it’s ok that there are things we know we don’t know. It’s a dark war. Already won, but with a horrific clean-up under way. We can wait it out. We will wait it out. And remember, anything of the government will be erased and wiped out, things like minimum wages, and NEW, Constitutional things will be INTRODUCED to replace the pillars of the matrix and cabal. And… since the things are NEW and yet to be INTRODUCED, we cannot possibly know much about them or know anything much at all about how things related to them will work… because they’re new … and as yet unknown.

“Dad, I’m going to go get a pet at the shop now.” 
“What kind is it? What’s it look like? What’s it eat?”
“I … don’t know yet … I haven’t picked it out yet ….”
“What are the options?”
“… It … all depends on what the pet shop has ….”

Breathe deeply, 




Karen  (Trouble breathing, like I have? Ask your lovely Spirit to breathe with you and for you, and to maybe call in some trusted reinforcements. I do! — “10s of thousands of unseen helpers around you holding out to you help” for you to relax and receive.)

Here’s some songs for you!

Bobby McFerrin – “Don’t Worry Be Happy” —

“Don’t Worry Be Happy” Children’s Song Around The World (Bobby McFerrin) —


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