Awake-in-3D: Watch out Europe, King Dollar is Coming for you



Watch Out Europe – King Dollar is Coming for You

On October 4, 2023
By Awake-In-3D

As I observe the global financial system landscape, I can’t help but issue another warning: Europe, you’re in the crosshairs of a relentless currency opponent – the almighty King Dollar.

In this high-stakes fiat currency death match, it’s clear that the Euro is mirroring the painful path of the Japanese Yen.

This is playing out just has I have outlined in the RV/GCR Roadmap.

I have written enough about the Japanese Yen of late, now it’s time to look at what’s happening in Europe and with the Euro. Of course, weakness in Germany’s economy is a serious issue for the Euro going forward as well.

As the Global Fiat Currency System Experiment comes to its logical conclusion, the dollar will be the last fiat currency standing before the end.

First the Yen, then the Euro. Perhaps the Chinese Yuan will collapse as well unless the BRICS Alliance gets their feet moving for a new, asset-backed common currency.




Just the Facts

  • Euro lost nearly 8% against the US dollar since mid-July 2023.
  • Euro gave up all gains made against the dollar from December 2022 to July 2023.
  • SWIFT data shows the euro’s share in global transactions dropped from 38% in January to 23.2% in August, the lowest in at least twelve years.
  • Eurozone’s PMI report indicates significant weaknesses in new orders, business confidence, and employment.

King Dollar vs. Euro: A Grim Snapshot

Euro vs. King Dollar in International Payments

Let’s turn to the cold, hard data. SWIFT, the global messenger for cash transactions, paints a grim picture. In a mere nine months, the Euro’s usage has plummeted from 38% in January to a paltry 23.2% by the end of August.

It’s a shocking nosedive and the lowest level recorded in over a decade – a clear indication that King Dollar is gaining ground.

Euro’s Precipitous Plunge

Europe’s once-mighty Euro is tumbling, and it’s happening at an alarming pace. The Euro, which not too long ago stood strong against the U.S. Dollar, has surrendered its gains from late 2022 to mid-2023.

Since July, it has been on a slippery slope, losing nearly 8% of its value against the relentless King Dollar.

A Parallel to the Japanese Yen vs. King Dollar




This Euro’s descent into the abyss bears an eerie resemblance to the Japanese Yen’s struggles.

Remember when the Yen was a powerhouse? Now, it’s become a shadow of its former self, plagued by deflationary pressures and economic woes.

The Euro is now treading the same treacherous path, succumbing to the gravity of economic uncertainty.

Analysts’ Forecasts: Euro in Peril

Market analysts are waving red flags. Renowned G10 FX analyst Jane Foley asserts that the Euro’s weakness is far from over. On the other side of the battlefield, U.S. analyst Philip Marey predicts a potential technical recession in America, driven by monetary tightening.

Yet, paradoxically, this might bolster King Dollar as investors seek refuge from the Eurozone’s mounting troubles.

Europe’s Unraveling Growth Momentum

Europe, the epicenter of this currency clash, is experiencing a rapid erosion of its growth momentum.

In contrast, the U.S. economy clings to its resilience (for now!).

The Eurozone’s manufacturing PMI paints a bleak picture with declining new orders, deteriorating business confidence, and factory job losses.




The German index, a bellwether for the Eurozone, has plunged deeper into recession territory.

A Minor Help: Eurozone Price Pressures Ease

Amid this turmoil, a glimmer of relief for households: price pressures in the Eurozone are fading fast. Output prices are declining at an unprecedented pace, with the exception of the 2008/2009 Great Recession.

This may offer some solace, but it doesn’t mask the Euro’s broader vulnerability.

Forecasts Paint a Bleak Picture

Forecasts have been revised, and the Euro is expected to continue its downward spiral. Once boasting strength against the U.S. Dollar, it’s now projected to plummet further, with EUR/USD expected to hit 1.02 in the next three months.

Europe’s future appears mired in uncertainty.

Too Little-Too Late: Europe’s Quest for Technological Prowess

In a bid to stay competitive, the European Commission is now assessing the risks of critical technologies, including semiconductors, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, and biotechnologies.

This echoes the U.S.’s pursuit of technological dominance, although Europe remains in the “assessment phase.”




Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, Europe finds itself in a perilous position. King Dollar is on the offensive, and the Euro’s mirroring of the Japanese Yen’s decline is cause for alarm.

With economic troubles, political turmoil, and global trade tensions, Europe’s struggle to fend off King Dollar may prove to be a daunting battle, one with profound implications for the collapse of the fiat currency system and what comes afterwards.

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