Awake-in-3D: How to Rationally Explain the RV/GCR to Friends and Family



How to Rationally Explain the RV/GCR to Friends and Family

On October 5, 2023
By Awake-In-3D

Are you struggling to explain the RV/GCR (Revaluation/Global Currency Reset) to your friends and family and general non-believers?

Have you lacked the ability to lay out a factual and logical base case?

Perhaps you have been struggling yourself to rationalize the whole RV/GCR scenario.

Fear not, because after reading this six-part article series, you will have the tools you need to understand and explain the RV/GCR to even the most stubborn naysayers around you.

What you will learn:

  1. The forces driving Our RV/GCR
  2. The crisis we face in the current Fiat Debt Currency System
  3. The reasons for a structured Debt Jubilee
  4. The case for eliminating all personal income taxes
  5. The potential of decentralized digital currencies (not CBDCs on a Unified Ledger)
  6. Why eliminating central banks, restoring control to Sovereign Treasuries, and returning States’ Rights under the organic United States Constitution is imperative.

My goal is to guide you through a rational and comprehensive explanation of Our RV/GCR in simple terms you can discuss with anyone outside of our community.




Explain the RV/GCR to Friends and Family

This includes the various aspects of the RV/GCR, examining its implications, benefits, and the potential for a transformative financial reset.

In Part 1, we will start by defining the RV/GCR and examining its historical context.

By understanding its origins and the driving forces behind it, we can lay a solid foundation for future discussions.

Part 2 will explain the challenges and shortcomings of the current fiat debt-based currency system.

Through a critical analysis, we will highlight the need for a comprehensive reset and the potential benefits it can bring.

Moving into Part 3, you will gain a rational case for a Debt Jubilee and the elimination of personal and public debt.

This powerful measure aims to alleviate the burden of debt, stimulate economic growth, and promote social justice. Drawing upon real-world examples, we will demonstrate how a Debt Jubilee can be a catalyst for a fresh start and a more sustainable financial future.




In Part 4, we will discuss the restructuring of taxation and the elimination of personal income taxes.

By examining the impact of personal income taxes on individuals and economies, we will explore the benefits of removing this burden and embracing alternative taxation models.

Through this rational approach, we aim to create a fairer and more efficient tax system that promotes economic freedom and growth.

Explain the RV/GCR. Shared knowledge is powerful.

Part 5 explores the potential of decentralized digital currencies and blockchain technology.

By embracing these innovations, we can revolutionize the financial landscape and address the shortcomings of the current system.

Through an analysis of decentralization, financial inclusion, efficiency, and innovation, we will uncover the transformative power of these technologies.

Finally, in Part 6, we learn to advocate for the return of full financial control to sovereign treasuries and the restoration of state rights.

By examining the benefits of accountability, national economic sovereignty, and upholding constitutional principles, we will make a rational case for devolving power and decision-making to the local level.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain powerful insight and intelligent conversation skills to explain the RV/GCR to anyone. Even yourself!

Through rational explanations, thoughtful analysis, and a focus on real-world implications, you will equip yourself with the knowledge and understanding to engage in meaningful conversations with friends and family.




Together, we can simplify the complexities of the RV/GCR and foster a deeper comprehension of this significant financial system shift.

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