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The Truth Behind Today’s Jobs Report Propaganda

On October 6, 2023
By Awake-In-3D

It’s time to peel back the layers of deception and reveal the truth behind today’s September 2023 Jobs Report propaganda.

It’s increasingly clear to me that a growing number of discrepancies and questionable data interpretations are being used to shape a narrative of a thriving job market.

Today’s Jobs Report headlines would have us believe that the U.S. economy is booming.

This is sheer propaganda.

After digging through the data in the jobs report, here’s the real facts:

  • The “adjusted” Establishment survey reported a surge of 336,000 jobs, while the Household Survey indicated an increase of only 86,000 jobs.
  • The “unadjusted” jobs numbers reveal that 885,000 full-time jobs were lost while 1.127 million part-time jobs were added and there’s now a record number of multiple jobholders.
  • The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 3.8%, despite the reported job growth, raising suspicions about the quality and sustainability of the newly created positions.
  • Average hourly earnings increased by only 0.2%, failing to meet expectations, indicating a decline in average pay wages.
  • Ongoing labor strikes throughout the country contradicts the reported surge in job growth, casting doubt on the accuracy of the actual employment landscape.

Allow me to explain the manipulated nature of this latest report and expose the truth beneath the surface.




Discrepancies in the “Establishment” Jobs Report Propaganda vs. the Accurate “Household” Jobs Surveys

From the very beginning, the Jobs Report propaganda reveals its true colors. While the Establishment survey boasts a staggering increase in job numbers, the Household survey tells a different story. How can we trust a report that presents conflicting data? It is clear that selective data interpretation is at play here, aiming to create an illusion of success rather than providing an accurate representation of the employment landscape.

The public is being fed a distorted narrative of a thriving job market…

The Unchanged Unemployment Rate: A Mirage of Stability

One of the most glaring signs of manipulation within the Jobs Report propaganda is the stagnant unemployment rate. Despite the proclaimed surge in new jobs, the unemployment rate remained unchanged. This raises suspicions about the true impact of job growth and questions the validity of the report’s claims. It becomes evident that the narrative of a thriving economy is being constructed, despite the underlying realities suggesting otherwise.

Average Pay Wages: Defying Logic and Expectations

As I dig deeper into the Jobs Report propaganda, I stumble upon another puzzling revelation: the decline in average pay wages. How can we celebrate a blowout job growth when workers’ wages are stagnating, or worse, decreasing? This alarming contradiction exposes the hollowness of the report’s claims and raises concerns about the quality and sustainability of the newly created jobs. It is clear that the well-being of workers is being sacrificed for the sake of a manufactured narrative.




Multiple Jobs to Make Ends Meet: A Desperate Struggle

However, the Household survey uncovers a truth that the Jobs Report propaganda fails to acknowledge – the increasing prevalence of multiple job holders. Workers are forced to juggle multiple jobs simultaneously in a desperate attempt to make ends meet. This grim reality reveals the underbelly of the so-called job growth, emphasizing the prevalence of underemployment and the lack of stable, well-paying opportunities. It is a stark reminder that the true struggles of the American workforce are being conveniently glossed over.

Jobs Report Propaganda.
All job gains in September were either from part-time workers or multiple jobholders forced to get another job in addition to their current job which are counted by the BLS as two distinct jobs (or more).

All of the job gains in September were either from part-time workers or multiple jobholders forced to get another job in addition to their current one, and thus be counted by the BLS as two distinct jobs (or more).

Another shocking fact regarding multiple jobholders is that in September, the subset of multiple jobholders who held both a primary and secondary full-time job just hit an all time high.

The Rise of Lower-Paying Part-Time Jobs: A Disturbing Jobs Report Propaganda Trend

Moreover, a closer examination of the Jobs Report propaganda exposes another disturbing trend: the rise of lower-paying part-time jobs. While part-time employment numbers soar, full-time positions experience a decline.

As shown in the chart below, while part-time workers rose for the third consecutive month to 27.336 million,and the highest since January, full-time workers have decline for three straight months, and at 134.167 million, this was the lowest number going back to February.

September 2023 Jobs Report Propaganda
in September, part-time workers rose for the third consecutive month to 27.336 million while full-time workers declined for three straight months to 134.167 million

This disparity paints a bleak picture of the job market, where precarious work arrangements dominate and well-paying, stable employment opportunities become increasingly scarce. It is clear that the propaganda machine is keen on hiding this harsh reality behind a facade of job growth.

Jobs Growth Amid Ongoing Labor Strikes: Contradictions Exposed

Nevertheless, amidst the Jobs Report propaganda’s claims of record job growth, the reality of ongoing labor strikes cannot be ignored. How can we accept these inflated numbers when strikes have resulted in company shutdowns and people not working? The contradiction is stark, exposing the report’s attempts to downplay the impact of labor disputes and present a distorted image of the employment landscape. It is a testament to the manipulative nature of the propaganda machine at work.




Our Government is Desperate to Hide the Financial Truth

In my final analysis of the September 2023 Jobs Report propaganda, the truth becomes clear:

The public is being fed a distorted narrative of a thriving job market.

The discrepancies between the Establishment and Household surveys, the unchanged unemployment rate, declining wages, reliance on multiple jobs, the rise of lower-paying part-time positions, and the dismissal of ongoing labor strikes all point to a carefully crafted illusion.

The ongoing manipulation of economic statistics to spin false narratives, like this jobs report propaganda, only highlights the growing desperation of our government to conceal the truth that the Fiat Financial System is coming to its logical conclusion.

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