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Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 8:43 AM ET on October 9, 2023

From my last posting I got thinking if what the USA Republic will be doing on denying people their Birth Certificate earnings from the Vatican, via the QFS, then that is actually Civil Asset Forfeiture!

This can be going on world wide in all countries with the Vatican involved with Birth Certificates and the QFS. So I’m speaking out for everyone and maybe some attorneys should get involved with this, as the White Hats think this is the best way for everyone and to stop criminal activity, but they actually make it worse for those in present need.

Not every adult in the USA can get a job as there are not that many jobs available for the whole adult population. Will there be a mandate that everyone must have a business license when not with a certified employer even when they do odd jobs for other people, thus another fee to be able to work and they file quarterly business reports showing what business they have done for any sales tax due when they did not sell anything? Sales Tax on services provided is Income Tax! Will it be that the new retirement age will be mandated at 60 years so all the rest can find work somewhere? And no work available till the age of 18 years? I know of someone that was at the age of 17 when they graduated from high school and then got married, but now they cannot have any earnings till they become 18 and therefore cannot get married till later?

Maybe there is some type of job you can do while laying in a hospital bed recovering from some sickness or injury.

This is as bad as during the COVID pandemic that then you must wear a mask and receive a COVID vaccine to be employed.

Will this lead into stop and ID states as well as proof of present employment for any banker to then call the police and they back up that phony law just about someone asking questions at a bank?

It should be the USA using Civil Asset Forfeiture on all those corrupt countries and corporations that used our Birth Certificates one way or another to gain profits for themselves and not use the CAF on We The People for us to then comply with the New USA Republic’s demands.




Will the Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth replace the Social Security Number, but my CoLB has only 5 numbers on it and there were more than 100,000 people in that city when I was born and more today? Is the QFS replacing the SSN with their own ultra tracking number related to everything you get involved with, so if you are not to have access to a QFS Account you will not have a tracking number at that time? SSN 123-45-6789 and estimated 340,488,316 population in USA today.

The state you are in does know when your employer terminated you for you then to receive the unemployment benefits, but as now the USA Republic will have a national database to keep track of you and shut off your QFS Account access when you are unemployed?

Yes, the actual currency belongs to the US Treasury, but if there is nothing of eqaul value to trade labor and trade values for items then the US Currency is not backed up except for the slavery of the people those items belong to, and that includes the Birth Certificates that the US government sold to the Vatican.

A Birth Certificate is a Bond that has some type of value placed on it and if the USA Republic demands that We The People must be employed to receive anything back from it, the debts and illegal withholdings, then or over a span of time then they really do not have the GCR to back it up with the gold that is to be there.

Is this a violation of the Fourth Amendment too; “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause”? Where as even though the funds of the Birth Certificate and the supposed funds are to be returned to the people and presently are in the hands of the US Treasury, or soon will be once the EBS is put out, then the USA Republic has NO Warrant on the people for just being unemployed to then seize those funds. Being unemployed is NOT ‘probable cause’ for QFS Civil Asset Forfeiture as that is not a crime in itself!

If the USA Republic has control of our Birth Certificate and the funds that go with it then it is a controlling arm for Slavery as it appears it does not belong to the people themselves.

Does this also include that everyone of the USA Republic elite have Qualified Immunity for all their actions in bringing about the QFS Republic even though they are violating the written laws and the Constitution? Presently it appears so.




Has the Vatican and the US INC. continued on receiving profits from the Birth Certificates on people that have already died? Yet they have not reported it to anyone and thus the USA Republic has much funds from many years going back to 1938 when they started it as maybe more than 50% of the people have died. The people may have been forced to have one made if they wanted a lawful job if they were born prior to 1938 as my grandmother had it in her possessions when she died as it was dated in 1951 when she was born much earlier.

Maybe an investigation should be made on this as you should receive something from your recent relatives’ deaths if it continued earning profits, maybe at least for one generation for parents, spouses, single siblings or children if they passed too soon. But what should be the age limit at time of death? Maybe my mother, who is still alive, should receive something from her parents that died many years ago as they were born before 1938, along with my mother born before then.

The payment amount originally was for $172,727 annually up to 110 years plus all refunds from tax withholdings, debts and loans, and now no one specifies the amount anymore as to just have people think it is just $172,727 total max for all payments and refunds.

Now it is; “Starting in the fourth week of October Restitution and Recreational Allowance will be paid out. The amount of monies paid back will be based on federal taxes paid since 1940s, interest on mortgages, bank loans, car loans and credit card interest – along with interest earned on those monies over the years.” But is this also where you must be employed to receive any of it? So it is just the interest on mortgages and not the full mortgage as it was to be written off at the signing of the home loan? So you still owe the funds not fully paid out?

Yes, the US INC. sold you at birth to make money for themselves via you as a slave as they got a portion of you in earnings from the Vatican, and now they will not allow you to receive any of that back unless you are employed, yet you are still alive? Is this another version of the 16th Amendment on Income Taxes?

Here you are guilty till you must prove your innocence!

This also goes along with why NESARA was set up to return the funds that the US INC. stole thru their federal, state and municipal agencies stating it was lawful per the laws, policies, Unconstitutional Amendments and court decisions to even set up the Civil Asset Forfeiture. But it was not Constitutional as approved by one judge after another, then becoming the norm.

And speaking of crimes, if someone was charged with a crime and released with a bond by turning over their Birth Certificate and then again is erroneously stopped and arrested to then see another judge will that judge deny the acceptance of their Birth Certificate given to the prior judge as still a lawful full payment of a bond is required as they are from two separate arrests not related to one another? “Sorry your Honor, I have only one Birth Certificate.”

Will the present 13th Amendment thru the 27th Amendment be revamped or removed totally as they refer to the US Citizen and government/agency corporations and not state citizens, American people or the Republic?

I saw a video from Steve Lehto about a US Marine that had a Civil Asset Forfeiture done on him by a state trooper as the trooper thought the $85,000+ in cash in his rental car driving thru that state was drug money, but that wasn’t why the Marine was stopped, yet the Marine answered all the questions like a Marine and complied, but in the end the trooper left him with only $10, still took the money and the Marine fought it in federal court where a news broadcast shut the troopers’ fight down as they didn’t want any more publicity on their corruption and they handed the funds back over to the Marine even though the case was dismissed. But again the Marine is still fighting it in state court as others give up after winning or losing the case yet the Marine is fighting on principle to get it to the US Supreme Court or with Federal legislation to be put in place, as troopers and police think that is their job that Civil Asset Forfeiture is approved of as large sums of money is signs of a crime. Both of these videos got me to write this posting.




Here is another Steve Lehto video of what the FBI did to seize items from safety deposit boxes which the owner of the rental company housing them committed some crimes, but it didn’t matter with the FBI nor the Judge, as they assumed those could have been stolen items and currency themselves by the owners, and that is like what we will be going thru with the QFS Accounts’ refunds and payments, the USA Republic is housing the Birth Certificates and earnings till you are qualified to receive them and they decide one way or another who qualifies and not you:

Judge Throws Out Private Vault Box Seizure Suit

You had to pay the Income Taxes on your wages per the Unconstitutional 16th Amendment and you cannot receive any of that back and other withholdings unless you are presently employed to then have a QFS Account? If you stay employed while between the ages of 50 and 59 years you will receive it monthly for only one year, or if between the ages of 30 and 49 years it is spread out over 15 years. What if you are 59 years, 9 months old when it starts will it change over to a lump sum when you turn 60 years old? Unknown. Yet, if you have a job under the age of 30 and paid into all of that you will have to wait till the age of 30 to start receiving anything back, but your withholdings should surely seise?

I thought when you turn 18 years old you can receive a QFS Account, but the wording coming out now is it is not available till the age of 30 years. For the next 12 years after turning 18 it will be like it is today except the withholdings are not withdrawn anymore from your paycheck and you may have another 25% of your earnings in your pocket. Also, you will not receive any refunds even if you had funds to receive a mortgage at 25 years, but your mortgage payments should seise? I believe your Birth Certificate thru your SSN was used to issue the funds to purchase a home and then you paid interest on that phony loan which the USA Republic should pay you back ASAP, but really they say only if you are employed now. It is as bad as fighting the government in court cases as they want to stretch it out as long as possible for you to just quit and give up with nothing gained.

But if you are required to have a QFS Account rather than a normal bank account like you have now, in order to comply with the QFS, then your present bank accounts will close and you cannot have a QFS Account till the age of 30? Where do you keep your funds then especially from your paychecks and paying your bills? ALL bank accounts must be QFS compliant and thus you only can have a QFS Account.

Will it be like having a good credit score as you cannot even have a bank account to pay bills till you have the QFS Account at the age of 30? So you cannot even live on your own till the age of 30 as you cannot pay rent or utilities unless you have that QFS Account? The same goes for purchasing an automobile to get a job as you have no credit/bank account till then? Will it be if your employer gives you a paycheck and you are under the age of 30 then can you cash it at a bank or will they ask about you having a QFS Account and your age, but they will deny you to have it cashed as you don’t have one?

“Baratel: Iraqi people overseas are unable to withdraw funds from their bank cards either in IQD/USD.” The same can happen with the FRN and USN and fully controlled by the US Treasury, as the QFS is to be in place with everyone that is qualified having a QFS Account card or nothing at all is available.

You cannot read between the lines of what they are saying on how this all works out? Maybe I am putting out the wrong info, but that goes to what is put out by others as I can read what they put down. You can only receive a New QFS Account only when you are qualified to receive any QFS payments/refunds at the age of 30 and the other bank accounts you have had are not set up for the QFS, thus they are closed.






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