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The Gold-backed Zimbabwe ZiG and Our RV/GCR – What You Need to Know

On October 10, 2023
By Awake-In-3D

The New Zimbabwe ZiG Gold-Backed Digital Payments Token

Zimbabwe has recently made headlines in the financial world with the launch of its gold-backed digital token called the Zimbabwe ZiG.

This innovative digital currency, introduced by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), is accepted as an official payment method within the country.

The ZiG aims to provide an alternative to traditional fiat currencies and serves as a prime example of the approaching global currency reset (GCR) and the revaluation (RV) of currencies.

What You Will Learn from this Article:

  1. Introduction to Zimbabwe ZiG: A Gold-Backed Digital Token
  2. The Significance of Zimbabwe ZiG in the Current Financial Landscape
  3. Zimbabwe ZiG as a Catalyst for the Global Currency Reset (GCR)
  4. Currency Revaluation (RV) and the Role of Zimbabwe ZiG
  5. The Implications and Future of Zimbabwe ZiG

The Significance of Zimbabwe ZiG in the Current Financial Landscape




Zimbabwe ZiG holds great significance amidst the ongoing challenges faced by the global financial system.

The token is backed by physical gold reserves held by the RBZ, ensuring its intrinsic value and stability. In a world where fiat currencies are often subject to inflation and volatility, ZiG offers a secure and tangible asset-based option for investors and users alike.

Zimbabwe ZiG as a Catalyst for the Global Currency Reset (GCR)

The launch of Zimbabwe ZiG aligns with the growing calls for a global currency reset (GCR).

The current fiat currency debt system has shown its weaknesses, with rising national debts and increasing inflation rates. ZiG’s introduction signifies a move towards a more sustainable financial system, where currencies are backed by tangible assets, such as gold.

This shift promotes stability and reduces the reliance on traditional fiat currencies, thereby paving the way for a potential global currency reset.

Currency Revaluation (RV) and the Role of Zimbabwe ZiG




As the world experiences economic fluctuations and imbalances, the revaluation (RV) of currencies becomes an imperative step towards restoring stability.

Zimbabwe ZiG, with its gold backing, represents a tangible asset that can serve as a benchmark for the revaluation of currencies.

By providing a reliable and stable alternative, ZiG demonstrates the potential for other currencies to follow suit and undergo revaluation, ensuring a more balanced and sustainable global financial system.

The Implications and Future of Zimbabwe ZiG

The acceptance of Zimbabwe ZiG as a payment method highlights the growing recognition of the importance of asset-backed digital currencies.

The RBZ’s dedication to ensuring transparency through external audits further strengthens the credibility of ZiG. This development opens up new opportunities for investors and individuals seeking a secure and valuable digital currency.

Zimbabwe ZiG Press Release

Looking ahead, the success and adoption of Zimbabwe ZiG could potentially serve as a catalyst for other nations to explore similar asset-backed digital currencies.

The global financial landscape may witness a significant transformation as more countries embrace the concept of currency revaluation and the adoption of tangible asset-backed tokens.

In conclusion, Zimbabwe ZiG represents a significant step towards a global currency reset and the revaluation of currencies.

As a gold-backed digital token, it offers stability, security, and a tangible asset base that can potentially reshape the financial system. With the ongoing challenges faced by traditional fiat currencies, the emergence of ZiG serves as a beacon of hope for a more sustainable and balanced global economy.




Key Facts and Figures About the Zimbabwe ZiG:

  • ZiG officially launched as a payment method on October 5, 2023.
  • The RBZ reported a price of $0.0614 per milligram for ZiG.
  • One ounce of ZiG has a purchase price of $1,910 U.S. Dollars.
  • 0.1 ounce of ZiG can be purchased for $191.
  • 17.65 kg worth of ZiG was purchased during a token issuance on September 28.
  • As of today, approximately 350 kg worth of ZiG tokens were sold in total.
  • The RBZ introduced the gold-backed token project in April 2023.
  • ZiG tokens can be stored in e-gold wallets or e-gold cards.
  • The RBZ maintains dedicated ZiG accounts for transactions.
  • The applicable intermediated money transfer tax (IMTT) for ZiG transactions is half of that for foreign currency transactions.
  • External auditors validate the availability and adequacy of gold backing ZiG.

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