Steve Beckow: Society’s Zeropoint

The “American Dream” we lived in the Fifties is the closest I can come to depicting a prosperous society at peace. There seemed nothing to fear back then. Hey, who’s moving in?


Society’s Zeropoint

October 11, 2023
by Steve Beckow

Just as Ascension sees us reach a zeropoint in time – not for a long time; probably more like an instant –  (1) so also society seems aimed at a zeropoint.

This is how I see it.

Market crash. Bank closures. Fiat currency reduced to no value at all. We reach a financial zeropoint. G/NESARA is declared. (But I’m getting ahead of myself.) (2)

World war “near” or “declared.” No one disclosing that our star family will allow no nuclear weapons or world war. (3) We reached a society-wide zeropoint and martial law is declared.

Emergency broadcasts. The last of the deep state removed from power, behind the scenes.

Switch over to Starlink Internet.  Quantum Financial System (QFS) active.  Now the Reval and G/NESARA are declared.




Everyone has abundance. Prices are maintained at 1950s levels. Hmmm… Was a Coke a nickel? Certainly not a dime.

But this is not just a trip to the past. Wrap everything I said up in a velvet bag and put it on the shelf for a moment.

None of anything I say about life from this point on would make sense without one element I saved till the last – the Ring of Fire, Wave of Love, or Solar Flash. (4)

What’s its significance?

How can I say this? I have to back up.


Ascension is a full and permanent heart opening. (5) The portal that the heart is (the hridayam) is now fully and permanently open, giving us access to other dimensions.




The Ring of Fire will cause a Third-Dimensional, fourth-chakra heart opening, which is less powerful, I believe, than higher-dimensional Ascension, but the same in nature.

It’ll be temporary but it’ll bring to us the experience of a love which is itself higher-dimensional (Seventh Dimension, to be exact) (6) for enough time for the experience to always be remembered.  And it is a/the pre-cursor to Ascension.

That love experienced, everything becomes clear. All is seen in its place and any blanks are filled in.

So, in any discussion of anything higher dimensional, factor in the omnipresence and overwhelming impact this “transformative” love has on everyone who “resides” there, even though this factor is seldom mentioned. (7)


To summarize, we pass through the financial and military zeropoint. After reaching it, the theater, the play, the drama that all this is is drawn to a close. (8)

Civil war averted. Emergency broadcasts occur. The last of the deep state is rounded up.

We hear more bad news, worse and worse. During that disclosure, the Reval is called and G/NESARA declared. At the end of the broadcasts, the Ring of Fire occurs, rescuing us from our dismay and leaving us for a time in higher-dimensional love as a planet. And G/NESARA ensures planetary abundance.

This is all my imagination speaking, but can you picture the world if this occurs? We know how bad it got and yet we’re rejuvenated, having had fresh life (love) breathed into us by the Ring of Fire.

And not just us but the whole planet. Every one you meet, wherever you go.




That’s how I see things happening.


(1) A zeropoint as we depart the dimension on which time and spatial distance exist. I expect that this is what is being referred to by the term, “going through the eye of the needle.”

(2) See:

(3) See There Will be No Nuclear War for the World at

(4) See:

(5) See:

(6) Steve: The space that I call transformative love, what dimension is it?

Archangel Michael: It is the seventh dimension. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 20, 2016.)





(7) I suppose it’s taken for granted or has become part of what Werner Erhard called “the background of obviousness.”

(8) “Pay close attention. You are watching a movie.

“A lot of what you are seeing is completely bullsh@t and fake. It’s so outrageous on purpose to get your attention at [this] point. It will continue until it has accomplished that goal fully. There is no Biden presidency.

“The real Biden was executed for his crimes long ago along with Clinton. No, that woman in purple the other day wasn’t Hillary Clinton. (1) You are seeing actors. Some have masks. That’s why Biden keeps referring to himself as the mask president. This means they are the good guys in this movie on the team of freedom.” (“Ezra Cohen-Watnick: Spelling It Out 1 Time,” October 28, 2022, at

Source: Golden Age of Gaia


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