Steve Beckow: The Sound of Hoofbeats

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The Sound of Hoofbeats

October 15, 2023
by Steve Beckow

It almost hurts to get the trust machine going again, but I do share this information. Don’t sell the farm until you have an 800# in front of you.

But cross your fingers…. This time, it might be correct.

Sun. 15 Oct GCR Update

Judy Byington-Weindorf email, Oct. 15, 2023

Sun. 15 Oct. Wolverine on the Global Currency Reset:

  • The money is moving towards us!!
  • Successful cleanup and updated QFS.
  • D.O.D, unlock codes for elderly[;] locked and moving forward [???]
  • Billions released for humanitarian projects.
  • The payers paid.
  • Bond teams received some signatures. The remaining groups of each level will be paid in full [when?]: Tiers 1,2,3,4. [We are Tier 4B. We are hoped to be Internet Digital Warriors, Lightworkers, and Humanitarian Philanthropists.]
  • Banks completed the remaining layers of payments overnight Sun. 15 Oct.
  • The launch algorithms will be ready tomorrow Mon. 16 Oct.
  • Those who attempt to interfere and delay will be arrested and replaced within hours.
  • All equipment reinforces security at multiple levels and dimensions.  [As far as I know, the QFS is multidimensional.]
  • There will be 20 days of DISCLOSURE. [Stock up, folks.]
  • Everything [will be] posted by 2k Mules, soft announcements about arrests and notifications
  • New technology is being installed.
  • All banks linked to gold bullion eliminating multiple problems.
  • Get ready for the shotgun start!!!
  • Celebrations as liberation continues. Keep the faith. God bless us.

Whether or not this is the Reval’s Green Flag, with 800#s to follow, I think we’re getting close. Let this be a wakeup call even if it (once again) does not happen. Stock up on the basics – tp, soap, coffee or tea, you know the list.




We’ve been waiting since 2013.  (1) Some of us since the 1990s. We can get through this last bit of waiting. And if this turns out to be a no-show, we are still close, I think.

If it’s showtime, the release itself could cause the heart to open…. Just saying!


The word is also that G/NESARA will be starting very shortly so prosperity awaits everyone.  That’s the good news.

And then several days of disclosure (some sources say three; some say twenty). That’s the bad news. Many people will feel the floor having dropped out of their world when they find out what has been happening and who the real adversary is. That’s what blogsites like this one are here for: To explain what’s happening and reassure the discomfited.

And then, I hope, the Ring of Fire, Wave of Love, Solar Flash, call it what you will, occurs. (2) It’s a planetary heart opening, (3) as if the disclosures we’ll hear will not be enough to crack our hearts open….

The Ring of Fire, just like the sight of the Self at Xenia Retreat Center, (4) will jackhammer us back up from the dismay we’ll feel from what we watch during the days of disclosure.




And our star family will likely join us, which will transform everything. Only humans (humanoids, hybrids) will be joining us. (5)

If we stop to think about it for a moment, and widen our perspective, none of us is from Planet Earth. I am from Arcturus. You are from Venus. And you – you’re from CCC.

And all of us are visitors to even those places because all of us are from the angelic kingdom. (6) We’re here to see that this Ascension – unlike Lemuria and Atlantis – successfully happens.

What’s not to love?

Please do not write us with financial questions. I know no more right now than you do about those subjects. I may only be able to answer a fraction of the email I hope I don’t get.

Wait for the 800#s.  Let your appointment be the only proof of the Reval happening.

May your service to the Mother as her financial steward bring you what everyone is really seeking – love, joy, and bliss.


(1) When Archangel Michael first put the suggestion to buy currency in my ear:

Archangel Michael: There are some of you that have heard our whisper to go and buy dinar or dong, etc. … We are always planting these ideas. (“Archangel Michael: A Global Reset of Values, Part 1/2, ” channeled by Linda Dillon, September 16, 2013, at




(2) See Ring of Fire, Wave of Love at

(3) See The Event: A Planetary Heart Opening for Gaia at

(4) See The Heart is “the Seat of the Soul,” Dec. 17, 2018, at

(5) Those galactics who manifest in non-human appearances are required to remain outside our immediate vicinity so they don’t scare the daylights out of us.  I believe the rings of Saturn are the boundary.

(6) We’re all hybrids, by the way – angelic humans. On us as angelics, see An Explosion in the Meaning of Humanness at

We’re here because of the importance of this Ascension and the fact that our last two attempts failed.

Source: Golden Age of Gaia


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