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This compilation of financial-related insights includes videos from Tech Revolution, Sean Foo, Wealthion, The Atlantis Report, and Kitco News.

Tech Revolution shares news of the BRICS New Development Bank introducing a plan to reduce dependence on the US Dollar. Sean Foo talks about China and Russia’s moves against the West as the US says they can fund two wars. The repercussions could bring upon an economic storm. Lyn Alden joins Wealthion to discuss how the economy is trapped in an vicious economic cycle of more debt and bigger deficits. The Atlantis Report shares news of Costco warning of huge price increases as thousands of stores begin to panic. Peter St Onge joins Michelle Makori, Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief at Kitco News to talk about the “Fourth Turning” which describes a cyclical civilization-type crisis.

Tech Revolution
Oct 16, 2023

In a strategic move, the BRICS New Development Bank is introducing a 3-year plan aiming to decrease its dependence on the US dollar. The bank is gearing up to foster more transactions using the local currencies of its member nations. Can you feel the ground shaking beneath the world of finance?

The very essence of BRICS is evolving, and this expansion promises to reshape the bank’s operations, especially in terms of its lending model. Here’s the kicker: As of now, the Shanghai-based BRICS bank conducts 22% of its transactions in its member currencies.

But with this new plan in play, they’re aiming for an ambitious leap, pushing that number up to 30% by the year 2026. Can you imagine the implications of such a shift? Let’s take a closer look at the heart of the BRICS bank’s mission.

It was created by countries that are still growing and developing, just like a young plant. The idea was to help these countries, which are often called “developing countries,” by providing them with money and support.

But here’s the thing: Right now, this bank relies a lot on the U.S. dollar. About 70% of the bank’s money is in dollars. It is a bit risky because if something happens to you, you might lose a lot.




So, the BRICS bank is making a plan to change this. They want to use the money of their own countries more often instead of relying so much on the U.S. dollar.

They even have a goal: they want to increase the use of their own money by 8% over the next three years. This plan is like planting seeds that will grow into a garden where BRICS countries have more say in how things work around the world.

Continuing from the exciting shift within BRICS, let’s dive into a global force that has historically driven the financial sector – the U.S. dollar. But, folks, winds of change might be blowing.

At the recent 15th BRICS summit held in Johannesburg, Russian President Vladimir Putin made quite a declaration. In his words: “De-dollarization is an irreversible process.” Makes you think, doesn’t it?

The collective vision is crafting a financial framework that doesn’t lean heavily on the U.S. dollar but rather pivots towards the stability of gold. So, where does this lead to the future of gold, the dominance of the U.S. dollar, and the global economic structure?

The seeds of a BRICS-based currency aren’t freshly sown. But, what’s different now is a reinforced intent to transition away from the dollar, eyeing a gold-backed alternative. What was the catalyst?

Well, rewind a bit. Russia first floated the concept of this currency back in 2019, spurred by geopolitical motivations and an eagerness for de-dollarization. Their aspiration? A currency built on the collective strengths of BRICS nation currencies, all backed by gold, and regulated by their respective GDP shares.




Though not pitched as a daily transactional currency, this unit is seen as a trade and investment yardstick within the BRICS fraternity and its affiliates. Russia’s 2022 distancing from the dollar-heavy financial matrix, intensified after certain geopolitical events, injected momentum into discussions surrounding a new, West-independent financial paradigm.

The suggested gold-backed unit isn’t your everyday shopping currency. But its introduction could be revolutionary. Having gold at its core not only amplifies credibility but embodies a stand against geopolitical challenges and sanctions.

BRICS associates are hopping on this bandwagon, realizing the currency’s potential. A notable nod came in August 2023 when Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva voiced his endorsement, highlighting its potential to counterbalance dollar oscillations.

To put things into perspective, the U.S. dollar is the kingpin of global finance, contributing to a staggering 59% of central bank reserves and steering the majority of international trade. This position offers the U.S. immense sway—from deploying sanctions to molding global trade norms. Yet, it unveils chinks in other nations’ armor, especially considering the ballooning U.S. debt and waning faith in the dollar.

Spotting this gap, BRICS countries are eager to cut down their dollar dependencies, fortify mutual trade bonds, and usher in a more diverse financial environment. But now, let’s shift our gaze towards a nation that has always been a significant pillar of the group but may have divergent interests – India.

Sean Foo
Oct 17, 2023

As China and Russia meet, the Middle East crisis is getting worse. We now have President Biden confidently announcing how America can confidently fund two simultaneous conflicts in the world. Here’s what you must know as the global order splits further apart.

Premiered Oct 17, 2023




Today’s guest expert, Lyn Alden details out why today’s high debt balances & high interest costs are forcing high fiscal deficits… which will require more debt monetization.

It’s a vicious cycle similar to the 1940s.

Buckminster Fuller, the famous architect and systems theorist, famously said: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Lyn brings an engineering approach to finance and investing and spends a lot of time looking for better models we should consider adopting as both a society & as individual investors.

Could our markets be re-designed to become more efficient & fair?

Are central banks the best way to set monetary policy?

Is there a better form of money than the current fiat currencies we use?

We’ll dig in to all those topics and more today with Lyn.

The Atlantis Report
Oct 17, 2023




Since its establishment in 1983, Costco has established itself as the go-to destination for substantial, low-priced items. This membership-based warehouse club, which originated in Seattle, Washington, has evolved into an international powerhouse. As of 2018, Costco operated 768 warehouses globally, including one in Iceland, and boasted a dedicated membership base exceeding 94 million individuals worldwide.

From its inception, Costco has nurtured its brand and garnered a fervent following by prioritizing the delivery of the most competitive prices on its products. In a competitive landscape where giants like Amazon and Walmart loom, offering competitive pricing has been a pivotal strategy to distinguish itself. In the words of Costco’s CFO to company investors in 2018, “Price is at the top of our list. When prices are going down… we want to be the first to go down.”

But how does the retailer sustain its rock-bottom prices when others are striving to do the same?

Kitco NEWS
Oct 17, 2023

(Part 2/2): Michelle Makori, Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief at Kitco News, interviews Peter St Onge, Economist at the Heritage Foundation, on the sidelines of the Pacific Bitcoin Festival. They discuss the “Fourth Turning” — the term used to describe a cyclical civilizational-type crisis. St Onge explains the dangers of weaponizing the U.S. dollar and weighs in on the BRICS expansion, including the move to de-dollarize and the probability of an external gold-backed rail that would be used for trade. He also explores the idea of the BRICS nations using Bitcoin.

Watch *Part 1 here*:


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